The Sunday Showcase Party with Vintage Skye Giveaway {No. 54}

Welcome to The Sunday Showcase Party
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I am so delighted to introduce you to
one of my favorite Etsy Shops
Vintage Skye

{concrete eggs}
Vintage Skye combines simple faded farmhouse style with a touch of vintage chic. You’ll find a lovely mix of found items mingled with a special selection of handmade or hand-altered treasures in an array of fabrics and textures in neutrals and whites.

{hand stamped clay tags}
Each handmade item is made with such detail and love. The concrete eggs & hand stamped clay tags are two popular seen specialties of the shop. {I had previously mentioned the concrete eggs Vintage Skye sent over around Easter and I have to say I have not move them since I put them out – I just love the unique texture}

{hand stamp clay tags}
The clay tags add a sweet little touch to virtually any item. Use them for gift wrapping, baskets, jars, home decor, etc. They are available with a hole on each side to be used as labels, a hole on one end to use as tags, or no holes so you can glue or attach them to a basket, drawer, handle, or jar. There are several different styles, designs and sayings available in the shop.

{drawer pulls}
Vintage Skye enjoys bringing certain handmade items to the shop and loves to try thier hand at recreating some expensive object that are seen shopping adventures. The faded farmhouse vintage style is definitly favored but different little bits are added in here and there that just grab at your heart.

{hand stamped clay coasters}Personalize your lovely furniture with unique stamped knobs and pulls or add a touch of style to your home with stamped coasters ~ Both handmade from clay with hand stamped designs.

{tattered hair pretties}
and I simply adore the Vintage Skye tattered hair pretties. Each can be made with your choice of backing; Bobby, Hair pony, Normal size clip, or Baby size clip – I like the idea of getting the bobby backing so I can not only use them in my hair but add them to pretty things around the house as well!

My absolute favorite part of the Vintage Skye shop is the found treasures. The found items are natural objects or artifacts not originally intended as art, found and considered to have aesthetic value.

I can spend so much time checking out all the goodies and looking at all the eye candy.

It is vintage shopping at its best as all the handpicked goodies are already found and you can browse and shop right from home!

You can browse all of the goodies in the Vintage Skye shop {here} – I love that new treasures and finds are added frequently so there is always something new sure to catch your eye.

K- the creative force behind Vintage Skye is a huge fan of vintage, junky, chippy, diy, tutorials, the list is endless. Her blog {here} is all about beautiful surroundings on a tight budget – and the dreams of what she would get if the sky was the limit. She is a creative person to the point of being overboard – she has actually found that she has to start her day by tending to her house for the first few hours before she starts any creating or antiquing – this way the house is enjoyable because it is taken care of, her family is happy and she is more efficient with her creating because there is order to her life.

For this week’s giveaway
Vintage Skye
has but together a great gift package
for one lucky reader
{The package includes: 2 sets of clay tags, winners choice of style (6 in each set), a set of 2 concrete eggs and 2 hair pretties (winners choice)}

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