My Tuesday {Ten} – a round up of tidbits from the week {No.2}

My Tuesday {Ten} – a round up of tidbits from the week {No.2}

{My Tuesday Ten}

{one}My hubby has a fond love for Jeeps and has a few {including the cool Jeep truck he just finished that made it’s debut last week} He has one that has been totally rebuilt – just for trail riding and rock climbing {you can read more about at the end of this post}

He has been dreaming of his own ultimate big boy playground right on our property ever since we moved in and I am thrilled to say his little dream came true this Father’s Day!

Five trailer loads of rocks and a lot of help from family and friends and his playground was complete within a day.

It may not seem that note worthy but it was a pretty big manly outdoor DIY project.

Luckily we had the perfect spot in which we did not have to sacrifice any trees.

It is still a work in progress, as it really could use another five loads of rocks, but my guy is like a little kid in a candy store and his friends can’t wait to come over for a play date!

{two} Not only is my big boy ecstatic but my little guy is pretty thrilled too. He is not quite sure what to think of this new playground where it is ok to get dirty and encouraged.
{notice he is only wearing one boot}

One step in the mud and it sucked the other boot right off his foot.

I like to think of it as a dual purpose outdoor therapy area for both of my boys….

and my two four leg boys too!

{three}With all the activity I didn’t think we would see our wildlife friends around anytime soon but they were back wandering around the next day. I noramlly never have the chance to run inside and grab my camera before they are gone but I got lucky. The little guy and I watched them graze for about ten minutes before they slowly walked back into the woods
{I feel so lucky when we get to watch them}

{four} I found these cute little solar lights this weekend at Walmart – they were ‘rolled back’ to $2 a piece {I think they are noramlly $4}

I thought they would be perfect for the deck since the copper matches the post caps – I have them stuck in the paver planters I made last year.

They add the perfect amount of lighting to the deck when it gets dark – more decorative than anything but it’s a nice glow when your sitting outside – a little ambiance lighting. I am on the hunt for a few more, which I knew I should have grabbed {but didn’t}. They had about 10 cases of these things and when I made the trip back the next day I could not find a single one…
now I want them even more.

{five} My makeshift garden is actually growing! I really wanted a real garden this year but my husband refused to plant one in the yard as he did not want to battle the wildlife all summer long. So I made my own mini garden for the deck and it’s working…so far. It’s definitely an experiment this year as I have never had a vegetable garden and I still need to do a little more research and homework in this department. No signs of any vegetables yet but I can see them coming. I’ll be sharing more in a couple of weeks…any guesses to what I have growing?

{six} I found this wood and glass terrarium while out and about shopping with my Mom last fall. {I have always wanted one and it was a steal at $20 considering the large Pottery Barn version is $249} It’s been sitting on my deck for the past couple of weeks and I am at a complete loss of what to put in it….it is pretty big. I don’t want to stick anything in it that can’t take the heat or moisture….any ideas?

{seven} I ventured out for a few hours Saturday morning to check out the local flea market right up the street at the lions club. I wish I could say I’m a frequent yard sale’er, but I’m not. My little guy and I are night owls so I settle for thrift stores that are open later. I do hit two local sales a year though {one at the church and this particular one} so I get real excited when they come around.

I get even more excited when I find something I like that is still available once I finally arrive…like this entire bundle of burlap coffee bean sacks.

I love the variety of textures, colors and logos. I don’t have any plans for them yet except if I don’t use them before the little guys birthday – a sack race may have to be put on the schedule =)

I have them airing out on the deck and I can still smell the coffee beans in the breeze
{boy are they strong}

{eight} If you’re wondering why the lack of project posts lately – you may of caught a glimpse of the reason in yesterdays fridge post if you looked close enough. As soon as I finished the living room I decided to move right into the kitchen for my next mini makeover. New molding, a new color and some fun stuff I’ll share shortly.

While I really did like the shade of green that it was painted {less than two years ago as my husband has reminded me several times through out this process} I have come to the realization that I am just not a color on the walls kind of gal. I get tired way too quickly if I have to live with a bold color. I am a neutral girl at heart no matter how boring it may be to some. It’s soothing, peaceful and makes me happy – plus I would much rather change accessories every few weeks/months than paint…but that is just me. Anyhow the details will be posted in July and then I’ll be back to crafting and projects.
{ps the bell was a gift from my mother in law a couple years ago which I am pretty sure she picked up at Marshalls}

{nine} And while we are in the kitchen here is another peek of a new sign I just finished for a mini gallery wall. Kristi fromBarn Owl Primitives graciously sent me one of her amazing signs that started the inspiration for the wall {thanks so much Kristi!} I needed another large piece to sort of fit the theme so this is what I came up with. I just love everything about this little saying.

{ten} Finally I just have to share this genius creation for all the readers in the joyful bliss of potty training. How awesome is this toilet seat with a built in potty seat for the kiddies {pretty genius, right?} My sister {mom of three} gets the credit for this one as well as my mother in law who picked this one up for us.

It is made by Bemis and is called Next-Step. It was around $40 in store at The Home Depot {though I can find them on their site}

The potty seat stores right in the top of the cover magnetically when not in use. I love that it looks just like a regular toilet seat and best of all you can just flush! {brilliant}

Unfortunately my little guy is no where near ready to begin the process {if your an ASD mom I am sure you know exactly what I mean} but we are armed and ready – when he is ready! I just need to pick up a few more for the rest of my toilets as I patiently wait {with excitement}.

I have a fun little project coming up tonight made with my Silhouette
{they are having an incredible sale right now – see side bar}
Until then – Enjoy!


  1. I love reading your posts and I’m happy to hear you’re a rock crawling family too. :0) I don’t know who loves the sport more, my husband, our daughters or myself. LOL Hope you have a great day!

  2. Wow.that is a manly DIY project outside!! I love Jeeps myself!
    Can’t wait to see your new projects. You found a bunch of great stuff!
    We love watching the deer outside our window too.

  3. what awesome pictures! they made me smile! love the little guy without his boot…such a Norman Rockwell kind of pic. Blessings, Joanne

  4. Love the name of the jeep ‘poopy pants’ too funny! I can’t wait to see the kitchen redo!
    I am so very envious of your property and would luv luv luv to live there!
    Stephanie Lynn, I don’t know how you do all you do but you ROCK girl! Give he little man a hug from me & Alexis.
    Kim @

  5. Hi Stephanie, The solar lights (same ones) are also at Target. I bought one this weekend to see if it works and it does so I’m going back for more. They had hundreds of them at our Target $2-$4 each.

  6. Great idea for a linky party! Don’t know how I missed the first one, so I’m seeing this for the first time…I’ll be sure to have something to link up next week!!

  7. What a GREAT father’s day gift! My guy would LOVE to have something like that! To bad we don’t have the land for something like that. I love checking out your blog you are such an inspiration!

  8. Love your bolg:) Hey it’s a jeep thing you wouldn’t understand. Love mine. And my 17 years old with ASD too! Ok the OCD’s in the teen years will be off the chain. Look out:)
    Thanks for sharing your life and family with us. I don’t miss a post.

  9. oh, how I love reading your posts.

  10. Hey Stephanie Lynn, linking up with you this week! Great tidbits, so much going on!

  11. Love the new sign…great deer pics! Thanks for the linky!

  12. You are by far my favorite blog! I am constantly inspired by your ideas, posts, and energy. I lack all 3 so I live vicariously through your blog. I love the Tuesday Ten and you opening up a little more about your personal life. Thank you for sharing your beauty!

  13. I love your posts you are such an inspiration!


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