Restoration Hardware Inspired Industrial Baskets with Fabric Liners

Restoration Hardware Inspired Industrial Baskets with Fabric Liners

One of my favorite ways to combat the organization of my little guys toys is the use of baskets and bins. They can be found in pretty much in every room of our house and I love being able to quickly clean up by simply walking around and tossing things in. I am also rather fond of the fact that they conceal anything inside {not that I am opposed to having Lighting McQueen or Buzz and Woody the focal point of my decor…well kind of}

As I mention before I wanted to add a little storage nook to the living room as it seems that room usually ends up being filled with the toys of the moment at the end of each day. I fell in love with the Industrial Baskets & liners from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child; I just adore the rugged industrial look and really like the addition of the liners to hide away any contents. Since I have a storage unit already picked out for the space, the size of the RH baskets are a little too big to fit into the cubbies {not to mention the $179 sale price}. So I set out to re-create the look to better fit our space {and budget}.

I found {these} perfectly sized ClosetMaid wire bins at Target as a starting point. Can I tell you how much I love the look of these and the fact they are only $5.99 each! They come in satin nickel or black finish and measure 10.5″ X 10.5″.

To make the liners I used a couple sheets of paper to create a pattern for the sides and bottom.

The ‘side’ pattern was then traced with pencil onto fabric and cut out leaving approximately a 3/4 inch allowance for the bottom and sides and a 4 in allowance for the tops to fold over the baskets; the ‘bottom’ pattern was cut with a 3/4 inch allowance on all sides. {4 Sides and 1 bottom is needed for each basket}

With the ‘right’ side of fabric together, the four sides were pinned together following the pencil guidelines. Each side was then sewn with a sewing machine {if you are now a seasoned sewer, like myself, this is incredibly simple as you just need to sew straight lines following the pencil marks}.

Once the four sides were sewn, the bottom was then pinned into place and sewn together again simply following the pencil guidelines.

The liner was then turned right side out and placed into the wire basket so measurements for the top could be taken. I wanted to finish off the top of the fabric for an even edge – even tough once it is folded over the basket you can’t see it. To do this I simply used Stitch Witchery, folded the top edges over and ironed into place.

Once you fold the top edges on the liner over it looks like the picture above. Since the inner seam is visible on the cuff I added some Dritz Fray Check to the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.

I used my Silhouette Machine to create stencils for the numbers out of vinyl. The Haettenschweiler font was used, which was already installed right on my computer, and numbers were made 5.4 inches tall to fit the baskets.

Once the vinyl was cut I peeled away the actual numbers, leaving just the outlines, and applied transfer paper to easily transfer the vinyl to the fabric. {you can read more about using transfer paper with vinyl here}

For the paint I mixed together Americana White Wash with a touch of DecoArt Black Stencil Paint to create a pale grey for the stenciling. Since I wanted to be able to toss these into the wash if they become dingy, I added in Americana Fabric Painting Medium. This is a clear medium you mix right in with the paints to produce a washable, permanent paint for fabrics.

A cut dampened sponge was then used to gently dab the paint over the vinyl.

I really like the worn effect created by using the sponge.

I used the lighter grey so the numbers would somewhat blend in and not stand out so much, however this technique could be used with any color or letter/number combination. RH has one says ‘stuff’ that is really cute too!

I can’t wait to stick these in the little cubbies and fill them with toys. {That Lighting McQueen in the background below is headed there soon!}

I’ll be posting the storage unit we purchased later this week. The room is coming together piece by piece but I am ready for it to be done.

Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Enjoy!


  1. These are amzingly good. I seriously wish I had gotten a silouette rather than a cricut.

  2. I love those and absolutely no one would ever know it wasn’t the “real deal”. Cute numbers too!

  3. Those baskets are beautiful!

  4. Oh what a great tip! I’ve been looking for wire baskets too! And the numbers are great organizational tool. You are one crafty lady!! <3

  5. Very great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fantastic!

    And such a great tutorial too.

  7. Great job! and especially timely since I happen to be going down to Target today to buy some Closetmaid cabinets and baskets for my closet!

  8. I love it! I actually just saw a few of those baskets at Target this weekend. I was already planning on returning to get them, thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

  9. Your baskets look fabulous. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  10. I saw the “real deal” at RH and I would never pay their price. These look great!

  11. Great idea, you did a fabulous job putting them together as well. 🙂 I might have to go get some for my own house… the thought of sewing something that has 3-dimensional corners gives me the cold sweats though… I can’t figure out how to do it (and I admit I’ve never tried, I’ve stuck to curtains and pillows) — any tips for the skeerdy-cat ladies like me with their knees knockin’ in their boots? 😉

  12. these came out so pretty 🙂


  13. I am RUNNING to target to get a few of these baskets, like, right now! Thank you for this awesome tutorial, I have loved those RH baskets since the moment I saw them.

  14. YET another REASON I HEART Target! I LOVE these, GREAT idea. Leave it to you to find something so fabulous! The lining is perfection, Stephanie!

  15. You are the most creative person I know, Stephanie Lynn! These are AMAZING. I wish I could just sit and watch you do these things all day. Maybe some of it would rub off on me.


    Sheila 🙂

  16. those are awesome! i need to use my silhouette to make some stencils- way cool!

  17. Stephanie Lynn, these are great! And $5.99 each? I’d be doing the happy dance!

  18. Nice job! I have those baskets in my crafting studio cubbies and LOVE them and the price! I’ve also been eyeballing those in the RH baby catalog! SO CUTE!

  19. Very, very clever 🙂


  20. I really love them! I am inspired yet again!

  21. Oooo, I love, love, love them! They turned out perfect Stephanie Lynn!! Yes, Lightning McQueen is seen quite a bit around our house too!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see them in their new home!

  22. These turned out so great! I love the number detail you put on them!

  23. I am so inspired to try this!! Thanks for sharing your creativity Stephanie!

  24. Toc toc … allowed? I come in? Hello my name is Gilda and a bloger Italian. I discovered your blog thanks to Donna’s blog Congaile Cottage. I am very concerned there are many models and suggestions to implement. I’ll be back soon to visit you. Hugs Gilda
    Excuse my bad English, I speak only Italian, French and Germaman.

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  26. Gorgeous! (I really need to learn to spell!) I too, like a previous poster, wish I’d waited and got a Silhouette instead of my Cricut. 🙁 – Karen

  27. Stephanie Lynn-
    These storage bins are very cute & super functional! Love them! Great job!

  28. Great idea. I might very well try this here. I get sick of all those little toys everywhere. Blessings, Joanne

  29. I was just looking at these wire baskets, today. I agree, $5.99 is quite a deal. I have to go back since I saw this post. I love the liners. Great tute!

    Thanks so much!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  30. Those turned out so great! I love them. I like seeing all the different ways to use a Silhouette. I am still learning…

  31. Great idea! It all looks so perfect, I can’t wait to see it all put together. I so wish we had a Target here, I miss it! WalMart is not the same thing 🙁

  32. You are so creative! I love the industrial look but the “price” is what usually keeps me walking….I think that I may just have recreate this project for my own home. GREAT JOB!

  33. LOVE these! I’ve been seeing those bins at Target and wondered how I can use them. I love the liners you made!

  34. I LOVE these! I just picked up some Dwell bird tablecloths on clearance at Target and I think the fabric would look cute in these — thanks for the great tutorial!

  35. Looks great, thanks for the tip and tutorial!

  36. You are totally going to crack up…I posted almost the EXACT same thing on Infarrantly Creative yesterday (same as you), but I made my own baskets. Yours are definitely better for toys, but I’m lovin’ that we think alike!

    I’ll be sharing my tutorial on the pleated liners on my own blog later this week. 🙂



  37. Wow…those would look great in my son’s room…I haven’t sewn anything in some time, but I do think I’ll have to visit a Target to pick up some of those baskets (like today) to make a set myself…Many thanks for the idea and tutorial…Kristen

  38. Love them! I already tried it with a larger wire basket I rescued from GW for $4. I got some $1.50 fabric at Waly World. Since I only had one I thought it would be strange to number it so I stenciled “Magazines” on the side of mine since I did in fact intend to put all my “design” magazines and catalogs in it. It’s looking great although I should have allowed myself a little more room for the corners, it fits pretty snug! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  39. I love this. I may adapt this for our lake place. I’ve been looking around for ideas and this one is wonderful!

  40. Great project…I have several similar wire baskets that I’d love to make these for…Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  41. Stephanie Lynn, I love these baskets! I might have to try this for some extra storage.

  42. These are so fantastic – i love what you did!!! i’m definately going to refer back when i am ready to organize & decorate the inside of my armoire in my den! love cute ways to store goodies! xoox

  43. Nicely done! May have to give it a try, although I’m not great with the sewing machine. Thanks for your step-by-step post.

  44. They turned out so cute – I just love them!

    I’m a new follower stopping by from Met Monday…hope you can visit me sometime at

    Have a great week! :O)

  45. Hi,

    This is my first time to your blog. It’s lovely! I found yours through BNOTP Met Monday.

    I love the baskets and the very detailed tutorial. I may just have to try some myself.

    Thanks for sharing.


  46. I love these baskets and liners. I am always on the lookout for wire baskets but never find them at an afordable price. I will be checking out Target today! Thanks for the tutorial and info.

  47. I love LOVE these! I have been searching for baskets to fill my cubbies and because i need 6 it was adding up a little too quickly! I went online today and these baskets are $4.49 right now!!!!! BONUS!! Thank you so much for such a fabulous idea, i can’t wait to get cracking!

  48. I am absolutely stealing this to handle my recycling!

  49. hello Stephanie

    you have a great sense to do it , with a good creative mind

    good luck

  50. What a great knock off! I’ve featured this post on Copy Cat Crafts today, you can view it here

    We’d love it if you’d like to display a featured button! You can grab your button on the right hand side of your post. Thanks!

  51. I love what you can do with the Silhoutte machine. I looked at getting a Cricut but haven’t yet…do you have any thoughts or recommendations on which machine is the better purchase or do they do different things?

  52. These are great baskets – and so much cheaper, love that!
    ~Amy @ Permanent Kisses

  53. Great Job! Are these baskets on line or just in the store. I have been trying to find them on line at but haven’t been able to locate.Thanks



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