Wire Word Ornaments by Erin at Crafts & Sutch {Ornament No. 10}

Wire Word Ornaments by Erin at Crafts & Sutch {Ornament No. 10}

I’m thrilled to introduce
Erin from Crafts & Sutch
Wire Word Ornaments{Handmade Ornament No. 10}Welcome…Erin!

Hello Under the Table and Dreaming readers! I’m so very happy to spend some time with you today! I’m Erin from Crafts & Sutch. I love all things crafty and have been diagnosed with “I can make that” syndrome. I am constantly inspired by the things I see, so I like to create a little bit of everything. 🙂

Today we are making wire word ornaments. Here’s a peek at JOY!

You will need the following supplies to get started: craft wire (I used 20 gauge), wire cutters, buttons, and a pencil or skewer. Optional supplies: round nose pliers, scrap fabric, and ribbon.

NOTE: I found the Make It Christmas brand glitter wire – 20 gauge was the easiest to work with and most forgiving. It is sold at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

Without picking up your pen, jot down the words you want to create out of wire. This will act as your guide when you are creating the ornament.
Cut a length of wire with wire cutters. The length will depend on the word you are making in wire, but a good rule of thumb is to cut more than you think you need. 18″ is a good starting point.
Begin to shape the letters.

I like to use buttons for the letter O. Thread the wire through one hole in the button, make a kink in the wire, and then thread the wire through the second hole.

Continue to shape the letters. If you come to a letter like the Y, where the wire will lay over itself, just give it a good squeeze with your fingers or round nose pliers.

Finish the wire word by looping it around the end of a round pencil or skewer.

Cut a length of wire for the hanger, make a loop on each end using either a pencil or round nose pliers, and attach it to the word.

Add ribbon, scrap fabric, or other embellishments.

Here are a few others that I made: NOEL with an ivory button and scrap fabric.

LOVE with a gold, heart button for the O and cream ribbon.

I love adding ornaments to packages for a little something extra. Wouldn’t it be so sweet to create the recipient’s name and use it as a gift tag? 🙂

Thank you so much for letting me spend some time with you all today! I wish you a wonderful holiday season and I hope you’ll stop by Crafts & Sutch sometime to say hi!

Thank you Erin; these are so adorable and creative! I would love to attach one to every single one of my gifts this season {with the recipients name}…How cute would that be!

Erin was on a roll with fall projects; some of my favorites include: The Doily Pumpkin Pillow, Fall Trees, and the Thankful Lunch Sak Printables. I can’t wait to see what Erin has planned for the next holiday!

There is much more to come ~ Enjoy!


  1. Oh my… that girl is just too creative! Sutch a cute idea! :]

  2. Hey Stephanie! I am so sorry but I just got your comment about the decoorganizer! I sent you an email also, I hope I am not too late to claim it!

  3. Love them!!

  4. Very cute!

  5. This is such a cute and very creative ornament! I will definitely have to print out this idea! 🙂

  6. Great idea for an ornament! You’ve got some talent with that wire, Erin. They all look perfect!

  7. Those are awesome! My favorite so far.

  8. ALL of these ornaments are great! I’ve tried a couple of them here:
    and linked back to you of course 😉

  9. Very nicely done!

  10. Those are all so very cute and creative =)

  11. Just when I think I have all my craft projects for the season lined up, I have to go and stumble upon these irresistable lovelies! Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, back to the craft store I go… Or should that be Ho Ho Ho? Whatever.

    Aloha, and thanks for the great idea!


  12. Oh Erin I adore this!!! What a great ornament. I’m definitely doing these!!!

  13. I love your Wire Word ornaments Erin!

  14. I cant wait to make these! I love them!

  15. Thank you for sharing this with all of us awesome~

  16. Very pretty, and yes, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Awesome! I’m catching up on some reading and this post was linked from another blog I was reading — wow! These are great 🙂 I’m pinning them for inspiration. . .thanks. Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.


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