My Tuesday {Ten} – a round up of tidbits from the week

I snap many pictures that never make their way into posts and there are also lots of little things I’d like to share but with all the other goodies they really don’t qualify for an entire dedicated post. So my solution is a fun roundup that’s called Tuesday 10.

It’s all about sharing what’s going on, things you love, recent purchases, cute photos…pretty much all the sweet tidbits that make up daily life that you’d like to share bundled in to one post. It can be short and sweet or filled with pictures and details…anything goes – just casual and fun!

{My Tuesday Ten}

{one} I have been on the hunt for these fabulous topiaries ever since Melissa over at 320 * Sycamore posted about them last year. I finally found them in stock at my Walmart….$12.00.

Love them – They are probably going in my entryway…I just need to decorate some pots or find some cool urns for them.

{two} I’m obsessed right now with planting in these little silver cups {from the thrift store}

I started with succulents and now I have added in some cactus….I can’t get enough of them. So cute and sweet.

{three} I save every single pumpkin seed from last years pumpkins. I just soaked them this weekend and planted them. This is the first year and I’m just experimenting growing them so I’ll let you know how it goes….

{four} I have wanted a vintage metal gilder for.ever. You know, the porch gliders with the pie-crust pattern cutouts. So when my mother in law offered us her glider and rocker set from the 50′s I did a little happy dance.

They are both in exceptional condition and the back of the glider even folds down making it a rocking bed. I am working on an idea for the cushions…boy are they hard to come by and expensive – but once this is done it will be one of my prized possessions.

{five} I found these adorable plant markers at Target in their dollar bins…you get something like 8 of them for just $1. My little guy and I had fun painting them with some chalkboard paint. I stuck them in an old planter to dry {and left them there for while} They have actually survived 4 rain storms and the chalkboard paint still looks great. I’ll be using some of these to mark my herbs this year…as soon as I get around to it.

{six} We finally did our mulch this year. I normally try to have it done before the plants start growing but had to wait for my hubby to finish his latest project {the yard truck}. It is so much easier to spread when the plants aren’t actually in the way. We have already gotten 4 truck loads and need just about 2 more – I would eventually love to build in the front beds with a stone border but that is far down on the to-do. {plus that would require probably twice as much more mulch} I just really like to look of contained beds – though I am more than happy with what we have already.

If you follow on along on facebook - this is the day tragedy struck my poor camera. It was accidentally ran over by that ‘new yard truck’. Totally my fault… which made it more painful.

{seven} My gardens are filled with perennials in every shade of green you can imagine. Although I love the bright cheery colors of annuals I am not a fan of purchasing them each and every year – I love gardens that come back all on their own and I find it fascinating watching everything grow and bloom. Since we moved in I have been trying to add some color here and there each year.

I added some Climbing Roses last year and I love the vivid colors against the greens. I really have to do some more research as I know nothing about roses but would love to add many more to our gardens.

The Shasta Daisies were added the first year we moved in and have grown like wild fires.

Last year I added some Coneflowers and can’t wait to see them fully bloom this year. I actually forgot which color I got so it will be a fun surprise when they open up.

{eight} We find many hard shelled friends around our property when the weather starts to get warmer – turtles and frogs are the highlight of my little guys summer days. To keep track of our turtle friends, we mark a tiny little dot of quick dry nail polish on their shell and let them go on about their business. It’s fun to see if the same turtles return throughout the summer.
{if you have any concerns please read the info left in the comments below – we ❤ animals & would never hurt them in any way}

{nine} It’s no secret I simply adore anything Vera Bradley. They recently came out with party cups to match their line of outdoor picnic ware. Totally love the Lemon Parfait and Folkloric patterns. Not sure why all the dinnerware comes in sets of 8 but the cups are sold in sets of 6???? Still would love to have these to dress the table for a girls weekend brunch or evening cocktail hour. I even think the set tucked in a cute basket would make an adorable gift…at least those are the kinds of gifts I would love to get!

{ten} If you were wondering why we had so many boots in our front hall closet…this is why. One good squirt with the hose and they are back to new. I really need to add one of those boot drying racks to the to-do though.


I’d love to read through your Tuesday {Ten} – feel free to link up your posts if you like. This is a casual link party – just for fun – only for Tuesday {ten} posts. I know it’s short notice this week, but hope you may be able to post next week if you have something/anything you would like to share ~ Enjoy!



  1. love your plant markers – bought the same ones with the same chalk idea, but mine are still in the package! At least most of my plants are at least some of my plants are in the ground! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. this is such a great idea for a new link party. i loved reading your post. you are so creative Stephanie Lynn and you always have so many neat ideas. thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love the idea for the link party – something different. So sorry to hear about your camera, but your yard looks very pretty.
    My best – Diane

  4. I’m drooling over that glider! Will you make your own cushions?

  5. Great idea for a link party!! I don’t have anything to put together this week, but maybe next week!!

    Very cool glider!!

  6. Your yard is really shaping up, Stephanie. Isn’t it fun to spend outdoor time with your little guy finding turtles and other treasures? I like the top 10 Tuesday idea and will be joining you soon. ;) Hugs, Kim

  7. Fun party! I love your stone pathway. So pretty.

  8. I LOVE those topiaries :) I need to find them :) Your yard is gorgeous!

  9. I accidentally planted pumpkins from last fall. I have a really nice plant growing and can’t wait to see what happens. I also planted some succulents in desert cups. I was inspired by a post you did a while ago. Thanks! Great turtle idea too!

  10. Those trees are SOOOO cute!

  11. Thanks for the fun link party! I love your stone walk way also. Your yard is beautiful!

  12. Great idea for a blog post & party. Hopefully I’ll remember to participate next week.

  13. Stephanie Lynn, this is a fantastic idea, I too have a lot of tid bits to share that I never do because it’s so random, I really like this! I will try to link up next week.

  14. this is a sweet idea – maybe next week :)

  15. Just a reply – FYI – Putting nail polish on your turtles shell does not harm it – it is actually a common practice for researchers, vets and breeders to put a small dot of nail polish to tell turtles apart.

    Only paint a small dot on the center of the shell – do not paint the entire shell. The growth happens at the edges, so painting in the center with a paint that is perfectly safe to use on humans is ok. {our nails are essentially the same thing} The polish is only noxious until it dries, and those chemicals dissipate into the air and are not absorbed. Once the polish has dried, it is the same as paint.

    We are animal lovers and would never hurt one of our friends. ~Stephanie Lynn

  16. This is such a wonderful idea for a post / linky! I really enjoyed seeing all those ideas that don’t fit elsewhere! How fun to have turtles come visit every year, my boys would love that!

  17. Hi Stephanie,
    I am French and I expect you could read my English !
    I have had a tortoise in the past
    and from time to time we gave her some beef meat she appreciated
    a lot. But, the problem was that
    when I had nail polish on my feet, she thought that was meat !!
    Aïe, aïe …
    And she used to have naps her nose
    in my cat’s furr.
    Thank you to have remind me this

  18. This is a fun idea for posts – maybe I’ll get it together for next week!

  19. Stephanie-

    The easiest way to get cushions is to use a foam camping mat (the fluffy thick kind, not the thin hard yoga-mat kind), cut it to size, wrap it in batting, make a cover, spray the cover with waterproofing spray, then put the cover on and ta-da! Cushions!

  20. What a wonderful work you’ve done in the garden!!!

  21. Stephannie, is there anything you can’t do? Wow, garden is perfect. I want to suggest a rose that you will have luck with right off the bat and that is a “Knockout” rose. You can get them in single or double but I much prefer the double. It will give you encouragement to try others….virtually no black spot and they bloom like crazy!

  22. I love your blog! It has really inspired me to pull out the spray paint and start making my old things beautiful! So far I have completely re-done my back patio, and I am currently painting as many old frames as possible a matte black to create a cohesive, artistic front hallway. Pictures to follow! Thanks so much!

  23. Love your roundup!! Oh metal gliders! Seeing one immediately takes me back to being a kid sleeping over at my grandparents house! I can’t wait to see yours all finished :)


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