The Story on Our Main Living Room {Progress and the To-Do}

The Story on Our Main Living Room {Progress and the To-Do}

I decided to begin in the main living room from that long to-do list that transpired when removing the Christmas Decor.

We have been in our new house for two years now and one of my goals this year is to re-visit the rooms that were tackled when we first moved in and add all the finishing touches that have been put aside a little more time than anticipated.

When we first moved in I went through and made every room on our first level ‘livable’. I was under a bit of a time crunch as a week after we settled we had an appointment to have our son screened for autism. I had a feeling deep down inside that I should try to finish as much as possible as if he was diagnosed; our priorities would be dramatically changed {as they obviously did}.

The main living room was the first room on the list. Since it was done before starting the blog I thought I would detail the progress since some have asked about different pieces in the room.
{all the pictures below have been taken different times over the past couple of years}

~My Goal for This Room~
I want this room to be very comfortable and extremely casual since it is probably the most lived in room of the house. I like keeping the majority of colors neutral {as you can see} so that I do not get tired or strapped to a certain color combination. I have a tendency to get bored very quickly with trendy or bold colors and by keeping the major colors in the room neutral I am able to accent with bold(er) colors and change them out frequently – just my thinking….but it works for me. I also like keeping as much of the floor open as possible for my little guy to have room to run, play, and the occasional wrestling matches that take place with dad. {so that means the ottoman…no coffee table}

The walls were painted with Valspar paint ~ The sofa and french door wall was painted with 3008-10A Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige [National Trust for Historic Preservation Color] and the bay window and tv wall was painted with WV39001 Barnwood [by Waverly].

The sectional was ordered from Macy’s Home and fits the exact measurement of the wall perfectly. {They no longer carry this exact set but the quality of their furniture is exceptional and well worth every penny}

The shag area rug is by Shaw Living and was purchased at Lowes {here}. It was a great value for the 8X10 size and it has held up extremely well with the combination of the light color and our little guy.

The media/entertainment set up was purchased from JCPenney. They do not carry this particular set anymore but do have a new version here. I liked the fact that the doors conceal the tv and game paraphernalia and of course I really liked the price for a unit that could hold a larger tv. If you’re in the market for furniture don’t under estimate Penney’s…their prices are very reasonable to began with plus they always have some sort of discount or sale going on.

A small hole was drilled in the back of each unit and these DIODER LED lights from IKEA were mounted inside the top of each shelf for a little accent lighting.

There were a couple questions about the ferns…They were brought in from the deck at the end of the summer as I am trying to keep them alive through the winter. {I really hate to see them go to waste and die and having to repurchase them year after year is not really fun either…so it’s an experiment…so far so good though, and they are kind of growing on me} Oh and that big black box in the corner has something to do with the surround sound and has to be placed right there – so I’m told – definitely not by choice =)

Here is the opposite side of the room; the breakfast bar peeks into the kitchen and is honestly used much more than our dining room and the patio doors lead outside.

The deck was added the summer after we moved in – {our biggest DIY project to date}. Along with the deck came a new set of french patio doors. This is probably one of my favorite things in the whole house…just the feeling of having the doors wide open and combining the outdoors with the ‘in’ is bliss for me.

The two white ceiling fans were replaced with new ones from RLights. Despite the mix feelings surrounding ceiling fans I still wanted fans in the room as I think there is nothing better than the french doors open and a slow turning fan on a cool summer night. They are Vaxcel Aire Ryder in brushed nickel by Zephyr and can be found here for an incredible $70 a piece including shipping {love RLights}.

The wall behind to the left of Christmas tree above will eventually contain another set of interior french doors that will lead to a bonus room over top our garage. This is a huge project on the future to-do list. Right now there is a ‘dummy door’ in its place.

So what is on the agenda for this space to be completed?
{The Game Plan}
Bay Window Window Treatment of Some Sort
Finally Hem Current Patio Door Curtains
Bring in Accent Colors with Fabric {Pillows}
Add an Accent Chair of Some Sort
Paint Breakfast Bar
Recover Counter Stools
Lamp for Breakfast Bar
Add Some Sort of Storage Piece
{to hide away toys that always seem to wander into this room}
and of course
Desperately Needed Wall Art

I’m much excited to tackle this little to-do and finally ‘finish’ this space that has been bugging me for awhile. I have already started on the window treatments and will share those tomorrow.

Until then, here is to an exciting start to 2011 – Have you began to tackle your to-do? Enjoy!

Ozark Trail 12′ x 12′ Group-Activity Canopy, White –


  1. I love reading your blog, you do everything beautifully and it is very inspiring. And you present your photos and blog beautifully as well!! Thank you so much.

  2. What a great space! My to-do list is by month and Living room and dining room are on January’s list, so this is perfect timing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year. 🙂


  3. Your room is gorgeous and I agree, the french doors are wonderful opening to the deck. Fabulous. I love a neutral background also. It is so nice to just change a few pillows and a whole different looking room. I can’t wait to see all your changes. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a gorgeous space! I normally am not a neutrals fan, but wow! They really pop with the way you used everything. It’s so relaxing and calming…I love it! Beautiful!

  5. Looks great already but I’m sure you’ll make it even more fabulous!!

    Happy New Year!


  6. Your home is just gorgeous and the space is amazing! I love your rug in your living by the way, so cozy, gotta love Lowes! I can’t wait to see what you do with them this year! Have fun! 🙂

  7. Stephanie Lynn, you just did a marvelous job on this redo! Congratulations on a job well done. Can’t wait to see the finishing details you mentioned. You go, girl!


    Sheila 🙂

  8. It looks great!
    -Kayla from

  9. I love all of the colors you picked! I linked up a project over at CSI a couple of days ago, what a fun theme : )


  10. You’ve done a fantastic job with the room and I look forward to seeing the rest. BTW – I was looking through Pottery barn the other day and made a note that I needed to get some potted ferns – they have them all throughout the catalogue. I think your fern looks great!

  11. I am really glad I found your site!!! I love the way you list the stores that you purchased your items from. I never had even thought about J C Penneys-and after checking them out,I must say that I have to agree!! Keep on decorating-you are a great motivator!

  12. What a beautiful room. I especially love those French doors. They look amazing! I have a huge To Do List but think your idea of breaking it down to one room is a great idea. I might just have to go that route. It will probably help keep me sane!

  13. It’s all beautiful, your posts are always so detailed and informative! Love your work!

  14. Absolutely beautiful!! Can I move in…LOL !! TFS.

  15. Hi stephanie…YOU ARE SOOOO INSPIRING!! I LOVE your home…its pretty much the plan I use for my home..colours, furniture etc.
    What do you call your style?
    Also, a big, big question here…Do you have any blogging on your bedroom? Im currently redoing my bedroom and need inspiration, Please please do a blog on your room.
    Thanks and keep up the blogging xoxox

  16. Oh, My email is [email protected]…thanks.

  17. Fabulous transformation. I love the sophistication and elegance. Your to do list is as long as mine…. 🙂

    Take care,

  18. Thank You!
    if you ever come across faux ferns that are huge and reasonably priced, please pass on the info!
    Thanks for a great inspirational site!

  19. Gorgeous living room! Looks so cozy and inviting. I ♥ the deck Ÿ

  20. Your room is beautiful! Jackie

  21. What a gorgeous room! What a difference you’ve already made in it. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final touches.

  22. Thanks for the tour. Looks good. Terry

  23. Love what you’ve accomplished & that sectional is gorgeous and looks so soft and comfy! I agree about the neutrals and accenting with other colors so you can change them as you like. Trends come and go and I don’t want to be stuck with lime green walls! Great job!

  24. Dear Stephanie Lynn,

    I think you achieved the look of comfort and warmth in your living room. And your home, both inside and out is beautiful. You are so creative and such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas, thank you for the pictures and the easy step by step directions! You are amazing! Lisa Collins

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