Painted Playroom Christmas Tree Wall Art

Painted Playroom Christmas Tree Wall Art

With our growing number of toys and declining amount of space, I decided to skip putting up the trees in my little guy’s playroom this year. I still wanted to add a few festive touches though, so I took full advantage of the Oversized Pottery Barn Paper Roll we have in the room by painting my little guy a tree all of his own.

I admit I am not the artist in the family {that would be my hubby} however this was so incredibly easy; if you can complete a paint by number kit {remember those?} you can do this too! Plus this same technique could be used to paint a wall mural or even a canvas.

I started by finding an image that I liked and so happened to find this adorable tree in the Silhouette Online Library. {Christmas_tree_2335}

{you do not have to own a Silhouette to complete this project, though it does make it a lot easier. If you do not have access to a cutter you can simply print an image out on a printable transparency and pick up the steps below}

The image was then cut with the Silhouette on vinyl and the excess vinyl {not part of the design} was removed. Once that was complete, transfer paper was applied over the design. {if you are not familiar with vinyl, the transfer paper sticks onto the ‘good’ side of you vinyl and exposes the sticky back so you can easy transfer your design to your desired surface}. I stuck the tree directly onto a ‘Write-On’ Transparency; which can be found at your local office supply store.

I can not tell you how excited I was to finally use this projector. {yes, that sounds pretty nerdy and yes, my hubby laughed when I brought it home – but they are so cool to use} I found this one at a thrift shop over the summer for about $10 – it was just one of those things that had been on my ‘look out list’ and I happen to come across one. .Since the purchase, I have seen over a handful of them so you just have to keep an eye out – and not actually be ‘looking’ for one.

I mixed together several Americana Acrylic Paints by DecoArt in various shades of green including: Celery Green {DA208}, Plantation Pine {DA113}, Shale Green {DA152}, and a touch of Antique Teal {DA158}. I just swirled the paint together mixing some of the colors just a bit so the tree would not be one bland shade.

I originally started to outline the tree with a pencil, but quickly realized I could just paint it right in much quicker – so that is what I did.

And here she is – the painted tree. You can see the variations in the greens – how pretty.

I am really liking how it turned out and considering our little guys favorite song right now is ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ it is quite fitting!

I think the No Sew Felt Banner, {posted yesterday} adds the cutest little touch to the top.

I’m already thinking about what I can trace paint next after the holidays =) Enjoy!


  1. What a cute idea. i love it Just wish my Silhouette would arrive!

  2. I used to use a projector for these sorts of projects for work. I would so love to have one at home!!!! What a great find!

  3. That is gorgeous! I love the way it’s not a solid green!

  4. Oh I SOOOO need to get me a silhouette machine..I feel like I’m living in the dark ages without one : )

    Maybe Santa will bring me one????

    This is so cute! I’m loving that you have your own projector!!


  5. Awesome! Love it!

  6. What a wonderful idea! It looks simply lovely!! I can hardly wait for my Silhouette to finally arrive. I have a list longer than my arm (which really isn’t very long, ha ha!) of projects I want to make. For now I will dream, ah! 🙂 Plus we are having an addition build so THINK of all the possibilities for decorating!!! 🙂

    Do you know I have been looking for a projector for a couple of YEARS!?! I found one at the thrift store when a woman (see I can’t even bring myself to call her a “lady”) swooped in and took it… Pleeeeeaseeeeee, I was simply rearranging things in my cart so I could put it in without breaking anything. I mean, the nerve! Since I had one of my children with me I pasted a smile on my face (or maybe it was more of a tight lipped smirk) and took a deep breath. At 14 he is WAY too smart for his own good as he looked at me and said “You REALLY wanted that, didn’t you?” So being the proper example I told him it was okay and that is was just a “thing” nothing worth getting upset about. Yes, I have to remind myself to not worry about it… Where would I store it right now anyway!?! LOL 🙂

  7. I think this is such a cute idea. I think my grand kids would love one of these. I think I will add one red ornament to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Now I just need a projector. Love it!

  9. The scroll of paper adds such a nice decorative touch. I do wish I had even the remotest paiting skills because I would have to add this to the “to-do” list. Alas, I was not pleased with the skill hahaha

  10. Great idea and the banner really finishes it off.

  11. Great idea! I’ve never thought to look for a projector but since you mentioned it… I’ll be looking. I love how this turned out! It has a Scandinavian feel. LOVE IT!


  12. Very classy as usual! Such a cute way to add a little festive touch to your little guys playroom. Merry Christmas

  13. Oh it’s just darling. My little ones would love this. So so cute.

  14. What a fabulous idea…a Christmas tree without taking up all the space of a real one and best of all – you don’t have to put lights on it!!

  15. Love it!
    Kisses from Brazil.

  16. OMG!!! I made something similar-ish with an projector and a book, but I never thought to use my Silhouette to do some more custom shapes for my daughter’s room. This is perfect. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That is so cool and hip and pretty! It’s not something so Christmassy you couldn’t keep it up all year. Love it! Thanks for a great tute.

  18. I love it and I just got my silhouette today, can’t wait to start using it, especially on a project like this! Amazing!

  19. A very nice idea!

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  20. You’re so creative Stephanie! I’m not an artist either and I think I could do this! Just wish my Silhouette would hurry up and get here:-(

  21. WHen I was teaching, I used one of the big projectors. This would have made it so much easier. Even though I am a homemaker now, I can still think of good reasons that I could use one of these at home. I love the tree.

  22. I just love your painted tree. So festive and fun!

  23. That’s awesome!

  24. It’s just so cute! I wish i have invested on these kinds of wall arts!

  25. Can you tell us where the link is to the tree you used? THanks!


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