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As a busy mom I find it extremely hard to keep up with today’s current events even though it is something that I know is pretty important to do. I try find the time to pick up the paper when I can or listen to the news while preparing dinner but I normally only catch the headlines and don’t have the opportunity to take a look at the in depth details of a given topic.

I was recently introduced to the collection, a new monthly tablet magazine series for the iPad, and had a chance to take a look at this innovative way to stay informed and in touch with global reve topics in today’s ever changing world. 

The Collection is a single-themed monthly magazine that offers an in-depth and high inter-active look at all the relevant angles of a given topic. I really like that it not only provides readable text – but also includes videos, break taking photography in amazing panoramic and 3-D views, audio explanation, animation, rubbing, and much more. The user interaction is so engaging especially to a reader like myself who finds it hard to follow plain written text in my un-interrupted world. {reading the paper and not losing your place or train of thought with  a toddler is almost impossible for me}.

I was completely intrigued with the April inaugural issue of the collection which showcased the glamorous marriage and wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton. {who doesn’t love a fairy tale wedding and this app allowed me to catch up on the details with some incredible photos} I really enjoyed getting a sneak peek into Prince William’s life as well through the videos and other inter-active elements that included the wedding before the wedding and the Crown Jewels’ secrets. It was actually much more entertaining than a printed magazine and pretty hard to put down.

The current issue is surrounding the topic of reproduction and is entitled The Global Baby. This issue closely follows Blaze, an 18-month-old boy from Phoenix, Arizona. He has four parents. His dad is his biological father. The egg originated from an Indian donor. Another Indian woman acted as a surrogate mother, carrying and giving birth to Blaze in a Mumbai clinic. And of course, there is Blaze’s mom in Phoenix, the woman who raises him. Blaze will soon have siblings. Another surrogate mother in India is currently carrying twins and they will soon come to live with the rest of the family in Phoenix. This amazing story tells all about how the American couple’s journey to extend their family came to be, as well as the life of surrogate mothers in India. I found the reproduction milestones simply fascinating and a must see for mom’s of all ages. The issue also covers the modern possibilities for reproduction technologies — from in vitro and surrogacy, to embryo donation – simply an amazing process.

Sound pretty intriguing – click the video above for a little sneak peak.

What does the collection offer?

• Each issue of the collection has three sections that cover one story.

• World-class editors and writers contribute material.

• Panoramic photos and immersive photography offer a deeper view inside each story.

• Professionals from around the world debate each topic.

• Video-documentaries from far corners of the world allow unique access.

• Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots make the user’s experience truly unique.

• Audio comments guide users through fascinating topics.

• Each issue of the collection is a true collector’s item.

• All back issues remain available in the store

You can sample a copy of The Global baby for FREE in the iTunes store {here}. The Collection can also be found on Facebook {here} and Twitter {here}

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  1. I found that utterly amazing!! I just wish that I had an ipad.


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