iPhone Users – I Have a Decorating App That Will Become Your New BFF! {DécOrganizer Giveaway}

Do you own a home and Love to Decorate? Buying Your First Home or Renovating? A Professional Interior Decorator or Simply a DIY’er with a Mission? Then be prepared to fall in love with this new must have app for your iPhone!

The DécOrganizer, an ultimate decorating app, keeps all your decorating details, building materials and pertinent photographs organized in the palm of your hand.

Have you ever:

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• Found the perfect candles on sale but could not recall the diameter needed for your holders?

• Needed to do some paint touch-ups, but forgot the name of the color, manufacturer or finish?

• Discovered a beautiful piece of art and wanted to record the artist, retailer, size, price and item number for purchase consideration later?

• Thought it would be helpful to have a library of photos for your home when shopping to help visualize a potential purchase or to help explain your question to a salesperson?

• Forgotten what accessories you have when it comes time to decorate for the seasons?

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• Happened upon the perfect tablecloth but could not remember the size of your table?

• Wanted to buy window coverings but forgot to bring all the necessary measurements with you?
• Lost or damaged a piece of siding and needed to know the manufacturer and color to replace it?
• Forgotten for the names of the flowers you like to plant in your window boxes each spring?

If you are like me when planning out a room, you have answered yes to more than one of these questions, multiple times. {you need this app!} With the DécOrganizer you will save time and money. It will always be with you when you have a question about your home or if you find an unexpected treasure when out shopping. You will never be stuck wondering about the size of a piece of furniture, the name of your favorite paint color, or where you saw that fabulous painting a few months back. Let the DécOrganizer help you document the details so you can focus on making your house a home.

This app gives you the ability to create endless number of rooms in the interior section.

Within each room you are able to record detailed information about: Décor, Flooring, Furniture, Notes, Paint/Stain, Photos, Wallcoverings/Tiles, Windows and even create a Wish List. {sample screen shots shown above- click here to enlarge}

The exterior section allows you note details for Décor, Building Materials, Paint/Stain, Photos, and even Plants.

Built-in Resources Include:
• A conversions feature easily converts measurements in imperial and metric.

• Create a database of favorite stores which includes address, phone, hours, contact, email and website. An extensive category list keeps the stores organized in folders. Emails and phone numbers can be sent and dialed directly from the app.

• Create a list of favorite websites which are also categorized into appropriate folders; all websites in the application can be automatically opened in Safari with a simple touch.

• An integrated wish list allows you to take photos of items you find and note their name, item number, price, dimensions, color, material, retailer and notes and then sorts and stores them into categories for easy reference

This app will be especially helpful as you shop for new things for your home; whether it’s furniture, accessories or window coverings, you can shop with confidence because you’ll have all the details you need right at your fingertips.

You can learn more about the DécOrganizer {here} and purchase your own copy of the app from the iTunes Store {here}

Today DécOrganizeris graciously giving Five Lucky Readers a chance to win
Their Own Copy of the DécOrganizer Decorating App

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  1. I NEED this app! Love the idea. Hope that you are doing well, Stephanie Lynn, we have not chatted in awhile! I am looking forward to your holiday crafts. XOXO, Katie

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  5. We are doing some home improvements and starting to remodel parts of our house. I think this app would be a great tool. I am following UTT&D and DecOrganizer on FB. THANKS!!

  6. Wouldn´t mind using this fancy app next time I´m trying to redecorate my home :)

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I am going to go straight to my iPhone now and download this app. This is a life saver.

  8. This looks like a really cool app…I would definitiely use this to help my SIL decorate their new home…they just bought!!!

  9. I’d love to win!

  10. Love this!

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  12. Very cool!! I love iphones! That would come in very handy!!

  13. Awesome app! Love it!

  14. Oh i would LOVE to have this app!

  15. I totally need this app! What an awesome app!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  16. I would love this app. I have a similar system in book form, but having it all on an I-pod is amazing!!!

  17. oooooo…SO need this app!

  18. This is so handy. We just moved into a new home and I could really use this app. How creative this is, it has everything you need, I cant tell you how may times Ive lost my measurements to the room Im working on or how I needed to recall the paint I used.
    Thanks for the opp to win! Hope Im the lucky one!
    raegina at gmail dot com

  19. Love love! Must have!

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  22. sounds like fun! thanks!

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  24. This would be awesome for a wife of a builder, we have moved many times and this would help organize all the decisions that have to be made!

  25. What a great idea!

  26. I would love this!

  27. I have liked them on Facebook! Hope I win!

  28. Very cool app!

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  31. I don’t have an iPhone, but that sure does sound like an awesome app! ~Violet~

  32. Great idea! I love it… i have to try that app.

  33. I love your blog!! I have decided to try my hand @ some DIY projects and you have some wonderful ideas!! Keep up the great work!

  34. I NEEEEEEED this app by the way!!!! Please!!

  35. Thanks for the heads-up on this app. We are in the process of deciding if we buy an existing home or build and I know this app would come in extremely handy in either case.

  36. I would love to win this app! I definitely need it with all the renovating that’s going on in my house! :0)

  37. Oooohhhh… me likey! :)

  38. What a great app! Will it be available for the droid? I would love to have it.

  39. Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I need. My apps are few and far between, but this one is amazing. Since we are decorating a new home this would be PEREFCT!

  40. What will they think of next?

  41. I need this app! Maybe it will make me be a more confident decorater….

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  44. This might be another reason to beg Santa for an iPad! That rocks

  45. what a genius app!!! i would DEF use this!!!

  46. This app would be awesome! I would no longer have to carry around my little notepad with all of that info in it :)

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  49. I would love to win this!!! Looks amazing!

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  53. Very cool! I finally have an iPhone now so I’d like to give it a try! Thanks Stephanie!

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  58. Sounds like a great app, anything to do with organizing and making things simpler. I’m in :)

  59. I would love to win!

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  61. I am following DecOrganizer on FB!

  62. Now this is an app that I can app-reciate!

  63. Who wouldn’t love this?!?!

  64. I Love this — genius!!

    Michelle M

    mmimisa at gmail

  65. OMG I would love to have this.

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  67. i love this app…It is a great idea :) I hope I get chosen :)

  68. Answered YES to almost all of the questions – I mean to measure the window – AGAIN- before I head out and just forget Even if I do not win I will probably buy it ! But I hope I win it :)


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