Customized Painted Glass Ornaments by Ellie at Less Cake {More Frosting} {Ornament No. 21}

Customized Painted Glass Ornaments by Ellie at Less Cake {More Frosting} {Ornament No. 21}

I’m happy to introduce
our twenty-first guest blogger
Ellie G from Less Cake {More Frosting}
Painted Glass Balls
{Handmade Ornament No.21}Welcome…Ellie!

Hello all you Under the Table and Dreaming readers. I CANNOT believe that I have been given this awesome opportunity! WOW! I kind of thought maybe Stephanie Lynn asked me on accident. It was kind of a dreamy thing. I love this blog and Stephanie Lynn, and have loved linking up with many of her Sunday Showcase parties. What a trip!

Anyway, my name is Ellie G, and I blog over at the little place I like to call Less Cake {more frosting}. Where we love to eat, talk, drink Diet Coke, make some cool stuff, and where I admit that once I bought a tube of Cake Mate frosting and actually just ate it. {wait….maybe I haven’t admitted that before. WOW! I think I just let out a dirty little secret. WHEW! That felt kind of good!}

As I started getting ready for this holiday season’s decor, one of my first items of business was my kids’ trees. That’s right. There’s tiny little Christmas trees in my kids’ bedrooms. They are UBER tiny, and were UBER cheap. And they add so much holiday spirit to their celebrations, they were worth every penny!
This year we re-decorated my son’s bedroom, and therefore, his previous tree decor wasn’t going to work out.

{this is where I pause and admit to being a tiny bit crazy about things matching. And/or stylish Christmas decor. And also admit that the noodle picture frame that my son brought home from school as an ornament gets lovingly tucked into the BACK of the tree. There. I said it.}

I have been looking for things that would match his room, be small enough to fit on the tree, and that are super cheap. No dice. (apparently baby blue and orange aren’t popular Christmas colors!)

Here’s where your options for Christmas Ornament options just blew up!

This idea is so simple it’s almost not worth sharing.
On the other hand….
It is so cheap, so customizable, so cool….

I just gotta!

These little tiny glass beauties were on sale 50% off. They could not be sweeter. (or more perfect for a tiny tree)

It’s so much easier to find paint to match your decor. This orange is perfect. One quick squirt, and then roll it around until it covers the interior. (my 8 year old helped with these, and did an awesome job!! Great thing to do together!)

I let them dry overnight. And you should probably have them dry on a paper towel. There might be some paint seeping out. I may know this from experience. Just sayin’. It’s so simple and easy (and cheap) we threw these together in about 1/2 hour. And they match TO PERFECTION!) Just think….ANY COLOR! ANY COLOR! I love it! The possibilities are endless. Start thinking outside the “red and green” box!

Throw them on the tree with some really inexpensive picks in fun colors (this was actually only one pick I found in a floral department and snipped apart) and you have a designer tree. This entire tree (tree, and decorations) was under $10. NOT KIDDING!

Now I’m off to make some pink and brown ones for my daughter’s room.
And some hot pink and teal ones for my neighbor gifts….
and some red ones to go in a bowl on my table….


this could become a habit!

Thanks again Stephanie Lynn for having an OUTSTANDING blog, for hosting such a great event, and for accidentally including me!

YEE HAW!! (and happy holidays!!)

Thank you Ellie! Your ornaments open up a world of possibilities; I think I want to re-decorate all my trees now! I love the orange and blue on the white tree…simply beautiful and way cool for your little guys room!
Just three more ornaments to go; the next will be up shortly! In the meantime mosy on over to Less Cake {More Frosting} and say ‘hi’ to Ellie!

So you want to see just where that fabulous tree is going to go? Check out this super cool room Ellie put together for her son {here}. I’m totally lovin’ the color combinations and the tree is going to be a pretty awesome addition!

Here are a few of my other favorites you can find over at Ellie’s: Keep track of holiday gifts with this Holiday Gift Book; Some fantastic printables like this Vacation To-do List; Dress up a plain boring baby wipes container with this adorable Baby Wipes Band; Make yummy Candy Popcorn; or how about this super cute gift idea – Handmade Caramels Lunch Box.

To take a peek at the last twenty ornaments simply click the button above! I hope you’ll be inspired and join us this Sunday to link up your own handmade ornament creations ~ Enjoy!


  1. So nice. Great of you to feature other sites! Your site is awesome & I have been a follower for a while now. Love popping in from the dashboard to see what is going on.

  2. Stephanie – I just want to let you know that I recently wrote about your featuring my blog for the second time. See for yourself:

  3. Such a cute tree, Ellie! We did this last year with the 3-5 year olds in my church and it went so well, we’re doing it again this year!

    I love the idea of a small tree in the kids’ room!

  4. Oh Stephanie Lynn,
    What an honor! And what a great thing to wake up to this morning! And what a TRIP to see my words on your awesome blog! WOW!

    You’ve just given me such a happy boost this weekend. And there’s a bunch of handmade ornaments I just gotta try now!

    Thank you for hosting such a great event, and thank you beyond words for including me.

    Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your outstanding blog!

    With Love, Lara {aka Ellie G}

  5. Stephanie – And here is my writing about your featuring my blog the first time:

  6. So beautiful! What a fun idea. It’s so cool to come over and see two of my favorite bloggers together!


  7. LOVE that idea!! 🙂

    – Ashley 🙂

  8. Thats the cutest tree ever!! I love the orange colour.. and love the simple idea of painting them!! 🙂

  9. I love the colors! The tree and the ornaments are a breath of fresh air in a season filled with green and red! Love love it.

  10. What a totally cool idea! Love the non-traditional colors.

  11. Great idea! So simple and yet such a big impact. I am going to make some of these:)

  12. Wow, this is like the most creative idea ever! And it’s so simple! I’m with Ellie on the decor. Everything in my home has to be match as well. It just doesn’t feel right when it doesn’t.

  13. This is fantastic! What a great idea, and a cheap and fun way to get the colors of ornaments you want! Love this! 🙂


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