Guest Post: Nylon Butterfly Specimen Art by Craftionary

Happy Friday – I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!
I have a fun guest project to share today ~ Welcome Hani!

Hello! lovely readers at Under the Table and Dreaming

I am Hani from Craftionary

I blog about crafts, decorating and organizing home. But of all the things I do. I love to make new friends the most. At craftionary, it’s all about tutorials. I post a new craft project every week and feature other bloggers. You can also find pre-made blog designs, and have your blog designed according to your preferences too. I hope you all will come by to say Hi! and like my crafts. 🙂

I am so excited to share the spring butterflies frame I made for my room’s balcony

Here’s how I made it.

Start by winding the wire around the rings size 1 and 2, and twist (you can use anything round with diameters 1 and 2 for the top and bottom wings)

Cut with the help of a pliers.

Now cover the ring with nylon

Thread it at the twisted end using nylon thread and cut the remaining nylon and thread. If you are curious about the complete details regarding material used, you can find it here and a complete basic tutorial over here.

You will need 4 wings (2 size (1) and 2 size (2) for each butterfly

Join the smaller and bigger wings together using thread. In this way you will get 2 pairs.

Now place the smaller pair of wings between the bigger ones and thread them all together.

Open the wings. Cut excess wire and flatten it.

Following the same way, make 8 more butterflies to make the frame

To make the bodies, I used stamens but you can also use beads.

Finally stick the butterflies and beads (to make their bodies) using glue gun to a piece of paper. Enclose it in the frame or shadow box. Whatever you like!

And Enjoy spring with butterflies in your garden. 🙂

Thanks Stephanie Lynn. I enjoyed being here. I also do giveaways to encourage small businesses every week. I hope you will stop by to say Hello! at Craftionary Love Hani

Thanks so much Hani. Your nylon creations are really cool and unique ~ I appreciate you sharing them with us!

I hope you’ll stop by Craftionary and visit Hani. You’ll find more of her sweet nylon flower creations along with some paper crafts, home crafts and recipes! You can find a directory for all of her tutorials {here}. Her flowers would make the perfect ever-lasting Mother’s Day Gift!

I Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!
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  1. complimenti le tue farfalle sono davvero pronte per volare grazie del tutorial, un bacio ,leonora

  2. OH MY GOSH I AM SO IN LOVE with this. I have a great idea for this in my bedroom…. which is nature inspired already…. THANK YOU so much for sharing!

  3. thanks for having me..


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