MommyCal Fun Family Organizer Giveaway {10 winners!}

I have tried several different options in the past to keep our family calendar organized and I have had a pretty hard time finding one that fits just right. Paper schedules are just too plain and mine, well it looks like a bunch of scribble on a page – I like my outlook calendar, but then again there is so much going on, things easily have a tendency to get jumbled and overlooked – not to mention the fact it is on my home computer and really accessible when I am out and about. I am totally a visual girl so when I came across the MommyCal I was more than thrilled to give all the fun options a try to help organize my daily craze.

MommyCal, released by Mommy Apps is a quick, easy, and fun family organizer for the iPhone, iPod touch and MommyCal HD for iPad users. Mommy Apps, LLC was founded by a busy mom who needed to find a solution for keeping her entire family’s schedule straight. This new app helps users control the chaotic schedules of a busy family with use of pretty layouts and easy to use icons.

There are five different beautiful themes to use as the backdrop for your calendar.

MommyCal uses icons for quick identification of activities on calendar days. Visual, easy to use, stylish, and sophisticated. The best part the calendar is easily loaded on your phone or Ipad and always within an arms reach.

There are more 200 pre-designed icons to use each. The icons are fun and representative of a mom’s busy life. You even have the option to create your own Icons – using your iPhone’s camera or from photos stored on your iphone or ipad.

Assigning an event or activity to a certain day is just a matter of dragging the appropriate icon into a specific date. The calendar can handle the schedules of everyone in the family and the icons can be color coded and assigned to a specific person. Multiple icons fit into one calendar day, thanks to the app’s auto-resizing feature. Recurring events are simple to create as well by pressing and holding down on an icon.

The calendar can be viewed in three different modes as you can scroll from day to day, week to week or month to month.

To-do’s and shopping lists can also be very easily created, which are conveniently available as long as you have your iDevice with you. If your lucky enough to have some help, you can email your lists, icons or schedules to others too with a simple touch of a button. I love the fact that you can also use the emails as invites to planned events for friends and family.

MommyCal for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and are available for purchase and download worldwide exclusively through the App Store {here} in the Productivity category. To learn more about Mommy Apps you can visit their website {here} or follow along on facebook {here}

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  1. This looks very cool! I’d love to give it a try!

  2. Currently I use the outlook program on the computer. Works OK but I love the pics on this MommyCal app

  3. Love this!

  4. This is something that I NEED NEED NEED! I’ve been searching for something like this!

  5. Currently, I keep most of my scheduling items on an email calendar at work on GroupWise. It’s not very useful though b/c I can only access it when I’m in the office.

  6. MommyCal looks like a great way to stay organized…love it!

  7. I use my iphone and another written calendar and sticky notes all over my desk 🙂

  8. Love this idea! Maybe I’ll finally get organized!

    Laura Lee
    [email protected]

  9. i would LOVE this app!

  10. right now i just use my mobile me calendar that syncs between my phone and my mac … works pretty well …

  11. like mommycal on FB … 🙂

  12. liked YOU on fb! 🙂

  13. This would be a great thing to have.

  14. I would use this on my ipad.

  15. I am already a follower of yours.

  16. I have already “liked” you on fb

  17. And I have “like” mommycal on fb

  18. This would be great for keeping all those hockey schedules and riding lessons straight… among other things!

  19. Wow! This looks like a really cool calendar system. Would love to try it!

    [email protected]

  20. I currently don’t have a system for keeping track of stuff….which is why I feel frazzled alot!

    [email protected]

  21. I was just trying to find a program to get organized!
    elisabethjosie at hotmail dot com

  22. Currently I just use an oversized calendar in my kitchen

  23. liked MommyCal on facebook

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  25. ooh, fun! hope i win!

  26. My DIL just had their 2nd baby & she’d love this to keep track of schedules with work, toddler & newborn!

  27. I love it! Maybe when I’m a mom one day soon I’ll put this to even better use! *Could still use now too…saavy auntie!

    [email protected]

  28. What a cool idea!! I LOVE this app!! As a busy mom, I need all the help I can get.

    [email protected]

  29. Following on fb.

  30. Im using a regular paper planner. I need a better system.

  31. This is awesome!

  32. Following mommycal on fb.

  33. This looks great!! I’d love to give it a try!! Right now I use iCal for my family’s calendar but this is soooo much prettier and like you, I’m a very visual person. Thanks for offering a terrific giveaway!

  34. Pretty sweet!

  35. Awesome! I’m looking into this more!

  36. I use outlook, my phone, paper calendars. What don’t I use?!

  37. Great idea! I really like the visuals!

  38. What a great idea!

  39. I use the calendar on the fridge and my memory. Sometimes both fail.

  40. I follow UTT&D on FB

  41. I follow MommyCal on FB

  42. Would love to win this app for MommyCal.

  43. I use a paper calendar, as well as the calendar on my phone….I still need help….MOMMYCAL

  44. I am following MommyCal and FB and Liking It 🙂

  45. Following UTT&D on FB…Love it and would love to win a free app of MommyCal for my Iphone.

  46. This is awesome! I love being organized!

  47. I currently keep track using a big calendar hanging on the side of the counter!

  48. Following UTT&D on FB

  49. I follow MommyCal on FB

  50. Great concept…thanks for the chance to win.

  51. I currently use outlook

  52. I follow MommyCal on FB

  53. I follow UTT&D on FB

  54. I would to try this out! Life seems to get crazier each day!


  55. Currently, we use my Entourage calendar to keep track of things! I would love to try something different.


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  57. I follow UTT&D on Facebook!


  58. This looks like it would be GREAT! I would love to try it.

  59. Right now, I use my calendar on my iPhone. I’m a SAHM, pastor’s wife, home-based business owner & mother of 4 (ages 6, 4, 3 & 2). I’m open to trying anything that might make my life easier.

  60. I currently am using a white board calendar with color-coded pens for each family member, different activities, important dates, etc. I have it near our kitchen. My hubby and I are also using Google Calendar to coordinate our schedules.

  61. I am already following you on Facebook.

  62. I am now following MommyCal on Facebook.

  63. I absolutely LOVE your blog and all your creative ideas!!

  64. LOVE IT 🙂 It looks awesome!



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