My Powder Room Decorating Makeover {for less than $15}

My Powder Room Decorating Makeover {for less than $15}

When it comes to decorating I love frequently changing, rearranging and trying new things, along with mixing it up for each and every season – {like many of ‘us’ DIY decorators do} Sometimes though changing the decor in every single room is just not the practical thing to do, obviously for more than one reason.

So when I get this little decorating bug there is one room that I always turn to for instant makeover gratification
The one room that is most frequently made over around my way
{The Powder Room}
It’s tiny enough to change the complete look – taking just a small amount of time and effort – while costing very little, if anything to transform.

With just four main components a new look can be created within a few hours satisfying the need for a makeover change of some sort.

I always start these mini transformations by finding a piece of fabric that becomes the inspiration for the space. Since my powder room is neutral {gray} I can bring in just about any combination of colors as accents. I like to experiment with patterns and different palettes in this space that I normally would not choose for other areas of my home. {it’s a safe spot to take a step out of my comfort zone because it can easily be changed}

One and a half yards of fabric was more than enough for three completed projects for this room.
{1} I used a little less than a yard to cover a cut square of plywood to create a layered piece of art work. {The fabric was just pulled taught and stapled to the back of the plain piece of wood}
{2} One half of yard was used to recover the top of an old footstool that my little guy uses to wash his hands and
{3} Strips were cut from the left over scraps and sewn to embellish the bands of the hand-towels.

Spray paint is a diy’ers best friend. One can has the power to transform a room full of accessories and leave you with enough left over to keep on hand for the next round of projects. You can beat the instant gratification for less than $4 a can.

Spray paint was used to revive the two pieces of old sculptural art and on a handful of other projects including the footstool, accessories on the sink and the towel stand and sunburst mirror {more on those pieces below}.

There is nothing I love more than a fabulous piece of DIY wall art. Large pieces of art can be pretty expensive and a lot of pieces can be re-created for a fraction of the cost. I like over-sized unique pieces that don’t really scream that I made them with hot glue during craft time {even when I totally did}.

Other than the spray painted sculptural pieces above, the other two pieces of wall art for this space were completely handmade all the way. The first piece, shown above, is Crepe Streamer Ruffles made from a roll of white party streamers from the dollar store. {you can find the full tutorial here}The flower embellishment is also made from the same streamers {tutorial found here}, then painted and hot glued on the original piece.

The second piece is this DIY Starbust Mirror, made from recycled cereal boxes {full tutorial found here}.

Lastly, in small spaces like the powder room you don’t need many accessories – so for this space you are sure to find some things in the stash you already have to give a little new life to the space. A new coat of paint, a new use then originally intended…don’t be afraid to think out side the box and re-purpose and reuse.

The towel stand that sits in the corner and holds extra hand towels for guests is actually two candle sticks stacked together, glued and topped with a wooden round platter. Once complete a good coat of gloss white spray paint conceals all the mix matched pieces and creates a new purpose for these otherwise forgotten pieces.

I am on a little succulent kick right now so a few cuttings right from my garden beds turn a mercury glass candle holder into a cute flower pot. I love adding a touch of live plants around the house {especially succulents that do not require a lot of care}.

The mini frame, partially shown, was re-purposed into a whimsical little sign using a left over piece of the fabric {shown here}.

And that is how I fix my redecorating craves ~ a complete room makeover to put the decorating tendencies at ease for just a bit. Since I had quite a bit of materials on hand and re-purposed a few pieces as well, the total room was very inexpensive to put together…
Price Break Down
Fabric {1 1/2 yards} Home Decor line from Joanne Fabrics w/coupon ~ $8.99
Ruffled Wall Art {Dollar Store Streamers & Re-purposed Canvas} ~ $1.00
Starburst Mirror {Recycled Cereal Box & Mirrored Candle Plate} ~$3.99
Large Basket {holding tp} Purchased from Marshalls/TJ Maxx at least 2yrs ago
Sculptural Art {above toilet} Purchased from Ross at least 5 years ago
Spray Paint {left over from previous projects}
Total Cost: $13.98

I’d love to hear how you cure your decorating bug…

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  1. sooooooo cute! I give you snaps for putting this super chic powder room together for under$15! good job girlie:D

  2. I’m in love with the color scheme that you used and the fabric is fabulous!

  3. Such awesome redo, truly remarkable…so glad I found your blog, earn so many good redo tips!

  4. Your powder room looks fantastic. I love the redo. The cereal box mirror is fabulous along with all of your projects. Very pretty and so creative. Great inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  5. gorgeous, stephanie lynn! i love the fabrics and soft colors with a touch of pop! it looks awesome!

  6. What a fun and wonderfully thrity redo! Love it!

  7. you totally inspire me!

  8. Great job ~ I love quick and easy re-dos.
    ‘hugs from afar’

  9. beautiful, Stephanie Lynn! fabulous makeover for less than $15!

  10. Bravo, girl! That’s amazing for under $15 and looks great!

  11. We can always count on you to come up with some wonderful ideas! Your bathroom is beautiful and to transform the whole look for under $15…wow!

    I have the same issue. I consider myself a habitual re-decorator! Lately I’ve been making a push to neutrals for my rooms… that way I can throw pops of color as my tastes change throughout the rooms. Much Much easier than changing the paint on the walls!

  12. This is great! And thanks for all the ideas!!!

    In fact our brand new powder room has just the basics right now… a toilet and a sink. Definite blank palette with which to work. Now to go raid my fabric stash and dig out the shelves my father-in-law made me.

  13. Love it!

  14. i am guilty of the same thing! I “Shop” arond my house for things and rearranging wall art of furniture helps too!

  15. Love makeovers like this!! Using what you have and little change spent!! Looks great-

  16. What color spray paint was used on the wall accessories. Thank you! Great powder room!

  17. It looks great and I love the colors you chose. I also love the tp basket! : )

  18. Okay, so I looked at your tutorials, and I’m pretty convinced that you’re a genius. How do you think up these things?! I truly thought the streamer art was fabric that was already textured that way. LOVE it! Love the colors, too. Great job!

  19. Creative and SO clever! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. ~~Anonymous said…
    What color spray paint was used on the wall accessories. Thank you! Great powder room!

    Krylon Brushed Metallic in Satin Nickel –

  21. Such great ideas! Now I need to get started on summer-ing up my powder room 🙂

  22. very pretty space- love the wall scupltures, they are beautiful.


  23. Love the redo! What is the name of the fabric you found at JoAnn’s? My bathroom walls are similar in color and would love to accent with this fabric! TFS!

  24. Wow, I really appreciate you sharing how you make such a big impact without spending much. I am working on a tiny powder room and this really helps me decide what to do accessory-wise, thanks!

  25. Have enjoyed visiting your blog! I too love to change rooms around- more so than my husband likes 🙂

    Darling bathroom change!

  26. Love makeovers like this and I love the colors you chose. Just beautiful! Everything so bright and clean and perfect! Outstanding!

  27. Really cute and clever makeover!

  28. I especially love the antiquing technique on plastic toys! What a great idea! Chic!

  29. I cure my decorating itch by decorating other people’s rooms–for a charge! It’s become my side job and I know it will grow into a full-fledged business real soon. It was literally borne out of an itch. I LOVED my apartment redo and didn’t want to change it but wanted to keep decorating. I talked about it enough and a client came to me. 🙂 I am making the recycled cereal box sunburst mirror for this client right now!!!

  30. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I look forward to reading more and checking back often.

  31. Thank you so much for spending more time and effort to share this post with us.

  32. A beautiful make-over for $15? Now that is what I’m talking about! Thank you for the fabulous ideas!


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