New Year’s $179 Silhouette Deal!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!
Just wanted to share this fabulous deal
from my friends at Silhouette for the New Year!

You can pick up a Silhouette SD Machine now

for just $175with a monthly subscription to their online store.

I have not had my Silhouette that long but can’t imagine crafting without this little machine!

I am a huge fan and I personally have subscription to the online store.
{as you can see with all my silhouette projects}
There are thousands of graphics, shapes, and designs all ready to download to your computer.

A download from the online store starts a just $0.99 a piece however with a subscription you get them for more than half price!
{a $9.99 subscription gets you $25 worth of online store credit for the month}
{a $14.99 subscription gets you $50 worth of online store credit for the month…and so on}

Here are a few things you can easily do with this machine
using shapes from the online store:



{simple_tags_C00079_23067} & {6_banner_flag_set_C00684_20509}

I used it a tremendous bit for my son’s birthday party this year!

{camp_site_sign_C00409_20508} & {picnic_table_1749}


{click here for box shapes used}

{background framed scallop dotted circle by Samantha Walker C00397 19210}

So if Santa brought you some spending money for the holidays…
this is a great deal for you!

To receive the Silhouette SD for $179.00Visit the Silhouette Website {here}
Add the Silhouette to your cart and enter the code [dream] on the checkout page
Your monthly subscription to the online store will automatically appear and your discount will be taken as well.

I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous

New Year!
I have had a wonderful holiday break with my family and I’m excited to be back tomorrow!
~ Enjoy!


  1. Oh how I want. You’ve made some incredible things with it Stephanie!

  2. Thank you, thank you! I finally just put my order in with this deal!!! : )

  3. You have created some wonderful projects! Now to see what’s left in my pocketbook after the holidays!!

  4. I just stumbled onto your blog and I love your style! I look forward to spending more time checking out your past posts! Happy New Year!


  5. Hi!! I got a Silhouette for Christmas!! I am SOOO excited to learn how to use it!! You’ve inspired me!!

    Happy New Year!!
    Sandi (Lucy Doo)

  6. I love the projects you’ve shared.

    Quick question ~ I have a Cricut Expression and thinking of selling it and purchasing a Silhouette. It sounds like you are able to do more with a Silhouette. Your thoughts and insights would be much appreciated. Thanks


  7. Hi Stephanie Lynn!

    I stumbled across your blog in November and have been checking in daily for ideas and inspiration. Thank you!! Your tutorials are my favorite.
    My Hubs purchased a Silhouette for me as a Christmas gift and I am anxious to use it. Any tips and tricks to get me started??

    Happy New Year!!


  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Happy New Year to you and your family. I love your blog, wonderful ideas, a true inspiration.

    Warm hugs from Brasil

  9. You posted way to many uber cute ideas. But… I just ordered a new serger, so that has to count as my new ‘toy’ for the new year, LOL!

  10. The sale on the Silhouette was extended through the weekend because their server was down. Thanks to you being sponsored by them, (it’s the only way I would have known about this miracle machine) I bought it late last night at their great price! Now comes the dilemna; what supplies to buy first!

  11. yay! I got one for christmas. I’m so excited to use it. First project is thank you cards.

  12. OH wow! I am loving those treat boxes, thanks for posting about the deal! Too many cute things to be made!

  13. Do you use any special software with yours? I’ve read several places that they recommend a “drawing” program to work with. And that you can only use it with one computer, so that if you ever upgrade computers you have issues. Do you happen to know?!

  14. is this sale still valid???
    thanks :>
    happy new year

  15. Thank you, thank you! Mine just got delivered today! I’m so excited! Thanks for the deal! 🙂
    ~Clarissa @ A Little Stone House

  16. The deal is still on – bought one tonight – like a minute ago… so excited that the only thing purchased was the machine and nothing else!!!!
    thank you for such an awesome deal
    happy new year!


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