Make a Replacement Cover for An Ikea Poang Chair

Make a Replacement Cover for An Ikea Poang Chair

As I continue on my search for the perfect chair for the living room I pulled out an oldie from storage and gave it a little update. Although the Poang may not be my first choice for this particular space, we certainly did rock them out 13 years ago when our first living room looked like an Ikea showroom knockoff.

While new covers for these chairs are relatively inexpensive directly from Ikea, I thought I would cover the cushion myself since I’m hoping to replace the chair in the very near future {plus I can re-use the fabric when I’m done}.

Since the poang is still a signature Ikea item {decently priced and surprisingly pretty comfortable} I thought I would share this simple tutorial to customize the cushion. With just 2 yards of fabric {54 inches wide} and a couple straight sewing lines, this is a quick and easy project to tackle.

I began by laying out the fabric, right side up, and centering the existing cushion on top. I did not remove the old cover – I just left it on. The fabric was then wrapped around the cushion and the ends pinned right side together in place. {The outer ends were left open}

The cushion was then removed and a straight line was sewn down the fabric, using the pins as a guide, with a sewing machine.

The cover was slid back onto the poang cushion – sewn seam to the back. With the cushion right side up, I pinned the fabric at the bottom conforming to the original cushion as shown above. The fabric was then pinned at the corners for more of a finished look. Since the cushion has some depth to it pinning the bottom like so will put seam on the underside of the cushion and not that noticeable.

The cushion was then carefully removed once more and three additional lines were sewn as shown above. The excess fabric was then trimmed 1/4 inch from the sewn seams and the cover turn right side out.

The top can be finished a few different ways; I simply folded the fabric over the top of the cushion, leaving a 5 inch drop, and stitched closed. A zipper can also be inserted as well. The way the cushion sits in the chair the folded over fabric works perfectly though and is much less work. A strip of self stick industrial velcro can also be attached to the back like the original cushions [though not really necessary].

I’m glad we pulled this out to at least fill the empty space, as it just confirms how much I definitely want a new chair – I’m just having a heck of time finding one that goes with the style of our sectional…any ideas???


  1. Super cute! I really don’t think the Poang will ever go out of still. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Of course I meant to say style. Man, what a day!

  3. Great job! I love it!

  4. This is such perfect timing for me! We FINALLY got adult furniture – 2 leather club chairs to replace our poang chairs for our living room and didn’t know what to do with them. We are so done with the blue denim covers…now I can go find some funky material to give our chairs (which we were on the verge of taking to the share shed)a much needed facelift! Thank you!

  5. So cute! I have the classic off white poang chair in mini version for my son’s room…it would be so fun to make a bright cover that would match his play room!

  6. I’m so glad you did this tutorial! I have been saying for over a year that I NEED to recover ours! I hated the lime green cushion, but my husband just loves his chair so much he wouldn’t part with it! (It’s true- it actually is so comfortable. . . and I still don’t admit how often I really do use it instead of the loveseat!)
    Here’s my post complaining about it haha!

    I’ll be sure to link back when I make the change! 🙂 Thank you! (btw- no longer a lurker!)

  7. Great tutorial. You did an outstanding job on the chair.

  8. I needed this so much! The light cream cover does not hold up well with two small children who love to draw on EVERYTHING!

  9. You are so talented. I always love to see what you do, Stephanie Lynn!


    Sheila 🙂

  10. Oh love taking something old and making it new instead of just throwing it out…I really like that fabric you picked out!


  11. I love this! Great job!! I love that throw pillow with that fabric!!

  12. It’s like your a mind reader. I have two of the cream poangs in my front family room, and have just been staring at them trying to figure out a plan. Now I have one! Thanks!

  13. Great look Stephanie… The fabric has a cottage retro vibe to it..

    Have a great weekend…

    Take care,

  14. I “altered” this style chair in child size by making a long “caddy” that goes over both arms and runs under the seat. Each end has a pocket on it and velcro on the underside and stick-on strip on the chair arm. My little granddaughter loved the pockets for her books on one side and toys in the other.

  15. Looks great!!!

  16. Love your fabric selection! Looks great. Dropping by from Met Monday.


  17. I own two Poang chairs, nothing like Ikea for a great chair at a decent price, but I wanted another cover. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  18. I’m so glad you posted this! I have 2 poangs in my living room, and two small (messy) kids. I was about to spend $100 a piece to buy new covers! Now I’ll just have to figure out my sewing machine and make some!

  19. Great minds sure do think alike!

    I just started revamping my very own IKEA Potang rocking chair too– check it out here:

    In addition to staining it, I was planning on using fabric paint to spruce up the cover. But now, I may just run out tonight to buy a sewing machine and two yards of fabric.

    Awesome tutorial!

  20. This is a great tutorial – clear, concise, the pictures are fantastic, thanks so much!

  21. You did a great job! Thanks for the tutorial. (My chair deperately needs a new slipcover!)

  22. I found your tutorial a while ago and finally decided to try it out! turns out I couldn’t follow it exactly because i have a pillow on my chair.. but i blogged about my process and linked you as well anyway 🙂
    love your website though!! and the tutorial was a good motivator for me to do it myself!

  23. Stephanie what type of fabric do you recommend for this project? I assume something hard-wearing is best, but did you use upholstery fabric…or maybe curtain fabric?

    Love it, btw. Thanks for the inspiration…I’m not generally a DIY-er but I’m all over this one

  24. Great Job!!! I’m going the other way. I’m leaving my big house and settling into an apartment. Why? No pool at my house, no state-of-the-art fitness center, either. No free WiFi, no elevator…need I go on? Anyway, I’m furnishing from Ikea. Poang chairs will be the only seating in my living room. A few weeks ago, I sat in every chair Ikea had on display. The Poang is the closest to a piece of exercise equipment I could find. Plus, I like that I’ve now learned the steps to make slipcovers for them. I love the look of matching upholstry and curtains. Thank you so much for sharing your know-how!

  25. I made a cover last night it turned out fantastic. Loved your simple steps. Thank you!!

  26. Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the fab tutorial! Your chair cover looks awesome and totally inspired me to try to make one, too. I used your tutorial to sew a new cover for our bright red Poang chair and it’s turned out great. I’ve posted about it on my blog and have linked to your tutorial with full credits of course, here:

    Thanks again! Love your blog!



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