A Few Family Room Vignettes for the Holiday

A Few Family Room Vignettes for the Holiday

Like many of you, I’ve been working on decorating for the holidays this week. I have only finished two rooms so far – it seems like it takes forever as when I start to pull things apart I feel the need to dissect every nook and cranny that apparently gets missed during normal routine cleanings {I think it’s almost worse than spring cleaning – please tell me I’m not the only one}

Here are a few vignettes from our family room. I try to keep things pretty neutral and simple since we like to entertain trough to the new year; plus this gives me a little lead way as far as when the typical red and green start to wear out their welcome.

I am a huge fan of carved wood bowls – I ♥ them and can’t seem to pass them up even if I do not need them. Each one is so unique and adds such a natural rustic element to any space. They are suppose to be carved out of left over stumps retrieved from logging operations, so I kind of feel like I’m saving a tree, in some sort of way, which each one I buy =)

I filled this one with left over ornaments to coordinate with the tree for this room.
Ornaments are such easy and inexpensive addition to holiday decor.

I kept a few touches of green in this room for a little color. I happen to find a matching set of glazed bowls at Marshalls / TJ Maxx for an amazing price {love those stores}. This bowl is just sitting on a few books I picked up from the thrift store.

The mercury glass finial was also a Marshalls / TJ Maxx find from last year.

The other green glazed bowl provides the perfect hiding spot for all of our remotes, iPods, etc.

These cute twig reindeers are very similar to the Pottery Barn version. I found them at Christmas Tree Shops while visiting my sister a couple months ago. While they are not silver like PB’s they only costs $2-$4. That store has some incredible deals; I only wish there was one closer to me {well, kind of}.

Another carved wooden vessel and more thrift store books.

I filled this one with some scented pinecones – I love the scents of the holiday!

More mercury glass finials

Very simple but I think it still took me half a day to put together; between cleaning and chasing my little guy around.

I move my little guys table and chairs to the bay window nook {since it usually sits where the tree goes}. Last year I moved it into his room for the holidays – but I’m really liking it in it’s new home.

He is a little bit more into Christmas this year and I’m so excited!

I did manage to get the tree up in this room {no, there is a bigger one then the one pictured above} however just 24 hours after hanging the last ornament a strand of lights went out ~ ugh. I keep saying each year I am going to upgrade our lights but that hasn’t happened yet; any recommendations for good brands or sets?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day ~ the weekend is almost here ~ Enjoy!


  1. My favorite is the mix of the wooden bowl with the shimmer of the elegant ornaments! Hope you’re having a good week, Stephanie.

  2. I’ve been reading for a while now, love your site! This post in particular. Simple, classic. Festive. Looks great!

  3. I’ve seen your exact deer but in silver! They were given a coat of spray paint primer and then a coat of Krylon mirror paint.

    I love your wood bowls filled with silver ornaments! Classically elegant!

    Have a great day!

  4. I love your decorating style! And I want some of those deer! So cute! Add’s a bit of whimsy to the cozy feel! Great job.

  5. It is all gorgeous! Love the glittery balls in the wooden bowl….

    Last night half of my lights went out on the huge wreath on the front door! I could NOT find the offending bulb so I had to UNDECORATE the wreath, pull off the lights, put more lights in and REDECORATE the wreath!

    I was NOT a happy camper…just sayin’

    Have a great one!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Very nice….very elegant and rustic and the same time. I have the same ornaments in your wooden bowl. Im trying to go with a more neutral scheme in the living room this year on the real tree. My husband calls it my Macys tree. lol Thats the next project.

  7. I am loving the mercury glass!!

  8. I love the mercury glass. Everything is so simply pretty.

  9. Pretty Pretty Pretty! No you are not alone, I also make everyone around here clean before we put up the decorations. I love your style, it is so nice to see color on your walls it looks so cozy!

  10. Everything look great! It has that simply elegant look that all your decor has. Love those mercury glass finials!! I also LOVE the Christmas Tree Shops. I am originally from MA and there are a ton around there. Sadly, there are none where we are now. I have to drive five hours just to go visit one(I’ve done it before 🙂 ) Glad you were able to find something cute fore such a great price.

  11. I love the tree skirt! Everything looks amazing! You have great ideas.

  12. Such pretty vignettes Ÿ I ♥ the reindeer. Toooo cute Ü

  13. I love your reindeer! Everything looks great, so neat and uncluttered!

  14. Your family room shelves look calm yet festive, soothing, yet Christmassy. Just the balance you were going for.

  15. I love how calm and peaceful your room looks. Those bowls… love them, and your logic works for me. 🙂

  16. I love your simple little tree on the table! The stick reindeer look great~better than the PB silver, at least I think so!

  17. I LOVE your finials (always loved mercury glass…). The one carved wood bowl reminds me of an oyster and it looks like it is holding a bunch of pearls.
    Love your simple festive touches.

  18. Love those reindeer, I may have to run out and get myself some! 🙂 Everything looks great!

  19. I fear I’m the only design blogger that’s clueless when it comes to Christmas decor!! Somebody please come to my house!!

  20. Hi, Stephanie Lynn, nice to meet you, I keep seeing you around blogland, so glad we are meeting. Love your bowls piled with sparklies & the simple, but elegant display. So pretty, thanks for sharing!

  21. Very pretty! I have really been wanting those PB reindeer too! Wish I could find ones like yours. I love your entertainment center too! So pretty! We upgraded our lights last year and switched over to LEDs. That made my husband and his father (a fire chief) very happy. We noticed a huge savings in our energy bill too. Bonus! I dont like how the white LEDs really look blue, but if you get them in “soft white” its a softer yet still clean light.

  22. You truly are an amazing person…I consider myself fairly creative but when I come here and see what you do, I get a tad jelouse LOL. Some people just have what it takes to ‘pull it all toghether’and when you do it just look so good.

  23. OMG!!!! I LOVE LURVE those reindeer. Ive never heard of that store you got them at so it must be a regional thing. Figures, never can find the good stuff in my area! ;() Oh well, LOVE your blog!


  24. So beautifully simple! I love all of your wood bowls and I’m absolutely DROOLING over the mercury finials! Great job!

    Merry Christmas!

  25. That mercury glass is just gorgeous! Love the wood bowls, too! I have been missing your blog since I went to Google Reader! I guess your settings aren’t on full so your whole post doesn’t show up in google reader. I realized that I was paging down over it without realizing I missed it!! Just wanted to let you know so nobody else misses it either! Have a great weekend!

  26. I love your simple holiday touches…perfect:) Lights can be so frusterating! Good luck;)

  27. Very nice website, i was wondering where you got your entertainment center. My email is [email protected]

  28. I finally had the chance to make these reindeer! Check them out at: http://www.takens-tidbits.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  29. Great ideas. As I said before, you remind me of Nate Berkus. 🙂 I esp. love the first wooden bowl. Aren’t they expensive though?

  30. I purchased “Warm White” LED lights on clearance after Christmas this year, as we need an upgrade too! Pre-lit trees are great the first couple of years, but OH the pain when those lights start going out! Have never cared for the look of LED’s, but my wonderful SIL told me about the warm white so we are going to give them a try. And no, you are not alone in the cleaning spree that comes with holiday decorating. Windows seem to get me every time. Good luck with those lights!


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