Feeding Our Lawn for The First Time Ever {with Scotts Turf Builder}

Feeding Our Lawn for The First Time Ever {with Scotts Turf Builder}

I would love to have a yard full of thick, plush green grass however, we have settled for a patchy mix of grass, dirt spots and weeds for so long I really have no idea where to start. {I mean as long as it looks green from our deck we have been pretty ok with whatever lies below} We have never fertilized or fed our yard since moving in as it has just not been a priority or even on the to-do list for that matter.

I myself have always been a little leery of using fertilizers, chemicals, etc – more so now than ever – with our little guy. He enjoys the yard and being outdoors so much and that is more than enough reason for us to play it safe – green or not.

Other not so exciting points include the time spent manicuring, burnt lawns, keep off signs – we actually like to enjoy and live in our yard and all of that is just too much to think about.

So when the gracious people from Scotts offered us the opportunity to try Scotts Turf Builder and help take the guess work out of caring for our lawn – it took a little convincing. After hearing about the kid and pet friendly aspects {which is a huge concern} we were on board to take the Scotts Advantage and give it a try.

We learned that Scotts Turf Builder all-in-one technology is super easy to use which means we don’t have to be lawn gurus to have a beautiful lawn. It can be applied any season to any type of grass, taking away all the guess work. And because it’s kid and pet friendly, our little guy and big doggies can reenter the lawn right after the application.

Scotts Turf Builder is all food and no fillers – combining all the key nutrients into a single small particle.
{Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler, but Scotts Turf Builder is 100% pure nutrition in every granule.}

Each granule is pretty tiny too, ensuring to hit every inch of your yard.
{Bargain brands mix together separate larger particles that can result in hit or miss feeding and greening.}

It is also formulated with slow release nitrogen so even if you apply too much your lawn will not burn.

We have just applied our first feeding so I’ll be sure to give some updates through out the summer.

Here is a close up of our lovely grass, dirt, weed mix right now…oh and the trails left from our underground family of moles.

To keep us on a lawn schedule Scotts provides tips, custom feeding reminders and special offers. All I did was sign up giving our zip code and all the information is generated specifically for our area – you can sign up too {here}.

They even have a My Scotts Lawn app for your android or iPhone to help stay on top of your lawn game; available at the bottom of the Scotts home page {here}.

The benefits of regular feedings with Scotts Turf Builder provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and family activity. Something we have always overlooked in the past
and I am anxious to see how our own lawn benefits this year.

Scotts can also be found on Facebook {here} and Twitter {here}

What have you fed your lawn this summer? Have a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!

Scotts Recommended Feeding Routine
Early Spring~ Help grass recover from winter
An early spring feeding helps grass green-up after the winter
Late Spring ~ Grow a Lawn Ready for Summer
Feeding now prepares grass for summer stress by thickening the blades on top
and building deep roots below.

Early Fall ~ Replenish nutrients
An early fall feeding replenished the nutrients lost in the harsh summer months
for quicker recovery. Well-fed grass grows thick and strong to avoid weeds from
taking hold

Late Fall ~ Get a Thicker, Greener Lawn Next Spring
Late fall is the best time to feed to build strong, deep roots to get your grass
through the winter months.
Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer is available in 5000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags at various retailers including Home Depot, Target and Walmart. Southern Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer is also available, specially formulated for Southern lawns, in 5000 sq. feet, 10000 sq. feet and 15000 sq. feet bags.
The Turf Builder Tour provided the factual product information above and product samples on behalf of Scotts; All opinions stated in the post are my own. This post complies with all FTC rulings as stated in the disclosure statement below.


  1. We have some greenery, a little grass and a whole lot of weed, and we want to get a nice carpet of grass in our front yard. This information is so helpful, thank you.


  2. Looks great to me, I wish I lived in a state where it was ‘green’ to even have a lawn. That’s what you get in the desert…neighbors that glare at you for wasting water to water just 3 square feet of grass!

  3. we use scott’s products for all our grass fertilizing. there’s a summer one, a winter one, i can’t even remember what else! it’s good stuff.

  4. We’ve had an unusually dry spring (last rainfall was in Feb.) and our yard is mostly weeds. I’m going to try this and see how it does. At this point, when we water, we feel like we’re just heping the weed proliferate. lol!

  5. This is an awesome blog…. ” stephanie” you know who i am:-)


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