Last Minute Gift Idea – How to Fold a Money Bracelet {Turn Dollar Bills into a Work of Art}

Last Minute Gift Idea – How to Fold a Money Bracelet {Turn Dollar Bills into a Work of Art}

With the holidays just a few days away, I wanted to share a cute way to make giving plain simple cash a little more fashionable and fun. I have two nieces that consider themselves ‘tweens’ and now-a-days cash is pretty much the most awesome {in their words} gift they can receive. I am really not big on sticking a few bills in an envelope however with a little folding those plain old bills can be turned into a neat piece of art.
Begin by folding and creasing a single bill in half, horizontally. You will need a total of sixteen bills all together.

Unfold the bill and using the crease as a guideline, fold the top and bottom into the center.

Fold at the original crease,

then fold the bill in half, end to end.

Unfold and using the crease as a guide, fold each end into the center.

Fold in half at the crease. {repeat the steps above for all sixteen bills}

Each side of the bill will be different; one side will have a single fold and the other will have a double fold – as shown above.

To link together, begin by inserting the double fold side on one bill into the single fold side of another.

Pull the bill all the way through…

…until they ‘lock’ into place.

The next link will be inserted into the double fold side. {they will alternate with each bill linked – it sounds complicated but once you start going it is very easy to see}

Insert the single fold side of the next bill into the double fold side.

Pull all the way through…

…until they ‘lock’ into place.

The next bill will be a double fold side inserted into a single fold side and the following another single fold inserted into a double fold and so on.

Continue until you have linked all sixteen bills together.

The two ends will look like the picture above.

Take one of the ends and unfold the two loops.

Insert the two ‘unfolded’ strips into the loops on the other end.

Pull them all the way through…

…until they ‘lock’ into place.

The last step is to re-tuck the unfolded strips back into place. Turn the bracelet over so the unfolded strips are on top.

Tuck one strip back into its loop…

…and tuck the other strip into the same loop.

Despite all the pictures and steps – these are very easy to make. {I just wanted to make sure each and every step was covered as a reference if you get stuck}

There is a little give in the links so these can actually be worn on your wrist.

Using sixteen links will give you a bracelet size of about 9 inches {10 inches when stretched}.

Any denomination of bills can be used as I like to tuck in a few larger bills as a surprise.

A perfect last minute gift too ~ Enjoy!


  1. Wow!!! I’d like one of this bracelet, but with some € 500 pieces!! Merry Christmas…

  2. I love this gift idea! I had tried to make these braclets with smaller strips of paper and it was so time comsuming! These will be so much faster plus it is made of money! Diana from Closet Crafters.


  3. Perfect! I was looking for creative ways to gift money & this one is awesome =) Thanks!

  4. I used to make this kind of bracelet using Starburst candy wrappers. Fun, colorful and you get to eat the candy!! 🙂

  5. I remember making these with gum wrappers.
    I am going to try the dollar bill ones for nieces and nephews!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Merry CHRISTmas,

  6. This is a great idea unfortunately this wouldn’t work in Australia as our smallest note is $5 so that would be $80, so not in my price bracket with 4 older nieces and 3 younger ones, also I don’t think our money would fold like that either as it is made out of polymer and it just won’t stay folded.

  7. I remember making this type of bracelet with starburst rappers in middle school 🙂 I love the money idea!! And a gift everyone would love 🙂 And nice work on the instructions!

  8. what a great idea! the instruction photos are amazing, thank you ,m

  9. Wow that sure brings back teen memories! Like a previous poster, we made gum wrapper chains like this. Long before beaded chain curtains for a teen doorway there were gum wrapper chains!

    Clever idea for a money gift and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  10. Even here in Canada we made the gum wrapper chains. I hope they can figure out how to undo them without tearing them.

  11. How cool is this bracelet and how cool are you?
    A: VERY!!!

    xoxo -ashley

  12. I just LOVE unique gifts like this. Once, my bro-in-law, wrapped a small box with dollar bills for my son.{he used tape, which wasn’t so fun to remove.} But very, very carefully he got every dollar off in great shape & my son was ecstatic to receive all the money.

  13. I’m an old timer, too, having made these out of gum & candy wrappers. We were stylin’, I tell ya! I hope your nieces will appreciate them for the works of art they are. I made one this year for a friend out of strips cut from Cheetos packages (her favorite junk food). They don’t fold crisply, but it turned out great. She loved it, which was even more important. Thanks for the great step-by-step picture tutorial. I hope the craze takes off again.

  14. That was so great! I would like to have a bracelet like that. Well, having that for Christmas and New Year would be a good idea. Perhaps a bracelet would be enough to pay a commercial cleaning services (New York-based) after all the gatherings at home! Thanks again for sharing.

  15. This is such a great idea! I’m including it in my Friday Favorites this week!

  16. Love this! My cousin does origami every year for our presents, mostly cranes and stuff! I like this one!

  17. Love this! My cousin does origami every year for our presents, mostly cranes and stuff! I like this one!

  18. Just made the money bracelet for a Christmas gift. Love it. Thank you



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