Celebrating 125 Years with Bon Ami and a Limited Edition Cleaning Cake Giveaway

A few years ago, when I was on a quest to replace my harmful cleaners with natural and toxin-free alternatives, I picked up a can of Bon Ami powder and it has ever since become a staple in my cleaning supply toolbox. Little did I know at the time, as I raved to my family and friends about this new product I had found, the cleanser in the bright yellow can had actually been around for longer than I had.

So being one of my favorite things, I am more than thrilled to be included along with Bon Ami in celebrating their 125th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1886, Bon Ami weathered the Great Depression, chemical revolution and an endless stream of fads by keeping its products simple. In the late 1800’s, most household cleansers were harsh and abrasive. Bon Ami’s innovation came when J.T. Robertson incorporated the softer mineral feldspar instead of the quartz and silica used by other brands back then. Long before recycling and waster reduction were totally cool, the feldspar {considered a worthless byproduct of quartz mining} was ground into a fine powder, mixed with mild tallow liquid soap in wooden troughs, and cured & cut it into cakes. The cakes would polish rather than scratch, care for your hands as well as your sinks, and last and last through the daily tasks of caring for your family and home.

These cakes have become a symbol of the company’s long-standing commitment to natural ingredients and Bon Ami is issuing a limited run of its original 1886 formula in honor of their celebration. Only 1,886 cakes will be available and packaged in a beautifully designed paper box, which uses no glues or sealants {with a commemorative tin and cleaning cloth scheduled to be released a little later in the summer}. The cakes will be available online at Bon Ami and Alice while supplies last.

Like the 1886 Original Formula Cleaning Powder, available in can-form year-round in hardware stores, the Cleaning Cake is a household workhorse, cleaning old glass windows, tile, stainless steel, mirrors and pots and pans, yet its simple ingredients are biodegradable. To use on most surfaces, simply wipe a damp sponge or cloth across the cleaning cake, then use the cloth to clean. Then rinse with water until the shine comes through. No paper towels required – just a little elbow grease. One cake is good for hundreds of cleanings.

The Bon Ami Anniversary Cake joins a full line of natural household cleaners, which last year grew to include a liquid cleanser, an all purpose spray and a dish soap, in addition to the popular flagship “yellow can” Powder Cleanser and “red can” 1886 Formula Cleaning Powder.

What I like about Bon Ami cleaners are the simple, effective, and naturally derived ingredients in all of their products. No phosphates or harmful chlorine ~ always biodegradable, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. I actually like being able to read a label and understand {and pronounce} each ingredient a product contains. I have enjoyed the powder cleanser for a couple years now as I love it when one single product can be used for many different purposes and is safe for multiple surfaces. As an added bonus Bon Ami uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles as well.

For more information on Bon Ami check out their website {here} and
find local retailers near you {here}.

You can also follow along on Twitter {here} and Facebook {here}. They are actually currently running a Bon Ami Facebook sweepstakes until June 12th for a chance to win a Spring Cleaning for yourself and a friend. {I think that is something not many could turn down} You can find all the details directly on their fan page {here}.

For Today’s Giveaway,
Bon Ami
is generously giving One Lucky Reader
A 125th Anniversary Gift Pack
{including a limited edition Bon Ami Cleaning Cake, Powder Cleaner, and All Purpose Spray}

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Good Luck and have a fabulous day ~ Enjoy!


  1. I’ve never heard of Bon Ami, love “We use recipes, not formulas” Awesome!

  2. I use Bon Ami to keep my glass cooktop clean! Great stuff. I had no idea there were cakes!

  3. Ive never used this before..I have heard the name. So excited at the possiblities…lol

    Great giveaway!

    Lucky 7 Design

  4. I LIKEd Bon Ami on Facebook 1061!

    Lucky 7 Design

  5. Im a dedicated follower of UTTD and you personally! lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  6. I’ve used Bon Ami off and on for years (when we could find it) and love it! Thank you for this opportunity!! I am definitely going to have to take a look into their other products especially the dish soap!

  7. I liked Bon Ami on FB but I’ve been a follower of UTTD for some time! and loved every minute of it!

  8. Wow, how did I never realize you were on FB too… getting slow these days! Now I “like” you on FB too!!

  9. I would love to use this classic!

  10. We love Bon Ami at our house–my hubby has chemical sensitivities and in researching healthier cleaners I came across Bon Ami–have been using it ever since!

  11. OK I LOVE Bon Ami! It’s old school gets the job done and I love it because it doesn’t have any smells that aggravate my asthma. Would LOVE to win this and I am a dedicated UTTAD follower!

  12. And I follow UTTAD on FB!

  13. Would love this!

  14. Following Bon Ami.

  15. I have never used the cake, didn’t know they made one!. I would love to try it.

  16. I love this product! It makes my sink shine so nicely.

  17. I “liked” UTT&D on fb

  18. I “liked” Bon Ami on fb

  19. never used this before, but i’m curious!

  20. Now I will have to find some of these cakes…does walmart carry them?

  21. I would love to try this cleaner 🙂

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  23. I am already following you on FB!

  24. I would love to give this a try!

  25. I liked this on facebook!

  26. “Liked” you on Facebook

  27. Liked Bon Ami on Facebook and entered the sweepstakes!

  28. There’s a can sitting on the window sill that I haven’t put away from cleaning up supper yet! I would love to try out the bar version.

  29. I have been around for a long time too so have always known about Bon Ami but I only thought it came in a powder! It is great news to know it comes in different forms!

  30. I’ve used the powder,but I didn’t know about the other cleansers. Excited to try them!

  31. Very cool, have never tried this brand but would love to. I have used some of the other “green” cleaners for my bathroom before and have found them lacking, sounds like that isn’t a problem here!

  32. Stephanie C :

    I’ve been using Bon Ami since I got married 35 years ago.

  33. Thanks for sharing this product on your blog! I hadn’t heard of it, but now I really want to try it!

  34. I “follow” Bon Ami on Facebook

  35. I follow your blog on Facebook.

  36. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it, but we’re switching all of our cleaners to less harmful ones and this sounds like a winner! Thanks!

  37. I love bon Ami, and I have used it for years. It is truly a wonderful product–it makes me smile!

    Shelley Williams, [email protected]

  38. I’ve used Bon Ami for years. My family loves it!

  39. I Follow Bon Ami on Facebook

  40. Grew up using Bon Ami and Comet, I stuck with Bon Ami. I just wish my local stores still carried it. It seems the WalMart crowd don’t use powders! Nothing cleans cooked on grease off my stove like Bon Ami!

  41. Entered on FB, both with BonAmi and you!

  42. I remember reading about Bon Ami, when you did this post. I actually found it at my local Target today(even though the Bon Ami site does not list them in my state), so I picked up a can!


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