Tissue Paper Rosette Ornaments by Hasley at Spunky Junky {Ornament No.22}

Tissue Paper Rosette Ornaments by Hasley at Spunky Junky {Ornament No.22}

I’m so excited to introduce
Halsey from Spunky Junky

Tissue Paper Rosette Ball

{Handmade Ornament No. 22}
Welcome… Halsey!

Hey, Hey Under the Table and Dreaming lovers! My name is Halsey, say it with me Halllll-zeee. Good you got it. I am so thrilled that Stephanie Lynn asked me to be a part of this freaking awesome ornament soiree. If you didn’t figure it out already I suffer from a syndrome called Oober-Excitmentness…it’s a technical term.

So let’s get started! I love cheap deals and amazing IDEAS. That’s kind of why I love this time I year. I get totally psyched for Black Friday and I have this weird obsession with clearance racks. I get giddy over making things for little to no cost and I just love finding things that are so cheap that I feel as though I am ripping off the store.

These ornaments totally fall under the cheap, easy, and “oh so pretty” categories!

For this project you will want:

*Styrofoam balls


*tissue paper (cut into 1 1/2 inch strips)


*glue gun

I used a pen to poke a hole through the stryrofoam ball for the ribbon.

I then used the pen to push the ribbon through the hole. NOTE: Make sure to glue the ribbon to the underside of the ball.

While the glue dried I started to make the tissue paper rosettes. I took one of the strips of tissue paper and crumpled the end.

Then I began to twist the tissue paper around the crumpled center. Every so often I made sure to put a dab of hot glue on the rosette so it did not fall a part. As I wound the tissue paper around I would switch between twisting inward and twisting outward. It helped give a different kind of effect to the rosettes.

Here is what the rosette looked like when I finished.

For a small ball I made twelve rosettes–you may use more or less depending on how big or small you make YOURS 😉

I then took the dried rosettes and started to glue them to the ball. NOTE: You will want to start at the top and work your way down.

There were gaps in between some of the rosettes so I took scraps of the tissue paper and stuffed them in the open areas.

Cool. Huh?

BUT WAIT…I am not going to sell you a Sham-WOW!!! Jokes.

I love shiny things…yes, I am a typical girl. So I decided to spice up my ornaments!

I used a variety of embellishments, any type will work: buttons, brads, pearls, faux gems.


Finished product:
Tissue paper: FREE
Styrofoam balls: S1.00
embellishments: FREE
Style: Rock n’ Sock um’ awesome!

Thank you Stephanie Lynn for letting me crash your party!

Thank you Hasley! Your ornaments are so creative, classy and super cool! I especially love the added bling too – so pretty!

Can you seriously handle all this inspiration? I don’t think I have enough room in my house for all the trees I want to decorate this season! We have two more amazing guest bloggers left; the next one coming up shortly. In the meantime hop on over to Spunky Junky and show Hasley some love.

Take a peek at her latest creation…Tissue Paper Christmas Trees – yep, aren’t they gorgeous! You can find the tutorial {here}. I see a lot of these being made for the upcoming season.

A few of my other ‘Halsey’ favorites include: This adorable Owl Bunting; Framed Chipboard Wall Art {love this}; This fantastic Turquoise End Table makeover; and these adorable Rope Bracelets.

There are just a couple more ornament to share but a whole lot to see in the entire series – which can be see by clicking on the button above. Enjoy!



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