Just a Few of My Favorite Things {2010}

Just a Few of My Favorite Things {2010}

Melissa at 320 Sycamore is having a Favorite Things party and I’d thought I’d share a few of my loves {other than crafting and my home}…{Anything Vera Bradley}

{Photo Credit: Vera Bradley}When it comes to Vera Bradley, I am like a little kid with a toy collection; I want to get my hands on at least one piece in every single pattern and I can never have enough. I look forward to each season and get excited with every new line. The fabric combinations are classic and timeless – and I adore the floral combinations mixed with plaids; Chelsea Green from 2005 is one of my all time favorites. The quilted material is easy to keep clean too – just toss right into the washer and it is as good as new! I not only love the bags but the home accessories and stationary is beautiful too – I dream of a Vera Bradley tree..{but that is just a dream at $18 an ornament …sigh}.{Faux Fur Blankets}

{Photo Credit: Pottery Barn}
So comfy and luxurious ~ I had to have one in each color.

{Zebra Print}

{Photo Credit: Pottery Barn}
I am not going to lie…I love a little zebra print. I have this discontinued set from pb, brand new, still packed away, for our master bed/bath. I don’t think I’ll ever ‘not’ like it – {and hopefully I’ll get around to using it soon!}

{Organic Cotton Velour Blankets}

{Photo Credit: The Company Store}Hands down the best blankets to cuddle up on cool, chilly nights. The cotton velour is unbelievably soft and cozy and makes you feel like a swaddled little baby. I would take one of these as a gift any day of the year.

{Droid X}

{Photo Credit: Motorola}I never thought a phone would be capable of so much. The impressive 4.3 hi def screen is amazing for browsing the web and it’s perfect for holding my little guy’s attention when we are out and about – for him to watch movies. The 8MP camera and isn’t too shabby either. I am a little behind the technology as I still think I only have downloaded three apps – I am definitely not using the phone to it’s fullest capabilities but I love it still the same!

{Dyson All Floors}

{Photo Credit: Dyson}Seriously, everything this poor machine has had to pick up within the last year is well worth every single penny we paid for it. All of our floors are hardwood with a few area rugs so the bare floor setting was a huge selling point and works with just a flip of a switch so your dust bunnies don’t go flying around everywhere. I really like the long reach wand too!

{KitchenAid Counter Top Appliances}

{Photo Credit: KitchenAid}I use to cringe at the thought of paying more than say $30 for a counter top appliance, however that was before I ever owned a nice quality one. The power behind these little machines is incredible. I admit I originally just wanted the stand mixer as a pretty accessory for my kitchen but I truly adore it and all the little attachments too! I picked up all these pieces on sale with amazing rebates so if you are thinking of purchasing them keep your eye out for holiday deals.

{Zojirushi® Rice Cooker}

{Photo Credit: Zojirushi}If you ever cook rice you need one of these little machines! It cooks rice to perfection every single time with just a press of a button. Minute rice and instant rice is usually pre-cooked and dehydrated, which can not compare to fresh-cooked white rice – Plus a huge bag of white rice costs just a few dollars and will last a long time!

{Breadman Breadmaker}

{Photo Credit: Breadman}
I have a weakness for homemade bread…I can pretty much eat the entire loaf myself {seriously… no matter what the recipe may be}. These machines make perfect bread fool proof – just toss in the ingredients and press a button. Fresh and homemade plus you get to eat it while it is still warm. An extra one sure comes in handy for my little guy, as I’m able to make some pretty decent gluten free recipes he actually likes.

{Medthod Multi-Surface Cleaner}

{Photo Credit: Method}My favorite is the French Lavender. This cleaner is non-toxic and smells amazing; I use it on everything. It’s excellent for wiping down my painted kitchen cabinets and walls and is gentle enough not to take the paint off no matter how hard you scrub!

{North Face Jackets}

{Photo Credit: The North Face}We all have matching North Face jackets…even the little guy. They are perfect for the spring yet warm enough for our winters. I dread wearing heavy jackets and these are fairly light weight and great for everyday wear – without the feeling of being bogged down. {they keep you extremely warm too!} We have had ours for a few years now and they are all as good as the day we bought them. Of course the little guy has outgrown his a few times however I have not found another jacket that compares to the quality of these, especially for the rough and rugged wear of a rambunctious toddler. The lifetime warranty is pretty cool too!

{C.O. Bigelow® Mentha Organics™ Sheer Lip Tint}

{Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works}My favorite is the bare neutral shade; I really like the gloss {which is not overdone} and the hint of mint; Perfect for everyday wear.

{Kenra and Graham Webb Hair Care Products}

{Photo Credits: Kenra & GW}
I was introduced to these products a couple years ago and they immediately became must haves for my long staright hair. The Kenra Platinum Hot Spray helps protect my hair from damage since I use a straight iron a lot. Combined with the Graham Webb Stick Straight Super Strength Smoothing Gel which provides ultimate straightening and smoothing, styling is a whole lot easier. I finish with the Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss which smells amazing and leaves a silky, lustrous shine. They are a little pricey but you only have to use a tiny bit of each and well worth it for a super sleek look without flyaways.

{My Ultimate Favorite Thing}

This probably goes without saying but my little guy is the center of my whole universe. I may not always know what he is thinking or what is going on in his world, but his eyes convey the spirit of his soul and the words I may never hear; He is my ultimate favorite thing ever!.

Hop on over to Melissa’s Party to share your list ~ I’d love to have a peek at your favorite things.


P.S. If your looking for the Sunday Showcase Party Link ~ You can find it {here} ~ I just wanted to slide my favorites in before the crazy holiday week ahead.


  1. What an amazing list! I’m in love with those faux fur throws too. My son got sick all over mine last year and I was so sad when I had to throw it out b/c I couldn’t get it clean. Hoping I get a new one for Christmas this year. I also wouldn’t mind getting a Dyson!! I’ve got horrible allergies, and I’ve heard Dysons really are worth the $$! Also, you’ve got me interested in a rice cooker now. I always make my own (not instant), but it never fails that the pot boils over or the rice is over or undercooked. Rice cooker sounds like just the thing I need!

  2. I love, love, love my rice cooker! I would never eat rice if I didn’t have one, haha.
    I am so jealous of your Dyson! I wish we could afford one…having three cats it would be amazing to own a dyson. *sigh*
    And then there is Kitchenaid….ahhhhh, now that’s love! I received a Kitchenaid mixer from my parents for Christmas a few years ago and didn’t really use it for the longest time. Then, I got the pasta maker attachment and borrowed my mom’s ice cream maker attachment (indefinitely) and I’ve started using it a LOT more! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Vera! I pray I get a Twirly Birds Navy wristlet for Christmas (and I love the twirly birds pink scarf that’s out this season).

    My Droid X is one of the best purchases I ever made. Download the Angry Birds game… you’ll never accomplish anything again. haha. There’s also a grocery list app that comes in handy and links to my husband’s droid, so if he wants to add something to the grocery list while I’m at the store, I’ll get it. :-) Those are two of my favorite apps!

    And I don’t know where I would be without my Dyson or my Kitchen Aid… I would have dirty carpets and lose 10 pounds, maybe? 😉

    I love your list of your favorite things! We have so much in common!

  4. love your list! i’m jealous of your kitchen gadgets!

  5. What a great list. I had to laugh when you said that you wanted a mixer to look good on your counter but now you love it. I’m always looking at the KitchenAid mixers too and trying to decide what colour I would get if I were buying one, but I only want it as an accessory and never think about using it.

  6. Great list!! I love my rice cooker, kitchenaid mixer, Dyson and those lip glosses too!! We have very similar taste! I totally want to get my hands on those throws! :)

  7. Those pottery barn tiger print items match perfectly with my new living room rug! Wow! Dalyn Safari Ivory rug, FYI. Lovely texture, great quality – thick rug.


  8. Any blanket is a friend of mine, especially this winter since our heating unit is broken and all we have are two small space heaters.

  9. Some of my favorites are on this list :) Love this idea, I think I’ll join in (after I order my C.O. Bigelow lip tint).;)

  10. We have a rice cooker also (different model) and it is definitely a favorite of mine in our kitchen. Loved the rest of the items on your list! :-) ~Iris~

  11. Stephanie Lynn~
    I am so thrilled that you joined us! I LOVE my rice cooker and it just gave out on me after 11 years, so I need to get another. It is the only way to cook rice. I love the mentha shine lip gloss too..I put it with Wet and Wild 666 liner and I’m good to go :) Your little boy is just adorable. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

  12. I’m a VB fan too. Just makes me happy. Cute list!


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