Flocked Heat Transfer Monogrammed Pillow {and some new fabric}

Flocked Heat Transfer Monogrammed Pillow {and some new fabric}

Sewing I would not say is exactly my forte however, when it comes to sewing straight lines you really can’t go wrong. That is probably why I would say making pillows is a simple and easy project anyone can tackle…basically four straight lines {or 2 1/2 if you are me} and you can instantly have some accessories to change a look of a room.

I typically try to work my way out of sewing by using fusible tape like I did here, though for the living room pillows {that will be tossed around, thrown and fought with} I thought sewing would probably be best to stand the test of my toddler. {really though, once I get the sewing machine out it isn’t actually as bad as that preconceived notion that is always in my head}

I love the polished look of a simple monogram and thought it would be a fun addition to add to one of the accent pillows. Although a typical monogram is usually embroidered, I simply used heat transfer material to achieve the same personalized concept, just a much lower DIY price.

I used an older pillow for this project – instead of packing pillows away when I’m done with them I just re-cover them so they fit in with the new decor. That way I don’t need to purchase new inserts or batting and when I am done the fabric can easily be removed and changed without damaging the original pillow. Those that are handy with the sewing machine most likely make the covers with zippers for easy removal, however I simply just cover the entire pillow – a much easier option for me since I am really not into inserting zippers {perhaps I should take a sewing class}

I started by measuring the dimensions of the older pillow and adding and inch to each side to allow for the seams.

Since I like to stay true to finding the easiest way to do things =) I double over my fabric and use the crease for one side of the pillow when possible – it’s just one less side you have to sew.

My other trick is using a dry wall t-square to ensure I have straight guidelines and everything is squared perfectly. I am sure they make some sort of sewing version of this tool however; I easily confiscated this from my husband. They can be found in the hardware store and come in all different sizes. This one measures 48 inches and I use it a lot for any project that involves aligning or straight lines.

Since one side of the fabric was already creased, I only had to follow the guidelines and sew two straight lines on each side. The top was only partially sewn to leave an opening for the insert. All the seams were then trimmed, except for the opening {as shown above}.

I used my Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material for the monogram. The silhouette software is very user friendly and monograms are super easy to create using the text option. Since the silhouette recognizes any font you have installed on your computer you can change the style and size with just a few clicks. {I used the Bodini MT font for this project}

If you do not have a digital cutter, iron on heat transfer paper can be found at many local craft stores that can be used for a similar application. {with that type of transfer paper you just print the design from your printer and iron on}

*note – be sure to reverse your image prior to cutting

I cut the monogram from flocked heat transfer material available directly from Silhouette shop. The flocked transfer has a little dimension to it and a fuzzy suede like feel. The negative pieces of the design easy peel away once it has been cut leaving only the desired design left on the transfer material. I used a piece of painters tape to as a guideline to endure the monogram would be straight then simply pressed with a heated iron.

Once cooled, the transfer material easily peeled away leaving the custom monogram.

I really like the dimension of the flocked transfer; a little addition with an understated polished look.

As you can see in the prior picture I finally decided on a few new fabrics. In addition to the gabardine like material for the monogram pillow, I picked up an olive suede and this home decor print that I just loved.

The print is called Annabelle Chamomile by Liz Claiborne Home and the online picture shown above does not do this fabric justice. {I often wonder how people buy fabric online without seeing it in person…it just looks so different} The fabric has a nice weight to it and I adore the ‘quilted’ detailing.

I used it to recover the breakfast bar barstools and I pretty pleased with how they turned out. I also made a few pillows with the remaining fabric as well as another project that I’ll share tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday ~ Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous! Love the flocked look!! 🙂

  2. This is a great idea…i need to get my hands on a Silhouette! I love your blog…you have great ideas!

  3. Very pretty. I should be getting my first heat transfer paper this week. I’m so excited to use it!

  4. Very pretty fabric! Love the monogram pillow idea, too!

  5. That is a great “Pottery Barn” look! Wish I had one of those Silhouette machines!

  6. Very nice pillow, I just love the flocked look of the monogram. Your new fabric is very lovely also.

  7. Love the fabric. How did you get the heat transfer not to become shiny?

  8. Love your pillows, love everything you do! What’s the secret to finishing the top seam? You can email me at [email protected]

  9. Great idea! Makes me think about getting a cutting machine… esp love the quilted pattern on the chairs!

  10. That is such a creative idea! And it looks great also. I like your new fabric as well. Good job!

  11. thanks for the great ideas!! I cannot sew a straight line to save my life so I bought a machine foot that as a bar on the right hand side so when I sew, I just run the fabric against the bar and it’s perfect at 1/4″ and straight!! I also want to try to make an envelope pillow!! Those look really easy to make too!!

  12. We are design twins! I do the same thing with recovering pillows! Also, I recovered some chairs with the SAME fabric just mine was the more green blue version! Also, my hubby got me a Silhouette for Christmas and I am about to use it for the first time tomorrow. I am cutting lettering out of vinyl to use as a template for painting the lettering. Do you know if I have to mirror the saying before cutting for vinyl too?

  13. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  14. Totally love this project!! Would have never thought of doing a flocked heat transfer to get such a classy look! I shared this idea in my 10 great monogram projects! Great work!


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