Toddler Shoe Storage Bins – A Small Shoe Storage Solution

Toddler Shoe Storage Bins – A Small Shoe Storage Solution

One of the biggest ‘space takers’ on the floor of our entry way closet is my little guys shoes. Even though we only store his boots and everyday shoes in this space there are still quite a few pairs – {I can only imagine what a closet with a multiple teens would look like – yikes!}

While the shoes are still on the small side, I find it best to keep them lumped together and contained in a basket or bin. This eliminates the hassle of searching around for a matching pair, as each tiny shoe around here always seems to make its way to opposite corners in the back of the closet. It also actually gives my little guy in training a dedicated place to put his shoes instead of just tossing them in the bottom.

I have had these rolling woven cubes for a couple years and they just happen to fit perfectly underneath the new shoe shelf that was just made for the closet. Unfortunately I did not realize I wanted them in there before the shelf was built, as I had to remove the casters to get them to fit – but they work none the less. I really can’t recall where I picked mine up from, though I recently spotted larger darker versions, without the casters, at both Target and Walmart.

To coordinate with the closet I gave them both a coat of Mythic Paint in {Washed Clay 158-5} that I had left over from the console makeover.

Since the casters were removed I added felt furniture pads to the bottom of each bin so they easily ‘glide’ on the hardwood. Large door pulls found at the hardware store made the perfect handles when turned horizontal. The 5 3/4 inch rounded bow shape is big enough for hands of all sizes to access the bins. The zinc was a little too shiny so I gave them a good coat of Krylon Satin Nickel.

The pulls were aligned and holes were pre-drilled into the bins slowly using a drill bit.

Oval head machine screws and nuts were picked up to replace the original screws that came with the pulls. Washers were placed inbetween the nut and the bin on the inside of the basket for additional support.

The small shoes are now neatly packed away, all in one place, and easy for little guy to get to when it’s time to go outside.

I’m thinking I may need one for myself with the amount of flip flops I seem to accumulate through out the summer. What’s your solution to organizing everyday shoes around your home? – I’d loved to hear!


  1. Cute! I just made shoe bins this week, too! I’m a slacker and have yet to post about them, but our minds were yet again thinking alike. 😉


  2. Love the idea. With 2 little girls, we have tons of shoes. Too bad our entryway is way too small for this idea…there would be no room for walking.

  3. This is the best idea! I have two that are 2 and 1. Those little shoes seem to be every where.

  4. We use a vintage crate by the front door to toss our everyday shoes into. I wish it was a bigger area because it does fill up fast! But it works and doesn’t look terrible 🙂 Growing up we always had a HUGE shoe basket by the door lol. I love your option!

  5. No ideas on shoe storage (just hubs and I at home)just wanted to say those are the cutest boys boots I’ve see. Argh!

  6. Wow this is a great idea but we have teenagers and a tween! Think smelly, stinky guys feet. So for now… during the warmer months all their athletic shoes reside just outside the door to the garage… well inside the garage because otherwise we have problems with either a raccoon or local dog wandering off with their stinky shoes! 🙂

  7. Amazing idea!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Great idea..for anything!

  9. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! grea idea!!


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