Martha Stewart Living and Platinum Plus Carpet Review {brought to you by The Home Depot}

This post brought to you by The Home Depot and Martha Stewart Living. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was contacted by the wonderful people at The Home Depot a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in testing out two of their new carpet lines; one from Martha Stewart Living and one from Platinum Plus. Of course I agreed as I was interested in actually putting the stain resistant claims to the test. I thought, seriously, how many times do you actually bring home carpet samples and pour liquids on them – I usually just read the marketing claims but have never actually tested carpet out prior to making a purchase {brillant idea}.
The Martha Stewart Living Collection, available exclusively at The Home Depot, features carpets in four styles, 36 designs, and 123 colors that are fully customizable for any space. Hand-picked by Martha and her team, the carpets are soft yet durable. The collection is stain-resistant with Anso Nylon/ R2X Protection technology.
All of the collection colors easily coordinate with the hues from the Martha Stewart Living Paint Line to create a harmonious palette. Both the carpet and the paints have color key symbols to help make color schemes simple to put together.

The Home Depot’s exclusive Platinum Plus Carpet Collection features 24 styles with hundreds of color combinations. The collection has style, innovation and unbeatable value, constructed with the most durable and soft nylon fiber. The carpets are protected with revolutionary Scotchgard™ technology.

{The Tests}

Martha Stewart Living {Hillwood 902HD} & Platinum Plus {Vexing 496} Carpet Samples
Grape Juice, Chocolate Milk and Vegetable Juice

{Grape Juice}
Even with the textured surface of the Martha Stewart Living sample, the grape juice sat right on top the fibers and did not soak in.

The juice was soaked up with just a dry paper towel with no traces of stains left behind. {This area was marked with a black marker for reference – note: the red dot in the background is from another liquid marking}

The same applied to the Platinum Plus sample; the grape juice beaded right up and sat on top.

Again, only using a dry paper towel the liquid was completely absorbed and no traces were left behind. {This area was marked with a black marker for reference}

{Chocolate Milk}

Even with the thicker consistency of the chocolate milk, the liquid still beaded up, sitting on top the fibers, and did not soak into the Martha Stewart Living sample.

I was able to soak up the milk using just a dry paper towel leaving no traces behind. {This area was marked with a red marker for reference}

The same applied to the Platinum Plus sample; the milk sat right on top and I probably could have just rolled it off had I picked the sample up.

Using only a dry paper towel the milk was completely removed with no traces left behind. {This area was marked with a red marker for reference}

{Vegetable Juice}

I admit, this one was pretty scary to me, even on a sample piece – there is just something about the color red on any carpet that makes me cringe. The juice still seemed to sit on top the carpet though on the Martha Stewart Living sample.

Using a dry paper towel I was able to remove most of the liquid, however some residue was left behind.

With a wet {just water} paper towel, I was able to remove the remaining residue, however a faint red tinted hue was still left behind. As no cleaners were used or major scrubbing done, the carpet did come fairly clean though, simply using water. Considering it was red vegetable juice and the fact that I would not allow that in a carpeted area {yes, I guess I’m a meanie} I was pretty impressed with the results of the Martha Stewart Living sample. {This area was marked with a green marker for reference}

The vegetable juice beaded the same on the Platinum Plus sample.

The liquid was easily removed using just a dry paper towel, however, reside was still left behind.

Using a wet {just water} paper towel the remaining residue came right up. From a distance, the same faint red hue does still appear on carpet though. Again, considering no cleaner was used or major scrubbing involved, I was still overall impressed with the results. The red hue would bother me though and I would be anxious to see if steaming or a professional cleaning would be able to remove it. {This area was marked with a green marker for reference}

{The Results}

Martha Stewart Living CollectionBlack Dot – Grape Juice, Red Dot – Chocolate Milk, Green Dot – Vegetable JuiceI was very impressed with the Juice and Milk. Both were easily removed with just a dry paper towel. The Vegetable Juice did require more effort to remove and a very faint red hue is still visible if examined closely. I think the texture and color of the sample {which I do like} helped conceal any tinting left behind; much better than the Premium Plus sample.

Home Depot Premium Plus Collection
Black Dot – Grape Juice, Red Dot – Chocolate Milk, Green Dot – Vegetable JuiceAs with the Martha Stewart Living sample, I was again impressed with the removal of the Juice and Milk. Both were easily removed using just a dry paper towel. The vegetable juice did leave more of a visual tint on this sample. Considering only water was used to remove the vegetable juice I can’t say if it would effect my decision to purchase this brand. {that and the fact I would probably not even allow red vegetable juice in a room with carpet}

For the most part both of these brands held up to the stain resistant protection they both claim to have. I know with a toddler my main concern if any would be juice and milk, and they both exceeded any expectations given.

Our entire house is hardwood, except for four of the bedrooms, which we have not yet renovated since our move. They are on our to-do so we will be in the market for carpet very soon. After seeing what accumulates on the hardwood I am very skeptical of even having carpet anywhere in my home, however, the hubby is pretty adamant about having carpet in the bedrooms. The thought of finding a true stain resistant carpet sounds like a happy medium and I am pretty impressed by the claims of these two lines, especially the Martha Stewart Living line. {If anything, I can say that when we are ready to purchase I will definitely be bringing the samples home to test myself}

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  1. We need carpet in bedrooms too (rest of house wood and tile) so this was very interesting. So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by recently. You have terrific projects. I’ve enjoyed my coffee and your blog today. I’ll have to checkout your Sunday showcase party. Take care.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  2. Great post! One day we plan on finishing the basement and in one of the bedrooms we will add carpet…looks like we will be looking at the Martha Stewart line when it is time!

  3. Thanks. I’d like to ask if you ever check stains left behind by pets who throw up and forget they’re inside (not outside). Big big problems.

  4. Pretty impressive -carpet materials sure have come a long way in easy maintenance

  5. Looks good. Did you blot up the stains pretty much right away? Our problem is hidden stains, that I don’t find right away.

  6. Great post! Choosing carpet can be such an ordeal. With all the variables like cost, durability and resistance to stains not to mention style and color it can be overwhelming!
    Thanks for the info on these two!

  7. Hi Stephanie I enjoy reading your blog. I am a flooring saleswoman in Florida, before you make a decision you should really look into Shaw Anso Nylons. They have beautiful styles available and hands down the best stain defence in the insustry. At our store we have tested them all and Anso by Shaw really outshines the rest.
    Happy shopping [email protected]

  8. Hi Stephanie I am the flooring sales lady who commemted previously. I was in the Home Depot last night and looked at the Martha Stewart collection of carpets, I turned the sample over to look at the fiber type and low and behold It is Anso fiber by Shaw. I should have known that Martha and her staff would have selected nothing but the best. Just thought that was funny and wanted to share.


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