Herb Garden Inspiration & Ideas {Over 50 Pots, Planters, and Containers}

Herb Garden Inspiration & Ideas {Over 50 Pots, Planters, and Containers}

PotsThis year I started all my herbs from seed and they are just about ready to be transplanted and make their way outside. {Typically I totally forget and just end up buying the plants – so I am really excited I actually remembered} Since I like to keep them on our deck near the kitchen, I am always open to finding unique ways to display them for the summer – something other than the normal terra cotta or plain plastic planters.
This weeks Saturday Inspiration post is packed with ideas for all types of mini herb gardens to get you thinking outside the planter box.

{Recycled & Repurposed Material Herb Gardens}

{Source: Dot Com Women}

{Source: Angels & Urchins}

{Source: Herb Garden Passion}

Wine Crate Herb Garden
{Source: Sonya Style}

{Source: Humble Pie}

Old Wheel Barrow Garden
{Source: Feed the Body and Soul}

Recycled Tire
{Source: Instructables}

Repurposed Ladder and Tin Cans
{Source: Bless}

Up Cycled Poultry Feeder Herb Planter
{Source: Divine Designs Inc Etsy}

Fishing Tackle Box Herb Planter
{Source: Craft}

Plastic Bottle Herb Planters
{Source: Disney Family Fun}

Recycled Beer Bottle Planters
{Source: Design Sponge}

{Source: Inhabitat}

{Source: Whole Foods Market}

Hanging Shoe Planter
{Source: Real Simple}

Recycled Book Planter
{Source: DigsDigs}

Bamboo Steamer Planters
{Source: Home Life}
{DIY Wooden {rock} Built Herb Gardens}
Free Woodworking Plans
{Source: Wood Work Web}

{Source: Master Garden Products}

{Source: All Sorts Shop}

{Source: Fresh Home Ideas}

Spiral Built Rock Bed
{Source: The Home Garden}
{Container Herb Gardens}

{Source: Chad Johnson}

{Source: Herb Garden Passion}

Terra Cotta Tower
{Source: Martha Stewart}

{Small Space Herb Gardens}

Repurposed Plastic Shoe Organizer
{Source: Branch Habitat}

{Source: Instructables}

Pallet Herb Garden
{Source: Life on the Balcony}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}

Fence Boxes
{Source: Living Fences Etsy}

Cinderblock Garden Wall
{Source: Potted}

{Source: Burgon & Ball}

{Source: Terrain}

Hanging Herb Box
{Source: Remodelista}

Hanging Gutter Garden
{Source: Apartment Therapy}

Rain Gutters
{Source: June Au Empire}

{Source: Tumbler}
{Window Sill Herb Gardens}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}

{Source: Relish}

{Source: Ruffled}

{Source: Real Simple}

{Source: CB2}

{Source: Gardeners}

{Source: Design Sponge}

Glass Containers
{Source: My Deco}

{Source: Burgon & Ball}
{Crafty & Fun Herb Pots & Planters}

{Source: Martha Stewart}

{Source: Sunset}

Decoupage Fabric Letters
{Source: Alphamom}

{Source: Michaels}
…and here are a few projects from the archives that would make perfect little homes for herbs…

Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden found {here}

Recycled Tin Can Caddy found {here}

Reclaimed Wood Plant Hangers found {here}

Patio Paver Planters found {here}

Rolling Galvanized Planter Tub found {here}

Are you planting any herbs this year? I’d love to know your planting ideas …

The Sunday Showcase starts tonight with a fun giveaway I think you’ll love. I hope you’ll stop back and share what you have been working on this week ~ I can’t wait to see!

Have a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!


  1. I loved today’s showcase! Living in a small-space retirement community means not having a traditional garden, so alternative “grow spaces” are a very welcome idea. I love the idea of using bags (Burgon and Ball has marvelous ones of all sizes!) that can be cleaned, folded, and put away during the winter without sacrificing a lot of space. Now I know what to do with the basil seedlings I started a couple of weeks ago…..

    Thank you, Stephanie Lynn!

  2. LOVE the steel buckets along the red wall. Thanks for great inspiration. I’m going to have to look around my house for something “out of the box!” Happy Weekend…~Ann

  3. I am in love with the recycled pallets. GREAT stuff

  4. These are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for the inspiration… I never knew all these things could be used as planters! WOW!!!!

  5. I used your recycled tin caddy for my small indoor herb garden. It works so well! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I can’t even pick a favorite, I love them all so much. I also have my herbs growing on my porch outside my kitchen, in a large galvanized bucket. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas you have posted. Thanks a bunch:)

  7. I need to do a post on my herb garden! I love it and its so beautiful! =)

  8. oh my, FABULOUS post Stephanie! I’ve given you a shout out on my post today about ‘Visiting Other Nests.’

  9. Once again you’ve shared some unique and fantastic ideas ~ thanks!
    ‘hugs from afar’

  10. Such wonderful ideas! I LOVE the tackle box planter!!

  11. thanks for the inspiration !

  12. These are WONDERFUL ideas, Stephanie…I’ve bookmarked quite a few so I can start collecting materials before I head to the garden center (too late in AZ to start from seeds = ( ) Thanks so much!

  13. Oh what fabulous ideas, AGAIN. I also added this incredible collection to my pinterest board. How can I not, it’s the perfect collection. 🙂

    Take care girl !!

    Also if you get a chance, hope you can come over to see how I make the EASIEST chicken curry ever, using rotisserie chicken, and enter to win your own MAGIC Chicken Curry Mix.

    Hugs, Bella 🙂

  14. Super fun garden ideas. At first I thought it was all from your garden and couldn’t figure out how you had time to do ALL that gardening and blog. Your post inspires and motivates. Thanks for posting. ~CJ

  15. Here is another that works really well for apartment dweller and those with curious kitties.

  16. wow! what a fabulous post..some great ideas..off to plant some seeds!
    thanks for sharing hugs Suz x

  17. oooohhhhhmygosh….I am inlove with SOOO many of these ideas!!!! Thanks for posting!

  18. I would like to make all of them :))

  19. I brought home a pallet the other day and I was trying to remember why I NEEDED to have one. After today’s post, I remember now! I saw the pallet planter post(say that three times fast)a while back and had it in the back of my mind to keep an eye out for pallets, but then I couldn’t remember why. Thank You!

  20. I actually have tried the gutter garden this year! I have a picture on my blog and now that my lettuce is growing, I am going to post a new picture in the next day or so. I am really pleased with how it’s turning out. I imagine you could plant herbs in there as well.

    what fun ideas! I might have to try a few.

    @ thedragonsfairytail.blogspot.com

  21. Hi Stephanie,
    I thought I would share my garden with you.
    Stop by and take a look if you get a chance.
    ~A Mustard Seed Dream

  22. Marvelous and so inspiring! Thank you!

  23. I love all of the ideas..Thank You for the post..

  24. Wow! Loving every single one of these, they are so creative. Now every time I look at something that has any kind of “well” I’ll be thinking about future planters. Thanks for all the inspiration – it’s all a.maz.ing!

  25. So MANY variations on a theme. Toolbox is my favorite.

  26. I have so many seeds… herbs, tomatoes, peppers and then some, and a small balcony. I love that you have showcased so many ideas in one place, I actually have a number of the DIY items, and look forward to putting them to use. 🙂

  27. The tackle box is just great. Well so many of these really. Got some ideas floating around in my head now. Lots of things to do for this weekend.

  28. I have an old pampered chef kitchen too caddy that I was using for my craft room. Do you think this would be a good planter? It has smaller sections, but there is drainage at the bottom.

    • Hi Toodie – Love the idea of re-purposing unique items as planters. I would say as long as there is adequate drainage the plants should be fine. You could even drill a few additional holes in the bottom with a hand drill, if not. Have fun – would love to see some pictures if you put it together!

  29. These are AMAZING … thanks so much for sharing!!


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