Make Your Own Camping Park Signs {Outdoor Adventure Party}

Make Your Own Camping Park Signs {Outdoor Adventure Party}

To add to the Camping Scene for the party I put together a few simple park signs to display around yard designating the different settings. It was an inexpensive way to add a few custom decorations and help create the whole camp site feel.
I began with a couple vinyl decals. Some were created with my Silhouette and others were custom created by Design Divas. If you do not own a personal cutter, such as the Silhouette, Design Divas have the capabilities to create any design to your liking.I used the vinyl designs to trace templates on a scrap piece of plywood. Always check your local hardware stores for cut scraps as I am usually always able to find a piece the size I need for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a whole new sheet. {also you do not have to worry about storing any left over pieces if you are limited on space} Scraps at my local hardware store range anywhere from 25 cents to $1.00.

A jig saw was then used to cut out all of the templates.

The cut edges were then sanded with a Dremel Trio. This tool does it all; cutting, sanding and routing. The pivoting handle can be positioned straight-up or at a 90-degree angle for total tool control on big and small jobs, like sanding the sign edges.

The guides on the Dremel and the sanding band attachments make it so easy to precisely smooth the edges of virtually any cut piece of wood for a finished look.

The surface of all the signs were then sanded with the Norton Sanding Bug from Rockler then given a coat of acrylic paints.

Vinyl was then applied ~ Just peel, stick and smooth into place.

Two of the designs were created with my Silhouette for the picnic and tent camping areas. I used the Camp Site Sign {camp_site_sign_C00409_20508} and Picnic Table {picnic_table_1749} downloads from the Silhouette Online Store and altered them just a bit in the design studio to create the exact size I was looking for.

Once the vinyl was applied I attached wooden garden stakes to the back of the signs with Gorilla Wood Glue and finishing nails. The wooden garden stakes can be found at your local hardware store and run just under $4.00 for a pack of 12 24inch stakes. If you prefer a taller sign they also carry 5 ft stakes for $2.00 a piece. The bottoms are already angled so it makes placing them in the ground a breeze.

A simple addition to add to the fun!

{Picnic Area ~ Food}

{Tent Camping ~ Perfect for the Kid Sized Play Tents I posted yesterday [here]}

{Hiking ~ Walking Scavenger Hunt Trail}

{Rock Climbing ~ Kids Activity Play Tent}

{Four Wheel Drive Off Road ~ Jeep Trail Rides}

Happy Friday Everyone ~ Enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness those are so cute!! I love your little campsite!! Very clever!!

  2. So neat! I was actually admiring that sign from your last post. We do a lot of camping, so I’m going to have to make some of these for decorations next summer. Hmm, I think maybe I need to ask Santa for a Silhouette…

  3. Love these, too! So creative. Now… I need to figure out how to convince my daughter she wants to have an outdoor adventure birthday party:)

  4. Oh geez, these are awesome.

  5. How fun, my 4 year olds room has a camping theme and he is sign CRAZY! These would be perfect for his room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Best wishes,

  6. That’s so awesome! You did a fab job!!

  7. This is fantastic! I love the whole area, what a great place to play! Lisa~

  8. This whole idea is so cute! My kids would love you! Very creative…have fun camping!!!

  9. TOO CUTE! Love the ideas. 🙂

  10. i love your blog!!!! im so glad i found it!!! new follower!!! 🙂


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