Just a Few Things….{Earth Day Promotions, Eziba, Amazing Wedding Cakes, & Joan’s Joy}

Just a few things to pass along…

{One in a Million Lowes Tree Promotion}

Lowes is celebrating Earth Day by giving away a million trees!

Visit a local Lowes store on April 23, 2011 to get yours – Click {here} to locate a store near you!

{Glee-ful Savings}

In honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, readers can receive a special 15% savings on all Glee Gum products in the online web store! To take advantage of these special savings visit this special link {here} and enter the promo code ‘BLOG’ ~ Valid now through Arbor Day (April 29, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST).

Glee Gum is all-natural, gluten-free chewing gum made without artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives. Glee Gum is the only gum in North America made the old-fashioned way, with chicle! Chicle is a natural tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforests of Central America. Once all chewing gum was made with chicle, but today most gum is made entirely from synthetic stuff. Not Glee! Glee Gum uses chicle because it is an eco-friendly way to help conserve the rainforest. Chicle is also what gives the gum such great, long-lasting chewing texture! Glee Gum is a “green” gum right down to the packaging, which is made from biodegradable, recycled cardboard. It’s available in six sweet flavors, plus two new sugar-free varieties! Glee Gum makes a great addition to Easter baskets (Mini Glee Gum fits perfectly inside most plastic eggs).

Thanks to a partnership with Trees for the Future, Glee Gum will also plant a tree for every pack of gum that is purchased. Visit {this} special link to register your purchases online, and receive a handy, dandy certificate of gratitude

{Eziba Private Sales Site}

Overstock.com started a private sales site for Home Decor called Eziba. Eziba offers members-only access to exclusive deals on the latest home furnishings from leading brands. Every day you’ll get fabulous finds from major brands for your home, for unbelievably low prices.

Eziba follows the typical format of other private sale websites with sales starting at 11:00am EST and lasting from 48 to 72 hours. It’s free of charge and open to all by simply creating an account {here}.

Shipping is always just $2.95 no matter how big the order is. Some of the listings during the sales are for individual products/brands, and others list an array of products. For example, in the past they’ve had a category “Perk Up Your Patio” which included a variety of benches, chairs, and tables. Some of the major brands that have been included in prior sales include KitchenAid, C.G. Sparks, A.H. Glass and Bar, The Bedford Collection, Oneida Flatware, Brother Sewing Machines, Oliver & James Cashmere, IZOD, Farouk Chi Hair Tools, Angelo:HOME, and many more!

There is no obligation to sign up however, you must have an account to view the sales each day.

{Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE tv}

Here comes another new season of incredible pastries, stirring drama, and all new bakeries! Amazing Wedding Cakes delivers an insider’s glimpse into the high-design and high-stress world of creating some of the most unique cakes ever imagined. Each episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes will follow three cakes from their conception through their grand reveal, highlighting all the ups and downs along the way.

This season’s cast includes:
White Flower Cake Shoppe (Cleveland, OH) – Childhood best friends, Marianne and Lauren opened this bakery proving that 1 oil painter + 1 movie special effect and makeup artist = a winning combination for wedding cakes!

The Cake Artist (Staten Island, NY) – Showcases the talent of 21-year-old, Vinny, the youngest baker and owner on the show!

Gateaux (Plymouth, MN) – Former photographer Robin has an eye for beauty, obsessive personality, and adevotion to her clients which explains why her bakery produces only 3 cakes per week!

and returning Christopher Garren’s Cakes (Costa Mesa, CA) – Now in a newer, bigger location, Chris’s crew continues to show us that his original designs and exquisite craftsmanship are the reasons behind his ever-growing fan-base!

Tune in for all new episodes of Amazing Wedding Cakes on Sundays at 10/9c on WE tv.

{Joan’s Joy 2011 Yard Sale}

I recently received an email from Linda of My Crafty Home-Life who has been spring cleaning for a cause. Linda is in the process of prioritizing and has made the decision to donated all kinds of potential projects that have been on her to-do to a good cause.

She was introduced to Joan’s Joy a charity yard sale. The yard sale is May 21st & 22nd in Northern New Jersey. If you live in the area and would like to donate something or read more about the cause, you can find Joan’s Joy online {here}. Otherwise, maybe you could find a charity in your area to take some of those “potential projects” off your hands. Thanks Linda for passing this info along!

Just a quick reminder to check out this weeks Sunday Showcase giveaway from PhotoJewelryMaking.Com – There is a $50 gift certificate up for grabs!
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Hope everyone had a wonderful week and a fabulous week ahead – Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for the tip about the gluten-free gum. I passed it onto a friend.


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