Reviving an Old Frame with Spray Paint, Fabric and Some Cut Vinyl

Reviving an Old Frame with Spray Paint, Fabric and Some Cut Vinyl

I have a deep love for inexpensive wall art. The bigger the better ~ and I get so excited when I am able to find a way to create a custom piece to fill an empty space.

Enter this lovely piece I picked up at the thrift store for $7.50. It was desperately stuck in the 80’s with pink and blue floral and a shiny gold frame.

The large 27X22 size though caught my eye as well as the detail of the linen inset around the frame.

Nothing a little spray paint could not handle. I taped off the linen and gave the frame a good coat of Krylon Satin Nickel. I love the luster of the Krylon brushed metallics as they go on so smooth and are so close to the real thing!

The custom mat was too perfect to not rescue, so I gave it a light coat of the Krylon Satin Nickel as well. I wasn’t really sure how the paper material would hold up to the spray paint but it worked like a charm. I just used several light coats letting them completely dry in between.

I then went back and hand painted the inner mat with a little Americana Acrylic Paint in Bleached Sand {DA257-3} by DecoArt. {this color is one of my favorite neutrals}

As good as new…

The backing to the frame was sprayed with Krylon Easy Tack spray adhesive and covered with a piece of Osnaburg Natural fabric.

I simply pulled the ends of the fabric around to the back of the board and held into place with a couple pieces of Gorilla Tape.

I used my Silhouette Digital Cutter to cut the vinyl, however this same technique could be used with any pre-purchased vinyl as well. {I know a lot of retail stores are now carrying a large selection of designs and sayings} The one huge advantages of the Silhouette is being able to use any of the fonts that you have installed on your computer without the need to purchase them. I used two different fonts for my wording as well as the beautiful flourish design from the Silhouette online store {beautiful_flourish_C20091202233537_20509} and sized them to fit the frame in the studio program included with the machine.

The frame was then assembled back together and the vinyl was applied directly to the outside of the frame’s glass.

I’m really happy with how it turned out plus the fact that I can easily change the vinyl, or even the fabric, when I want to use the piece somewhere else is an added bonus. Oh and here is sneak peek at my dining room consoles… my Christmas tour is coming soon, I promise =)

The fabulous candle holder and hurricane used in the vignette was a Pier 1 find from my shopping trip {here}. I actually purchased the set of two – {see my awesome sales associate Stephanie above} The Verona Scroll Pillar Holders were on sale for $5.98 [7″] & $8.98 [10″] and I can’t find the glass hurricanes online but they were purchased there too – I couldn’t pass the gorgeous oversized glass hurricanes up! I was worried about the larger candle not sitting level on the pillar but Stephanie suggested pouring a little salt on top the holder to create an even base and nestle the candle in…. so smart!

Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and spray painted the pillars with Krylon Satin Nickel to match the frame…oh, the joys of spray paint.



  1. I love the frame makeover…so pretty!

  2. What a fabulous make-over! I love it! The vinyl lettering looks gorgeous with the frame. You did a wonderful job!

  3. Another beautiful project, Stephanie Lynn! I love the versatility and changeability of vinyl! You could use that frame all year around and simply change out the vinyl. Great project! 🙂

  4. Cute! Cute! I really want to explore vinyl, but am a bit nervous I won’t align it correctly.

  5. Great job Stephanie Lynn, the joys of spray painting is something else! 🙂 I’ve spray painted mats before and actually think they look better! 🙂 Can’t wait to see a tour.

  6. WOH that’s an amazing transformation, I love it!


  7. love it. this is a really nice looking project!

  8. That frame is so cool. Brilliant job.

  9. Love it! I do things like this alll the time with my Silhouette! Best machine ever, right? Thanks for the post!

  10. LOVE it!!! :0)

  11. You are crazy clever! I love your projects…..gonna attempt the sweater vases this weekend.

  12. What a transformation! It looks amazing!!

  13. That turned out wonderful! Love it!!!

  14. Beautiful! It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do.

  15. Now I am thoroughly impressed with the frame save. I see frames much like that one at the thrift stores all the time. Frames aren’t cheap. Now I know the solution! Thank you!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Great idea..think I need to head out to the thrift store!

  17. Great inspiration! And I just happen to have some old frames lying around 🙂

  18. Beautiful job! Your frame is so nice, what a great way to give it new life.

  19. I saw those Pier 1 candle holders. They had the wine colored ones only in the small size. They had a pale green color and I love the texture of them and the material they were made of, but I liked the wine better. I didn’t buy them. I bought the wooden lantern instead. I should have bought 2! That is all that was left! I went back 2 days later and it was gone! My lantern (2 ft. tall) was only 17.98!!! I love it!

  20. …might I add, I am kicking myself, because I actually thought that I could paint them! And here I see you do it! Pier 1 will be getting another visit from me for sure! Someone in a previous comment said that you are crazy clever! I totally have to agree!

  21. Great Post!Hopping over to say good morning! I always enjoy my visit to your blog. Hugs! P.S> please stop by for a visit and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.

  22. Could you please share what two fonts you used for this project? It is just perfect!

  23. So pretty and very dignified at once. I am so mad at myself as there were about 3 of those glass hurricanes at our local thrift shop awhile back and I didn’t buy them. Never thought of covering a candle holder that way, DUH, doggone it anyway. Now they won’t have any. Have to get there quick or things are gone in a hearbeat. There are alot of people that go to our thrift shop on Wed. am. right way and grab things (practically out of a person’s hands), I used to be at the thrift shop on Wed. with one of my Senior Companion clients. Even the people that work at the thrift shop complain of the pandemonium on Wed. a.m.’s. That is 1st. day of week the shop is open. Where they get the money to buy things all every week I have no idea but I sure don’t have the money when I see something I really want. Maybe I’d better start getting my lazy old butt up on Wed. am to beat them to it? lol.
    I have a good friend whose grandson is autistic. I’m going to ask her to contact the boys Mother to contact you with any help she might be able to offer you. I was so touched by the video, made me cry to see what a sweet little angle you have.
    I remember how devastated my friend was when her grandson was diagnosed at about 3 with autism. She says his Mother is very pro-active about getting him the help he needs. Good luck and many prayers to you Stephanie. I’ll look forward to hearing how he’s doing.
    We’ll pray you can get some help with your little sweetie? Did you ever contact the person that offered some help when you first told us all your story?


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