An Outdoor Adventure Fourth Birthday Celebration {camping, Jeeps & the great outdoors}

An Outdoor Adventure Fourth Birthday Celebration {camping, Jeeps & the great outdoors}

It is no secret I simply adore putting together a theme birthday party for my little guy. Our little guy was born two months early and survived a rough beginning – his birthday is such a special day to us and we enjoy celebrating the blessing as much as we can each and every year.

As most of you already know, our little guy also has autism so it’s very important to me to try to create more of an experience for him, than just a party, simply because he doesn’t yet comprehend what birthdays are all about.

For last years celebration we took our love for the outdoors, combined with my little guys fascination for Jeeps, and had an Outdoor Adventure Party.

I shared a few details last fall but the holidays took over and I didn’t get a chance to share the entire party.

As my party planning for this year is about to begin, I thought it would be a perfect time to recap this adventurous day.

The invitations started with these event tickets I put together and had printed. You can find the full details {here}.

I have some fun with the invitations as it sets the tone for what the party is all about and gets the guests a little excited too! 3-D tents were made for the invitations we were able to hand deliver, complete with each family’s last name cut out of the side.

For the invitations we had to mail a second tent was created that was a little easier to stick in an envelope.

Our backyard was transformed into a mini camp ground to set the party scene.

Four kids sized A-framed tents were handmade for the little ones. It added a great additional play area and the kids got a kick of a having a campsite all to themselves – sized just right. The full tutorial for these easy tents can be found {here}. {they are perfect to add to the backyard for some summertime fun}

Every camp site needs a fire and this one was made kid friendly. Rocks were used to create the fire ring and logs were than stacked and topped with red and orange tissue paper for the flames.

To lead guests were they needed to go we made a wooden directional sign stamped with all the areas to visit. The full tutorial can be found {here}.

Camping park signs were made to scatter around the yard marking all the different stations. The full tutorial can be found {here}.

A large three room ‘real’ tent was set up and used as another play area for the kids.

The inside was filled with ball pit balls, a crawl in tunnel and some play mats and climbing blocks. The basket placed at the door help all the little shoes while the kiddies played inside.

There were real Jeeps parked all around the yard on display to wow my little guy.

One of the activities planned was a group ‘hike’ through the cut trails in the wood.

My talented hubby put his artistic skills to work again for this party by making this full size Jeep photo prop. I love adding photo cut outs to parties – guests of all ages have so fun being silly for pictures. I’ll be sharing more on the how-to for this masterpiece shortly.

Since our guest list was pretty big I made two pinatas and the kids were broken into two groups by age. {The year before the pinata was broken open pretty early and the older kids were pretty bummed they did not have chance to swing} The little kids got a huge rock with some tire marks I rolled on with paint.

A gigantic S’mores was made for the older kids. This baby had so much paper mache on it I didn’t think it was ever going to break open…we actually made it through all the older kids and into the adults before it finally gave in. {this is another tutorial I’ll be sharing shortly}

To finish off the activities we recruited all our friends with Jeeps to take the guests on a trail ride through the property. This fun activity was enjoyed by all – the young, old, and everyone in between.

The food was kept outdoor style with pit beef sandwiches, fried chicken, hotdogs and salads.

Since my little guy was just diagnosed with his food allergies I decided to have an array of cupcakes for the guests instead of a cake. {I didn’t want him to blow the candles out on a cake he could not eat}

That is where this creation comes in. If you have ever had to bake a cake without flour, eggs or diary you would totally understand why this cake looks like a big blob….lol. I tried to make the best of it though and because the icing actually looked like mushy grey muck I think it turned out ok for the occasion. My little guy loved it none the less and actually enjoyed having a cake all to himself – he was so into the Jeeps he didn’t even care about the cupcakes the others were eating.

These cupcakes were one of my favorites. I fell in love with the idea of these little creations designed by Kim over at The Celebration Shoppe. You can find the full directions on her site {here}

Because I had quite a few to make I played off the original to make a few different versions to match.

For the fish in water cupcake I used a dab of blue icing, the same green piped grass and a goldfish cracker for the fishie.

For the dirt & rocks cupcake I used crushed chocolate wafer cookies ran through the processor, chocolate rocks found at my local cake shop, and a touch of piped green grass.

And finally the tire track cupcake was created using the crushed chocolate wafers which was rolled with one of my little guys clean toy truck tires.

We had a trail mix bar set up for each guest to create their own trail mix as a take home favor. I’ll have to update these pictures when I come across the ones of the table set in whole. I could only find the pictures of the jars as I prepared them the night before in this album for some reason. There was a mix of different cereals, dried fruits, raisins, marshmallows, nuts, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, M&M’s, pretzels, goldfish and various small crackers like cheez-its. The kids loved being able to pick and choose what they wanted to create their own personalized mix.

Each guests also got to take home a microwave popcorn bag. A few of the guests also had some food allergies so it was nice to have something everyone could enjoy. These are incredibly easy and inexpensive to put together using just regular popcorn kernels and brown paper bags. You can find the how-to {here}.

A box of custom printed mini cards from Moo were used to decorate the bags as well as the take home trail mix containers.

That rounds up my little guy’s fourth outdoor adventure celebration ~ thanks for letting me share his special day with you.

Next week I have a very exciting treat planned!
Last year I hosted a Celebration Inspiration party to round up a collection of parties and entertaining ideas to help inspire creative at home celebrations.
This year we are going to step it up a notch with a week long series
featuring guest posts from some of most fabulous inspiring
Party Planers, Designers, & Experts
There is also giveaways planned all week long
to help you put together & create
your own spectacular event!

The series will kickoff this Sunday Night with a link party
open for you to share your own celebrations & parties
and gather some inspiration for future ideas!
I love a themed party and can not wait to be inspired by you!

Have a fabulous weekend ~ Enjoy!

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  1. My goodness that is an absolutely phenomenal party!! What an time they must have had!! Your decorations, food, and REAL Jeeps must have completely wow’d them!! GREAT job!

  2. Wow..this is AWESOME! I would love to have been a guest! LOL. Everything looks so neat. LOVE the little tents and the cake for your little one looks great! I thought it was meant to look that way! Very authentic. Great job!

  3. That looks like the best party ever! How cute. I love the gynormous S’More 🙂

  4. I have also a jeep. I can come too to eat a piece of cake?!!!
    Good weekend.

  5. Amazing, blown away, I wish I had a party like that!

  6. You did an amazing job on the cupcakes! They’re so fun and I love that they’re not all identical. The cake is great too … and kudos for managing that along with the special diet!

  7. I love everything about this party! Your son must have been so thrilled. This party could work for an older boy too! Love the theme!!

  8. Your little guy has great taste! We love Jeeps, too, and have owned three! I’m so glad he had a wonderful day. He’s lucky to have such loving and creative parents!

  9. I absolutely love this party! My little guy is obsessed with Jeeps right now so I am going to use some of your great ideas for his party! I would love to know how your hubby made that amazing photo prop!

    Have a great day!


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