Handmade Mercury Glass Ornaments by Emily at Finding My Aloha {Ornament No. 8}

Handmade Mercury Glass Ornaments by Emily at Finding My Aloha {Ornament No. 8}

I’m delighted to introduce
Emily from Finding My Aloha

Handmade Mercury Glass
{Handmade Ornament No. 8}Welcome…Emily!

Hi there Under the Table and Dreaming readers!
I’m Emily from
Finding My Aloha.
I was over-the-moon when Stephanie asked me to guest post about a handmade ornament! After zealously accepting her invitation, I began to ponder what to make. I love when mercury glass starts popping up in all the stores and catalogs around the holidays, like this one from Pottery Barn…
Inspired by all the faux mercury glass floating around blogosphere, I decided to try my hand at making faux mercury glass ball ornaments.
  • Medium to large clear ball ornaments. Just make sure the opening is large enough for the nozzle of a spray can and bottle to fit into. You can find these practically anywhere this time of year but I picked mine up at Joann’s. A set of four for $4.99.
  • Can of metallic spray paint. I used Krylon Premium Original Chrome, but that’s only because all the stores in my area stopped carrying Krylon’s Looking Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint. The mirror paint is what you really want. Mine turned out fine but they really would be better with the mirror paint. I almost ordered it from Amazon, but it wasn’t going to be delivered in time for the post.
  • A soft, silvery gold acrylic paint. I used DecoArt’s Dazzling Metallics in Luminous Gold.
  • Q-tips
Step 1: Spray water into the glass bulb
Step 2: Next start to lightly spray the metallic paint into the glass bulb. Turn the ball as you spray a couple light coats. I suggest light coats to keep it more iridescent versus gray. You will want some areas of very thin coats of paint to allow light into the bulb (reflectivity).
Step 3: Immediately after spraying the paint. Use some Q-tips to blot the inside of the bulb. This gives a more authentic, mottled look to the glass. I bent a Q-tip to reach the areas nearest the opening of the ball, and I taped one to a skewer so I could reach the bottom of the ball.
Step 4: After letting the spray paint dry for about ten minutes, thin down the gold acrylic paint with water, then pour it into the bulb. Roll it around to coat the inside of the ball, then pour out the excess.
Step 5: Dab the golden coat with some Q-tips to achieve the amount of distressing and mottling you prefer, then tip them over and let the them dry. I suggest using the tray they came in.
They will dry to be a little more reflective and look like this…
I put my mercury glass candlesticks in the background so you could see how they compare to the real thing. Don’t they look great? I bet they would be even better with the mirror paint!
Well, there you have it! Thanks for having me, and I hope to see you over at
Finding My Aloha! Feel free to send me your questions.

Thank you Emily for sharing these gorgeous ornaments. Mercury Glass looks likes it is going to be a big hit for the holidays and this is a fantastic way to get the high quality amazing look for a fraction of the price!
This is the last ornament for today, however I’ll be back tomorrow with 4 more exquisite bloggers to share their creations! I do have a fun giveaway that will be posted in an hour or so, so stop back to enter! In between, head over to Finding My Aloha and say ‘hi’ to Emily!

Emily’s cool ‘aloha‘ sense of style {which I absolutely adore} is evident in every project and post… and shares a great mix of a little bit of everything too!


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I’ll be back shortly tonight with a fun giveaway post ~ Enjoy!


  1. These are wonderful! I haven’t had much luck yet with my faux mercury glass attempts, and am so excited to try this out! 🙂 I think they look very authentic! Thanks so much for sharing this ornament idea~ I love it!

  2. OMIGOSH!!!! These are lovely, and I just bought mirror paint for a project that is not going to get done! I must do this… Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  3. THese are terrific projects!! I love the mercury glass, it looks so real and easy to do. Thanks for having such wonderful posts and so many I just love it when you do.

  4. These are great! I already have some clear glass ornaments left over from another project several years back! I think I’ll give these a try! Thanks for the directions!

  5. I am definitely going to give these ornaments a try! I love mercury glass and these will be great with what I have.

  6. This is great! For two years I have been holding onto a few boxes of clear Glass ornaments I got for free at a church junk give away. I knew the right project would come along eventually. Just in time for trimming my tree. Was thinking how tired I am of the same old ornaments and I didn’t feel like going for broke with all the fabulous Mercury Glass ones out there. Thanks again for sharing!


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