XL Vinyl for the Sensory Playroom {by Accent Studios}

XL Vinyl for the Sensory Playroom {by Accent Studios}

It seems like I have been working on this sensory playroom for my little guy for quite some time as the last update I gave was when the furniture and equipment arrived last September. The truth is there are a lot of little odds and ends still on the to-do that have been put aside. I did recently check one of those off though with this huge vinyl monogram from Accent Studios.

When I painted and stenciled the room I did a white on white design as I knew the furniture was bursting with lots of color. Once we had things in place the large focal wall needed something…something big and bold but conservative enough not to overpower the room.

I was contacted by Accent Studios and upon checking out their website was thrilled to see that they are very open to helping you design decals fitting exactly to your needs. I emailed them what I had in mind; the size, color and font that I wanted and within 24 hours had a response and proof in my inbox. {they even have a live chat set up to help you directly on their site too}

Since the decal measures three feet in diameter it had to be sent in two pieces. I was a little apprehensive about applying a multi-piece design – but it’s really a piece of cake with the included triangle shaped (►◄) registry marks. {they also include a handy smoother along with your order to make the application effortless}

The top half of the design was applied – then matching the triangles the bottom half was applied. It was definitely a two person job – at least this was due to the size; hence no progression photos ~ all hands were on the vinyl.

Once both pieces of the design were applied the registry marks were peeled away and everything was lined up and in place.

The decal is exactly what I had envisioned for the wall and just enough without overdoing it for this space.

I have a few loose ends to finish up in this room and I’ll share all the details…hopefully shortly.

Accent Studios can be found online {here}.


  1. What a great space for your little guy! He has one fabulous Mommy! The L adds the perfect touch!

  2. WOW – I teach Kindergarten Autism Support…and I am amazed at your sensory room! You are such an amazing mother…your son is blessed to have you, and I am sure you feel blessed to have such an amazing son 🙂 The vinyl looks perfect! 🙂

  3. I want to come play there!

  4. Stephanie Lynn, it turned out brilliantly! I love the monogram with the other white on white details on the wall. What a fantastic space for your little guy!

  5. Great decal, the bits we can see of your room look really interesting, can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. That is pretty darn cool.

  7. LOVE it! So bold but not overdoing it! I’m just in awe of how big it is!

    Kaitlin @ The Goodey Knot

  8. Love this idea….Ive removed all the little stations I had set up for Maya once she started preschool (because in home therapy then stopped) But this is such a good idea to have a place to just jump and roll around and do whatever.

    Im finding lately she is having a harder time sitting still upstairs in the living and dining room. She tends to lay on the floor alot .

    You’ve just inspired a playroom makeover…which Im such my husband will love you for. lol

    Thanks as always for inspiring…but you know this one especially touched home.

    Lucky 7 Design

  9. We have that same IKEA swing chair – it’s been in storage since we rent, but I decided to say what the heck and put it in my 3 year old’s room. All the boys love playing with it. Love the room and the decal! Looks great <3

  10. I was hoping you were going to post more on the playroom. I’m going to work on my son’s room this summer and try to get a little more organized in there. Did you have to do anything special to hang the swing? Is it a store bought one or through one of the therapy catalogs? My son loves the one at school and I am hoping to be able to get him one for the house.

  11. this is the cutest room ever!!!
    he is one lucky guy!!! I love love love it

  12. Thank you sharing the pictures of your home. I too love the sensory room and feel you have done an outstanding job.


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