Easy to Make Gift Card Holders & A Scotch Double-Sided Tape Giveaway

Thanks to Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape for sponsoring my writing about crafts. Add your comment below to be entered for a chance to win free sample rolls to help with your upcoming holiday needs.
Here is a quick and easy way to dress up and personalize any gift card you may be planning on giving for the upcoming season.

Materials Needed:Cardstock or Scrapbooking Paper {preferably printed on both sides}
Decorative Scissors
Plain Scissors
Utility Knife
Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape by 3M

With the sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock or scrapbook paper turned vertical, measure over 5 1/4 inches from the edge and using a ruler as a straight edge, and lightly draw a line down the sheet of paper. Using the straight line as a guideline, cut out with regular scissors and erase any pencil marks that may be visible; the finished size should measure 5 1/4 inches by 11 inches.

Using a ruler, measure and lightly mark a guideline 3 1/4 inches and 7 1/4 inches down from the top. Fold and score the paper at the indicated guidelines.

Using decorative scissors trim the top edge of the paper. Decorative scissors can be found at your local craft store in the scrapbooking section and are very inexpensive, running just about a dollar a pair.

The scissors come in all different designs and are used just like regular scissors except they leave fancy little patterns like shown above.

Using a utility knife cut a small slit in the center of the each ‘scored’ line.

Insert a piece of ribbon through each of the cuts as shown above.

Place a piece of Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape on the back of your giftcard and adhere to the center of the paper, right over the ribbon.

Fold the holder, with the decorative cut edge on top, and wrap the ribbon tying in a bow.

When wrapping gifts this holiday season, think about using Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape! I usually always grab regular scotch tape, however, using this double sided tape will leave no visible tape lines ~ how cool is that!

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  3. Those gift card holders are so cute! What a great idea.

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  9. Thank you so much for the tutorial. My final christmas to do, is getting that much closer. I bet that double sided tape is wonderful. I have tried a lot of 3M products and they are wonderful. IDK how to set up to recieve emails.
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  33. Great giveaway! I would love to win this for some wedding DIY projects I need to make like some signage.

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  58. We’re making paper chains for our tree and more double sided tape would be awesome! 🙂

  59. Such a cute idea!

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  61. Thanks for this great idea! I’m definitely going to be using this…I have decided to only give gift cards this year to teachers etc, since I don’t know them well enough to choose something they’ll use and I hate the idea of buying something they might not want/use (my MIL is a teacher and has closets full of gifts)…SO, I *LOVE* this as a way to make a gift card a little more personal and creative. Thank you!


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