Glidden Paint Ready-to-Go Paint Tester Samples

This post brought to you by Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.
If you are like me, the thought of choosing a paint color is exciting and fun but completely overwhelming at the same time. You’re ready to paint and have a color in mind, but who knew there were 30 different varieties of that one shade. With gathered paint chips in hand you try to visualize how the colors will look in your home. Sometimes you’re even taken by surprise by how much the hues change once you actually bring them into the desired space.
Well finding the perfect paint color just got a whole lot easier with Glidden Paint. They are helping do-it-yourself painters, like you and me, take the guess work out of color selection with their Ready-to-Go Paint Samples.
The pre-tinted paint testers are available in all of Glidden‘s 282 timeless colors. Each bottle includes enough paint to cover three square feet – more than enough to give you a true idea of how the colors actually look in your particular space. The testers retail just under $3.00 and can be found at your local Home Depot store, or online at
The screw on lid contains a convenient built-in brush that makes sampling multiple colors a breeze! {An individual brush for each color you want to test – how brilliant is that – no clean-up!}
The bottle may be small but the Glidden quality is still the same. The paint goes on smooth and easy and is so much better than the paper paint chip cards. Seeing the actual color in your desired space allows you to make a confident decision without any guesswork.
So I know what you’re thinking {being the crafty DIYers that you all are}; what else could I do with these besides the obvious, right?
  • Make touch-ups a breeze – the colors are an exact match to the previous gallon you have already purchased. No need to mix the entire can and pull out the painting apparatus {plus no clean-up!}
  • Create a one of a kind decor accessory or custom wall art piece that coordinates with your wall color – sometimes acrylics just don’t match. Plus with the convenient size and affordable price, the testers are much more practical than a purchasing a whole quart.
  • Draw a large geometrical shape on a wall {square, rectangle, circle, etc.} Paint it a shade lighter or darker than your wall color and frame it in with molding. This creates a perfect focal point to hang art work or wall art and you won’t break your budget using the inexpensive tester bottles.
In addition to the paint testers, Glidden offers several opportunities to experiment with color on their website, Get inspired to paint with shades that reflect who you are with the Top 10 Color Palettes chosen by color experts. You can also visit the Online Room Painter to preview color combinations and see them virtually come together.
Their oversized paint chip cards are also packed with great design ideas including coordinating color options and inspiring room photos, listed right on the back!
So next time you begin planning the process of your next painting project, don’t stress, let Glidden take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect color for your space. I did and I could not be happier!

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  1. I have been painting the kitchen and bedrooms all week, and we use Glidden :) Great paint! I love the little samples too!

  2. My daddy was a professional painter and he loved glidden! I haven’t used it yet though! Maybe I should get it a whirl! =)

  3. We used Glidden throughout our old house and now the new one. Recently, I even tried it in a sprayer for painting raised-panel doors and it worked great!


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