The Breakfast Bar is Painted {plus a little information on VOC’s}

The Breakfast Bar is Painted {plus a little information on VOC’s}

I finished painting the breakfast bar this weekend and checked off another to-do for the living room. Why is it when you give something a fresh coat of bright white you immediately feel the need to go around your house and re-paint every inch of molding and trim since it now appears to be dingy in comparison…talk about instant motivation

I did manage to stay on track and only focus on the living room; though I will definitely be re-painting the rest of the molding woodwork on the first floor as I work my way around the rooms in the next couple of months.

Normally I am very cautious painting around my little guy, especially in closed quarters during the winter months, however I was introduced to Mythic Paint a few months ago when I painted {this} console and was immediately taken to every thing this company and paint stands for.

Mythic Paint is the only zero VOC, non-toxic premium paint that is safe for people, safe for pets and safe for the environment.

The best thing about this paint is there is no smell at all – you could not even tell I was painting other than the tremendous difference in new color over the old. {so much of a difference I felt like I had to paint all the trim work around the counter as well}

I like that clean up is a breeze too since the paint is non-toxic and safe to dispose – plus the can is totally recyclable.

I used Bright White in high gloss for durability since this counter gets used quite a bit – plus the high gloss formula is super easy to wipe clean. Can you see the shine {love it} and yes that is dry.
It makes me want to check out the other 2000 colors available {they even have Land of Nod and David Bromstad lines – plus their paint can be matched to any competitors colors in all ten interior and exterior finishes}.

I’m recovering the barstools next with some fabulous fabric I finally decided on, so I’ll have a ‘completed’ picture up soon!

I can honestly say never though twice about opening up a can of paint when I wanted to re-decorate a room until I had my little guy; Even then I still did it, though I took precautions to keep him away while I was painting. Sadly, it wasn’t until my son was diagnosed with autism and severe allergies that I really began to learn and understand the harmful unhealthy effects of environmental exposures, such as VOCs.

I thought I would share some information I have learned about VOCs and toxins with you in case you are looking for a ‘safer paint’ {and simply because I did not know this information until I started to research it}

What is VOC?Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere. Some VOCs are greenhouse gases and therefore contribute to global warming and others are just plain bad for your health. While a few VOCs occur naturally from cows and trees, many come from manufactured products such as paint thinners, paints and varnishes and dry cleaning solvents. These VOCs can contribute to human illnesses and have been determined to be a cause of ‘sick building syndrome’. The EPA has found concentrations of VOCs in indoor air to be 2 to 5 times greater than in outdoor air due to paint and other products.

When you actually think about all the warning labels on most paint cans and why it is so importantly stressed to use in a well ventilated the space – it is actually kind of scary. I was surprised to find that Mythic Paints do not have any warning labels simply because they are non-toxic.

There is a lot of buzz around ‘Low’ and ‘No VOC’ paints and they have become pretty commercialized and easily available. Through my research though I found some information I thought was pretty important to pass along; {1} Paints that claim ‘low VOC’ can do so simply because they contain lower VOC levels than traditional paints. {2} Many pigments added to low or no VOC paints still contain VOCs – the labels on the cans only list ingredients prior to additional pigments being added. {3} Even though a paint is Low or No VOC the binders and other ingredients used in the formulas may contain a range of other harmful toxins. In addition, some paints include toxic materials to prevent mold growth or to extend shelf life.

So no matter what brand you end up choosing, Non-toxic Zero VOC paints are the only paints that are truly safer for you, your family and the environment.



  1. i try to use the best paints possible as well, and i have discovered kilz zero-voc primer which is awesome! it is highly affordable, and all i use now on furniture and walls, unless there is heavy bleeding, like from mahogany. otherwise, it works beautifully and is safe.

  2. I have never heard of this particular paint. I need to spend some time learning more about this. Your bar turned out beautiful!

  3. We heard about Mythic paint several years ago but have not taken the leap… In the past it was all about the money (still is to an extent but for different reasons) but now any little thing sets my allergies off. So when we pick up our brushes to start painting it will be with Mythic paints (oh how I wish we could stumble across a super great sale!!)

    (I love your mercury mirrored light makeover! I bought the last two cans of this paint at HB but am currently waiting for warmer temps…)

  4. Love you post! Unfortunately Mystic paint isn’t sold in my state (I checked out their webside), are you aware of any other paints that are comparable?

  5. I believe there is a brand of Olympic paint that says it is also zero VOC. I saw it on the Lowes website.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of this brand. Back before I had my son (I was pregnant and didn’t know) I started using lowes Olympic paint when i was designing peoples homes since I knew we were going to start trying soon. The paint is no to low voc but like you said the pigment isn’t. Happy to hear about a true no voc line!

    I have a couple friends who are/were pregnant and painted they nurseries with regular paint despite me begging them not to and offering my services for free. There really should be more educational info put out to people about vocs, especially pregnant women! It’s so important!

  7. Hi Nicki – I don’t know of any off hand as I have only tried the Mythic – though you can Google zero VOC, non- toxic and your state to perhaps find something similar. The whole thing behind Mythic is that it is not only zero VOC, but it is Non-Toxic as well. Even though paints claim to be low or no VOC they can still contain a lot of harmful toxins, especially the pigments for the color like Emily has mentioned above.

    Its pretty hard to hide from all VOCs since they are found in a lot of household materials like carpets, drapes, cleaners, etc. – Its just helps to have the information to make conscious decisions about what you bring into your home and their effects. I’m trying now to have a healthier home but I still find myself using things like spray paint and glues that are pretty toxic especially to someone that is highly sensitive to environmental exposures like my son. I spend so much time researching the best toys, safest car seats, eco friendly cleaning products, etc. somehow I tend to overlook the obvious.

  8. Thanks everyone for your additional hints for looking for VOCs.

    Stephanie – I too have become much more aware of environmental toxics since my daughter was diagnosed with sensory integration issues. I’m continuing to find various triggers that I never would have guessed in a thousand years.

  9. Looks great! Can’t go wrong with classic Bright White. @Emily… you are right! Olympic Paint is Zero VOC from the paint right down to the colorants in ALL of our over 1,200 colors.


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