A Little More About Leo Reynolds and an Exclusive Typography Printable for the Holidays

A Little More About Leo Reynolds and an Exclusive Typography Printable for the Holidays

This week I surprisingly received an email from Leo Reynolds, an incredibly talented and inspiring prolific photographer from Norwich, England, UK.
I like to think of Leo as the king of ‘squared circles’. A squared circle is a photograph of equal height and width, containing a circle. The circle must fill as much of the frame as possible with its outside edge remaining visible. Leo has upload way over 25,000 squared circles to Photostream on Flickr.

{by *Leanda on Flickr}His keen eye for detail and captivating style can been seen in his vast collection of squared circles. There are Letters, Numbers, Words, Punctuation, and some of the most intriguing photography I have seen.
{by Amy at My 3 Monsters}
Many of us are very familiar with ‘these squared circles’ as they were introduced to us back in June; I had invited Amy from My 3 Monsters over for a guest post and she introduced us to using Leo’s squared circles to create custom one of kind unique pieces of typographic art. We were all taken by his intriguing work and the spark to create our own pieces was born from that day on. We had the link to Leo’s photostream directed to a single letter and Leo said that little letter has never seen so much traffic.

So with Mr. Reynolds’s approval I am excited to share these exclusive Holiday Printables with you. Just click on the image, and then right click and save to your computer. You can then print from home or take to a lab to process. They are both sized as 8×10’s.

and a brighter version you can download {just click on image above}.

**Please note these are for personal use only as Mr. Reynolds does have a Creative Commons License – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike associated with his photos**

There are a couple different ways to create your own custom piece. Start off by browsing Leo’s photostream {here} and gather your favorite letters. If you do not have a favorite publishing program to collaborate your squares, anyone can download and use Picasa or GIMP free to create a collage. You can then print directly from your computer or send to a professional lab.

These make great gifts to for the holidays; create a masterpiece and simply frame it for an instant custom gift anyone would love!

You can view Leo’s full Flickr photostream {here} and find his website {here}

Leo also has five books available in print. They are available {here} on Blurb

I know from comments and emails many of you have made creations of your own. If so, and you would like to share them, please leave a link below for Mr. Reynolds to see {You can also leave some comment love for him too}

Thank you so much Leo for sharing your creative photographs and the inspiration you give to others. We ♥ you!

P.S. The Sunday Showcase Link Party starts tonight! I hope you’ll stop by and show us what you been working on this week – I can not wait to see. We also have an incredible giveaway you are not going to want to miss!


  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome prints. I am trying to upload and it doesn’t seem to be working. I click th upload button and it doesn’t show the file. Help!!

  2. Hi Marisol – I changed the images so you can just click directly on them to save them to your computer – it’s a little easier. If you are still having problems just let me know and I can email them to you! Thanks Stephanie Lynn

  3. Hello! I was so excited to see this post…I’m printing out the bright one tonight!! I did our last name a few weeks ago and I meant to share the blog post with you. So here it is if you’d like to take a look: http://www.janeofallcrafts.com/2010/11/i-have-stmp.html
    And for I made one for my parents’ anniversary and they absolutely loved it!
    Thanks so much!!

  4. Awesome, I’ve been wanting to make our last name and have browsed his albums but it’s going to take me forever to decide which letters/numbers to use! 🙁 So many great pix in his streams.
    Just wondering if you printed this one for 8×10 as well?

  5. OK I printed it on cardstock and figured out that it was an 8×10 and works perfectly in my frame! Thanks again. 🙂

  6. Perfect timing, I was going to be searching online tonight or tomorrow night for something like this for Santa letterhead.

  7. Sorry hadassah – yes it is sized to an 8×10 as you’ve already figured out – I’ll add it to the post – Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this. Much appreciated 🙂

  9. I {love} these prints! Thank you so much!

  10. wow, love these!!! thanks!!!!

  11. I adore Leo Reynolds! He is able to see beauty in numbers and letters that the rest of us don’t take time to see.
    Thanks for the Christmas printables!

    Meg in Portland
    [email protected]

  12. Stephanie Lynn…I have been following your blog for a while now and have enjoyed it so much! Your post earlier in the year about Mr. Reynolds photos sent me to his photostream, and I have used several of his images in my home. Beautiful, captivating! Many thanks to him for sharing his wonderful photographs, and thanks to you for your great blog and ideas! Sandra in NC

  13. How wonderful is this?!? I am posting it on my blog today with a link back to you! Thanks for sharing.


  14. I have been struggling to get this to work for me as I don’t have a publishing program. Thanks for the Picasa tip!
    As for Mr.Reynolds, his art is even more noble as he has allowed it to be shared. Thanks for leaving your indelible mark on this great big world Leo. Be well.

  15. I would love to know where abouts you found the ‘est’ part of your picture, I have been searching all through Leo’s pics ….. I cannot seem to find it. I love this idea and am trying it for our own family. If it works for us, then I’ll continue on and do all of my relatives, it’s a GREAT idea! Thank you! 🙂


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