Hanging Glittered Petal Cone Ornament by Chelsea at Room to Inspire {Ornament No. 11}

Hanging Glittered Petal Cone Ornament by Chelsea at Room to Inspire {Ornament No. 11}

I’m so excited to introduce
our eleventh guest blogger
Chelsea from Room to Inspire

Hanging Glittered Petal Cone
{Handmade Ornament No. 11}
Hi! My name is Chelsea – I am from Room to Inspire

And I am thrilled to be participating in this fabulous handmade ornament series!

When I was out looking for inspiration I spotted an ornament that totally inspired me and I thought would be perfect for this series. Here are the materials you will need:

  • 6″ Styrofoam Cone
  • Decoart Elegant Finish Metallic Paint in Champagne Gold
  • Martha Stewart Smoky Quartz Glitter
  • Silver Glitter
  • About 25-30 Faux Petals – preferably with wire (I used roses)
  • Round Bead
  • Thin Ribbon or Tinsel Cord
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon (optional)
I purchased the cone from Michaels for $2.99 and everything else I had on hand.
I started by painting each petal Champagne Gold.
And while they were still wet, I added the glitter (I simply mixed both glitters together in a small bowl).
And laid them out to dry overnight.
I did the same to the styrofoam cone and to the center section from one of my faux flowers –
Once the petals were dry, I realized they needed a little glitter on the back side as well. So a little more paint and a little more glitter – I seriously think glitter is embedded in my eyebrows!
Now it was time to assemble the ornament. I started at the top of the foam and inserted the center section from one of the roses.
I then started added each petal by inserting the wire into the foam and hot gluing the petal in place.
I simply added rows and made sure the petals were overlapping one another.
Once at the top of the ornament I hot glued on a hanger I made with a bead and a piece of tinsel cord.
Here it is completely glittered, petaled and hanging.
But now it was time for some fluffing – this is where the wired petals come in handy. I simply started bending and shaping each petal to give it an organic look…kind of pine cone-esque!
I then added a little bow to top it off! I love how it turned out – I really love the combination of the organic shape, the glittery layers and the elegant ribbon (and I totally heart that it only cost me $2.99 since everything else I had on-hand).
(My Christmas tree is not up yet, so please excuse my half garland for presentation purposes!)
Thank you Stephanie Lynn for hosting such a great series filled with so many great ideas!
Thank you Chelsea; these are simply elegant and stunning! I love the MS glitter – gorgeous color!
I’ll be back in a few hours with our next guest blogger ~ Just enough time for you to head over to Room to Inspire and visit Chelsea.
Chelsea has impeccable taste that can been seen in every square inch of her lovely decorated home.
She has such a way of taking ‘finds’ and transforming them into chic pieces representing her fabulous style. {Dollar Store Pots, Basket Makeover, Crowned Pedestal, Holiday Believe Banner}
Are you inspired to start on your own handmade ornaments yet? There will be a special link party on Sunday for you to showcase your projects. I hope you will join in the fun! ~ Enjoy!


  1. This is SO beautiful! I LOVE Chelsea…she always does such an amazing job. YOU GO GIRL!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  2. so pretty!

  3. Love that ornament and would love to make some for a swap I am in but not sure if I could find the cones around here..I will try looking this week end though 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the Ornaments 🙂

  4. Stunning! I love it!

  5. Ooo I love all the glitteriness!! It looks like such a high-end ornament.

  6. Stunning! I would never have guessed it was from a rose.

  7. That is so beautiful and creative!! I love it!


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