Fun and Unique Invitation & Party Favor Ideas {featuring Dawn Smith from Not Just A Mommy}

Fun and Unique Invitation & Party Favor Ideas {featuring Dawn Smith from Not Just A Mommy}

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Dawn Smith from Not Just A Mommy
Dawn Smith is a stay at home mom with a budding party planning gig on the side. She has a B.S. in Mathematics so she’s a bit of a geek {self-proclaimed} but her true passion is party planning. She has coordinated and styled almost every type of social event from small playdates to showers to school events in the Seattle area. Aside her own blog, she also writes for Today’s Mama – Seattle Mamas and Create My Event.I’m thrilled to have Dawn here today sharing some creative ideas for unique invitations and favors to help set the tone for your next celebration.

Setting the Tone of Your Party With Unique Invitations
& Creative Party Favors

Contributed by Dawn Smith

soccer party invite
When it comes to party planning, my favorite parts are the invites and the party favors. I love a clever invite, after all, it gives your guests a taste of what’s to come and a memorable invite is, well, hard to forget and will up your RSVP chances. The favor sends a little piece of the day’s events home and will remind them to come to your next soiree!

Lego party invite
Neither has to break the bank, but with a little cleverness, you can make it look like you did! But don’t think you have to be super crafty. For starters, play around with your theme. For our Lego party, I found a printable party pack that included this invite. Just print and cut out, simple yet effective.

slumber party invite
Having a slumber or camping themed party? A quick trip to your local craft store is all you need to make these fun invites. A little Foamie girl (from a bigger bucket of Foamies) and pretty folded paper for her bed was easy to make, but very memorable. On that note, use an oversized Foamie like the one I used for my soccer favor bags later in this post. You could simple write the party info on the back.

XBOX controller invite
I traced the outline of an XBOX controller and added a few sequins for a video game invite. You could do the same for any platform’s controller, just add your own paper embellishments for buttons and such.

martini party invite
For this cocktail party invite, I cut out a vellum martini glass outline and created a fun garnish embellishment; it’s just paper, sequins and a toothpick!

This airplane party invite was a little more involved but thankfully I found the template for both the boarding pass and the pocket.

Image from HGTV

candy kiss favor
When it comes to favors, regardless of the type of party, don’t make it about the dollar value, but about how to present what you are giving. Stay away from those character bags full of trinkets that will litter the backseat of a car. Why not spend the same amount of money on something consumable or usable. Something as simple as a box of animal crackers or a bag of candy with a cute tag looks like a million bucks.

construction party favors
Your local dollar store and big box store dollar spots (like Michael’s and Target) are gold mines when it comes to favor ideas. Don’t forget to think outside the party aisle box. For a recent construction party, I found canvas aprons at The Home Depot for .77 each! Coupled with a plastic hard hat from an online party supplier for about .50 each, they will provide hours of play long after the party is over. Parents will appreciate that.

flower arranging party favor
Another party staple of mine is the craft, it serves as an activity and a take-home favor! There is a craft out there for every theme no matter what your group’s age range. I have an activity at all of my parties, for both my children and my grown ups. We’ve done everything from sugar scrubs to painting martini glasses. For my recent birthday party, we did a flower-arranging activity!

For the kiddos, wooden items are my go-to choice. They are inexpensive yet durable and make a lovely keepsake. We’ve done everything from dragons for a movie-themed party

…to racecars for our Cars party.

Lego party favor
Unfinished wooden frames (a $1 each at Michael’s!) can be painted and decorated with sequins, pom-poms and stickers. Take a picture of each child at the party and mail it home in their thank you card to add to the frame. A friend recently did this at her Lego party.

soccer party bag topper
I love paper bags; they are so versatile, coming in a variety of colors with endless decorating possibilities. I hot-glued the aforementioned Foamie to a clothespin for a soccer topper

movie party favor
popcorn bags from a dollar store…

back to school party favor bag
…and even a brown paper bag can be raised to fabness!

mesh bag favor
These little mesh bags I found in a summer crafting aisle, at 3 for $1. A diecut felt letter for each guest’s initial and a simple felt flower was needed to jazz it up a bit. I made these as favor bags but you could use decorating the bag as an opening activity and let dry during the party so they are ready to go home.

There are so many fun options out there for every type of party and budget. Have fun with it and make your invite and favor a memorable part of your celebration.

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Not Just A Mommy! is filled with endless ideas on entertaining, event planning, crafts and lifestyle. Dawn loves to share her own parties and she features reader parties as well to provide inspiration to get the creative juices flowing for any and every type of celebration.

If you live in Seattle or the surrounding areas, Dawn is available for all your party planning needs, from consulting to full event hosting.

Thank you so much Dawn for the inspiration you have shared today!

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