Chalkboard Paint Ideas & Inspirations for the Kitchen {Walls, Fridge, Frames, Cabinets, Doors & More}

While being the rage for the past year or so, the chalkboard trend is still standing strong as creative minds continue to explore painting just about any given surface imaginable.
Chalkboard paint is fun, inexpensive and an easy way to add a hip touch of whimsy to your space – no matter what your style may be. This week’s Saturday Inspiration is focused on chalkboard ideas in the kitchen….Have you incorporated this trend in your decor yet?

{Kitchen Chalkboard Walls}

{Source: Canadian House & Home}

{Source: Marie Claire Masion}

{Source: Canadian House & Home}

{Source: Cottage Living via My Home Ideas}

{Source: House Beautiful}

{Source: House Obsession}

{Chalkboard Fridge}

{Source: Danny Seo}

{Source: Cookie Magazine}

{Source: Re-Nest}

Frigo Design Refrigerator Panels{Source: This Old House}

{Source: Style at Home Magazine}

{Source: Sheri Mize ~ Designer’s Digs}

{Source: Christopher Peacock ~ Traditional Home}

{Source: Giannetti Home}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}

{Source: Lauren Liess ~ Pure Style Home}

{Source: The Handmade Home}

{Source: Martha Stewart}

{Source: This Old House}

{Source: The Kitchen}

Chalkboard Sticker
{Source: WallCandy Arts}

{Chalkboard Backsplash}

{Source: Cooking Light}

{Source: Paint it!}

{Source: Inspire Me Heather}

{Source: Design*Sponge}

{Source: Lisa Teague ~ Paint Color Design}

{Source: Domino Magazine}

{Chalkboard Cabinets}

{Source: Pottery Barn}

{Source: House Beautiful}

{Source: Gourmet Magazine}

{Source: Re-Nest}

{Source: Vintage Indie}

{Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Chalkboard Decals
{Source: Wallies}

Chalkboard Decals
{Source: Wallies}

{Source: Ohdeedoh}

{Chalkboard Doors}

{Source: Country Living Magazine}

{Source: Country Living Magazine}

{Source: Metropolotin Home}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}

{Source: Country Living Magazine}

Chalkboard Panel Doors
{Source: Simpson}

{Framed Kitchen Chalkboards}

{Source: Heather Chadduck via Cottage Living}

{Source: House Beautiful}

{Source: Pottery Barn}

{Source: Country Living Magazine}

{Source: Pottery Barn}

{Source: Canadian House & Home}

{Source: Pottery Barn}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}


Chalkboard Counter
{Source: Wit Behind the Ears}

Chalkboard Range Hood
{Source: This Old House}

Kitchen Bar
{Source: SB Architects ~ Arch Daily}

Chalkboard Breakfast Bar
{Source: New York Times}

{Source: Country Living Magazine}

Repurposed Dust Pan
{Source: Country Living Magazine}

Repurposed Drawer
{Source: Country Living Magazine}

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I love all the inspiration; WOW! I have a chalkboard door in my kitchen, we love it; even my 13 year old daughter loves it!


  2. Oh gosh, this is fantastic! So many too cool ideas (and I see my kitchen here too, YAY!) I just love this round up of chalky inspiration!

  3. Holy cow…all such great ideas!

  4. Wow, what a great bunch of Ideas, I have a can of chalkboard paint in our basement that was left by the previous owners… cant wait to give it a shot!!!!

  5. Very cool inspiration…wow so many different uses of chalk board paint..I love it!

  6. Wow! What an awesome collection of chalkboard inspiration! Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This made me “not like” chalk paint details a little less… I wouldn’t do it in my house still. But I might appreciate it from now on…
    good post.

  8. Wow, such great ideas! Never knew the chalkboard paint could be so versatile! I like the refrigerator doors the best. I think it’s the most useful and looks the best. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. WOW so much inspiration and I’m glad it’s still going strong because I am late, late, late to the party! I have yet to do a chalkboard project! I did just pick up some self adhesive chalkboard paper that I’m anxious to play with!

  10. I painted the inside of my front door with chalkboard paint and I love it!
    A fun & inspirational post, Stephanie Lynn!

  11. This is how I do our family calendar in our kitchen. I LOVE it. Laid out the calendar grid with a silver sharpie and change it monthly. It works great for us and my kids get the bottom half of the wall to play on 🙂

  12. Wow so many great uses for chalkboard. Those are great inspiration pics thanks for sharing them.

  13. Goodness you found lots of ideas! I really like the look of the chalkboard as the back splash and on the whole wall. That is AWESOME!

  14. Love it. We painted our refrigerator with chalkboard paint too. And changed the handles out.

  15. I just can’t get past the dust that comes with chalkboards, so I’m not sure I’m jumping on this bandwagon. Although my son wants a stripe of black paint in his room so I may cave in and make that chalkboard. He would love it and maybe I could make him be in charge of vacuuming his room so I wouldn’t have to deal with the dust 🙂

  16. I like this idea AND my VERY,VERY Favorite is the 4th and 5th down. I LOVE it with the black and white kitchen! “So Much Fun”!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. We have a whole wall that is chalkboard, magnetic and white board. My daughter loves it. Check it out on my blog.

  18. lovely ! I prefer the ones on the walls !
    I also have bought some stuff here and i think it can be part of your collection :

  19. Stephanie Lynn,
    First time here, loving your blog. I am your newest follower. I would love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks so much for hosting. I have linked to your party. I am always creating in my home, but not sure that is a guideline. I hope it is okay to link up. Feel free to take me off, if not. Thanks again for hosting the giveaway!

  20. How funny! I just posted about my FREE project chalkboard! LOVE all your inspiring pics! Here is my project:

  21. featured this on my blog today!

  22. I am amazed by how many people who have covered their fridges in chalkboard paint. I’m not sure I would go there. I don’t like the sensory feel of it. I did add it to my kitchen, though. We have some ridiculous soffits that can’t be done away with and I wanted to put something there that would make them look more purposeful. I painted them with chalk board paint and am writing different “formulas” on them. My kitchen has a subtle mad scientist theme so this fits right in. I will have to post some pictures of this. The chocolate chip cookie formula turned out much cooler than I had ever dreamed.

  23. Wow!! What great inspiration!! Thanks for such an awesome post!

  24. Thank you so much for compiling all of these ideas.



  1. […] Do you love making lists so much that you keep them out and visible where you can refer to them or add to them? If you’re willing to have an unconventional piece in the middle of your kitchen, consider painting your fridge with chalkboard paint so you can make lists any time you want, just like By Stephanie Lynn! […]

  2. […] a functional and unique tip, try some chalkboard paint on a cabinet or two. You can write family notes, welcome guests, display your menu, or even keep your shopping list […]

  3. […] a functional and unique tip, try some chalkboard paint on a cabinet or two. You can write family notes, welcome guests, display your menu, or even keep your shopping list […]

  4. […] a functional and unique tip, try some chalkboard paint on a cabinet or two. You can write family notes, welcome guests, display your menu, or even keep your shopping list […]

  5. […] a functional and unique tip, try some chalkboard paint on a cabinet or two. You can write family notes, welcome guests, display your menu, or even keep your shopping list […]

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