No Sew Fabric & Felt Transfer Christmas Pennant Banner {believe}

I think pennant banners are adorable and prefect for any season, holiday, or occasion {or just for some happiness}. I wanted to make a small one for my little guy’s playroom to add a special touch to a piece I’m working on. I originally was thinking paper, but for just as much work and time you can make a fabric banner that can be reused year after year. I thought I would share this basic tutorial along with my printable templates if perhaps you’re inspired to make one for your little ‘believer’.
Begin by printing the template {found here} onto a piece of cardstock – cardstock is a little easier to work with verses paper. Cut along the outer triangle shape and trace onto a piece of felt. {note: to print the template click on link and download the file to your computer than print}

Cut out your triangles with pinking shears {a nice pair of pinking shears is a great accessory to have in your craft box – they have saw tooth blades that leave a cute zigzag pattern when you cut; they help prevent fraying too}. I use the Fiskars brand {like these}

Once you have completely finished cutting out all of the felt triangles, cut the inner triangle out from the template – this will be for the smaller shapes on the banner.

Trace and cut out with pinking shears following the same process as above.

Fusible Bonding Tape is used to adhere the two triangles together. They are a few different brands available and can be found at your local craft store in the sewing notions section – it’s basically no sew hemming tape such as this}. Cut strips of the tape to outline the back of the fabric {smaller} triangles, Flip over on top of the felt triangles, and iron according to the brand directions. It usually does not take more than 30 seconds to fuse – and keep the iron moving especially with the felt – it will melt the fibers if left in one spot.

The letters are simply ironed on using printable Iron on Transfer Paper. The printable letters can be {found here} for the word ‘believe’. *be sure to mirror/reverse your image prior to printing*

Transfer paper can be found at your local craft store or even the office supply section of walmart or target. Images can be printed right from your computer onto the paper and ironed on to fabric – super quick and easy with great results.

There are a lot of different ways you can finish the banner to hang; ric rac, binding tape, or plain twine are just a few. I used ribbon for this banner. Since the ribbon was sheer, I cut a scrap piece of fabric to lay on top and sandwiched in a piece of the fusible table to bond all the layers together – on the back of the pendants.

The ribbon was unraveled from the spool and I simply started attached the pendants in the center and moving outward on each side. {this way the ribbon is left in one cohesive piece} I spaced these particular pendants about one finger space apart.

Additional ribbon can be tied in-between each pennant – I think this adds a cute whimsical touch.

I hung it on the cubbies for now but it does have a special home – I’ll be sharing tomorrow.

A Few more little touches to the playroom and I’ll be checking it off my holiday decorating list. Enjoy!


  1. Very fabulous! Great job!

  2. I love this! Beautiful! 🙂

  3. With the bows inbetween the letters it made me think you can make each letter separate and make extra letters so you can switch out the message as the seasons change.


  4. Such a cute banner! thanks for sharing!

  5. Loving the banner!


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