Vintage Glitter Snowball Ornaments by Taylor at MaryJanes & Galoshes {Ornament No.23}

Vintage Glitter Snowball Ornaments by Taylor at MaryJanes & Galoshes {Ornament No.23}

I’m delighted to introduce
our twenty-second guest blogger
Taylor from MaryJanes and Galoshes
Vintage Glitter Snowball
{Handmade Ornament No.23}
Hello there! Is there room for another dreamer under this table? I’m Taylor, the creator of MaryJanes and Galoshes. Thank you for having me here, it sure is cozy, I’m sure we’ll be quick friends.

I was told you enjoy handmade ornaments for the holidays so I’m here to share a little something I came up with. MaryJanes and Galoshes is all about modern style with a vintage influence and I think you will see that in my ornament. I live in Wisconsin so we can’t have Christmas without a little (okay, who am I kidding, a LOT) of snow! And snow means snowballs!
It’s really hard to tell in the photo, but this snow ball is really sparkly. My camera doesn’t seem to like glitter much, but I love it!
What you’ll need-
Styrofoam ball (mine is 2.5 inches, but any size will do)
Cotton batting (just enough to make a thin layer over ball)
White glue
White paint
Glitter (I used Martha Stewart’s crystal)
7 inches ribbon
Printer (optional)
Small foam brush (optional)
Wooden skewer (optional)
Small pins with colored heads
Hot glue gun

Dilute your glue with a bit of water. Spread a thin layer of batting around your ball and saturate with the diluted glue using your foam brush (or a paper towel would work fine too).
Once the entire ball is covered set aside to dry. This may take over night depending on how much glue mixture you put on, but you can speed up the process with a blow dryer if your impatient (like me).
Once dry, apply a generous coat of white paint to the now stiff batting. Sticking the ball onto a skewer makes it easier to handle while painting and glittering, it also makes the hole you will need for the hanger.

While the paint is still wet, apply glitter generously then tap off the extra (be sure to catch it on a piece of paper so that you can put it back into your container, don’t be wasteful!). Set aside to dry.

Once dry pull the stick out, or if you chose not to use one make a hole in the top of your ball. Fold your ribbon in half and knot, trim the ends.

Fill the hole with hot glue and put the knotted end of the ribbon into the hole and glue. I used a type writer font to print out my “let it snow” but you can write it by hand if you choose. Trim your words into a strip and cut a triangle out of each end. With a pencil (or something round) curl the paper (like you would ribbon when wrapping a gift). Curl the whole thing to the back then curl the two ends back toward you.
I applied my banner at a slight angle. Hot glue on each end to the snowball. Pin a small pin through each end where you glued.
All done! Hang and enjoy.
Well I hope that I inspired you and that you might make a few snow balls of your own. Stop over at MJ&G and check out the other fun projects I’ve made or just take a look at the vintage eye candy. I’ve enjoyed my time here under the table, but I must climb back into my comfy chair and grab a mug of hot chocolate. Cheers!

Thank you Taylor for sharing this adorable ornament – the ‘snow’ is so clever and creative. I just adore the vintage feel and love the added banner – fantastic job!
The last ornament is coming up shortly; Just enough time for you to head over to visit Taylor at MaryJanes and Galoshes.

Taylor shares such fun projects over at MJ&G; here are a few of my favorites: Gorgeous Ruffled Table Skirt; Doodle Book made from a recycled hardcover book; Vintage Bingo Marker Tacks {love these}; Adorable Wooden Spool Topiaries; Unique Twig Tacks; The coolest {and easiest} Shadow Box Bank; and one beautiful Butterfly Wreath.

Check out her latest creations made with recycled maps – I love these!! {Recycled Map Tree and Map Kissing Ball}

To check out the past 23 ornaments in this series ~ simply click the button above ~ Enjoy!


  1. Darling ideas!!

  2. I am so glad you hosted the handmade ornament postings-Everyone has been so creative and it has been great to be introduced to blogs that I had not discovered yet! Also you ran the party early enough for us to create the ornaments in time for decorating for the beautiful season.

  3. It’s fantastic, I love it!!!
    The banner is fab!!!

  4. These are adorable! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. These are perfection! I love them. And her vintage fab style is a reason why I’ve been a recent follower of her blog. And it’s constantly FAB-0!

    Hey, thanks again for hosting this event Stephanie Lynn. My Google reader thanks you too. It’s gotten a couple new ones to follow around. Yay!

  6. Very nice ideas! Thanks to share it!

  7. This is such a lovely and whimsical ornament! I can’t wait to try this! 🙂



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