Mini Succulent Cutting Cups – {Propagating Hen & Chicks}

Mini Succulent Cutting Cups – {Propagating Hen & Chicks}

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!
We managed to escape for a couple of days along with our family and had a blast taking in the great outdoors.
As I prepared to get my front garden beds in order this year I decided to take advantage of the over flowing succulents and plant a few inside to enjoy as well. I have a little weakness for succulents in my gardens as they are hearty, easy to care for and return each year fuller, bigger, and always lovely works of art.

Succulents are incredibly simple to propagate as well – always ensuring you have some additional cuttings to work with each year once your plants are established. I spread most of the cuttings around the garden to create new plants though I do like to take a few and bring them indoors. {and there is nothing better, if you’re a little green obsessed like I am, then free plants right from your own yard}

I am always finding these sweet footed silver cups at thrifts and snatch them up when ever I can – they make adorable succulent planters.

Tip: to polish silver rub plain white toothpaste across the surface with your fingertip – rinse and buff with a clean soft cloth.

New succulent plants can be found at your local nursery {I just saw some mini plants at the Home Depot for around $2 a plant} However, propagation of established plants right from your garden is just as easy {and doesn’t cost a thing – which makes purchasing them in the first place well worth it}

There are a few ways to propagate succulents though cuttings and offsets are the two I use most. The variety of sempervivum shown above {commonly referred to as hen and chicks} can easily be propagated by gently pulling the smaller rosettes {the chicks} away from the larger rosette {the hen}. A few tugs and the entire offset, roots and all, come right out. I generally allow the roots to air dry {out of the direct sun} for a day so the damaged tissues seal, reducing the chance of any fungal attack.

Other succulents can be cut just below a stem joint, or where a leaf joins the stem. The cuttings can be potted immediately after cutting, but I usually allow the cut end to dry {as noted above} for a day to seal the tissues.

Which ever propagation method you use – be sure to water sparingly until new growth is seen, which is an indication that the roots have taken.

Specialized cactus and succulent potting mix can be purchased at your local garden center. The key to the soil is that it is fast draining.

Although I enjoy using a mixed variety of species for planting, there are three general rules that apply to the success of all succulents; Light, Temperature, & Water.

Succulents generally prefer bright light levels during the day and cool nights. {Daytime temperatures of 70º to about 85º and nighttime temperatures between 50º and 55º}

There are many different watering guidelines but I use this general rule of thumb with my succulents; to thoroughly water when needed. They are generally pretty resilient but can be over or under watered. I water only when the soil is dry, but not completely dried out. I water the soil until it is running from the bottom of the container to ensure it has reached all the roots. {again, it is very important to make sure you have good drainage – which means drilled holes in the bottom of all containers}

Succulents are very easy to take care of so they are practically fool proof plants for virtually anyone to enjoy – just leave them alone to do their thing! Simple, easy, and beautiful works of art ~ just my kind of plants especially for the indoors.

I’ll be back later tonight with a giveaway; until then ~ Enjoy!


  1. yay….love love love…and this is PERFECT timing. I was just wondering LAST NIGHT now to split my hens & chicks

    so whoa! you are my answer girl today!

  2. I like the silver cup and succulent together.
    I’ve lined several garden edges with hens and chicks I’ve gotten from friends over the years- looks pretty and reminds me of my friends.

  3. I have to get some of those plants tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. must get some of these to plant and our house when we move

  5. Ill have to try them

  6. I love succulents. I just did a similar project at my house using marbel bathroom containers:

  7. My sister has tons of succulent plants (aka fat plants)in her garden. In particular, she has several woody, stem, and leaf succulents. I tried to plant one before (I think it was four summers ago), but it has grown so big that I have to give it back to my sister. She’s the expert when it comes to succulents and gardening.

  8. i love this! so pretty, i am a bit obsessed with greenery, but have a black thumb. i have always liked the look of hen and chicks. maybe now i will go pick some up!


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