The Ultimate Protection for your iPad {& an Otterbox Giveaway}

A couple months ago my little guy received one of the most incredible pieces of technology…
The Apple iPad

Obviously our biggest concern, before even leaving the Apple store, was finding the best case we could to keep the device protected {especially in hands of our four year old}.

We really did not want to leave the store without the added protection of a case but ultimately did once our Apple care rep highly suggested OtterBox. He said there are a lot of cases out there on the market, however nothing offering the same protection as some of the series OtterBox offers. I finally asked if he personally had an iPad and if so what case he had – when he said yes and OtterBox {and pulled out his phone with an OtterBox case}, the conversation was over.

OtterBox offers cases for the iPad and ipad2 {among other device-specific cases for today’s hottest technologies, including iPods, iPhones, Kindles, Blackberrys, and an array of mobile smartphones}

I had the pleasure of working with OtterBox last year {so I was thrilled to hear their name again directly from the Apple associate} Since OtterBox offers two different types of iPad cases I went right to the source for some additional advice, and the Defender Series was the obvious choice…and this statement “Drop-proof your magical, new must-have gadget with the OtterBox Defender Series for Apple® iPad™!” was just what I wanted to see.

The Defender Series case is composed of three separate layers of protection.

The first is a clear protective membrane that is applied right to the touch screen. Then there is a high-quality, hard polycarbonate shell which totally encases the iPad.

The third layer is a durable silicone skin that wraps around the hard shell.

It also has a separate detachable polycarbonate cover on the back that can be removed and snapped to the front of the iPad when not in use to cover and protect the screen.

This is perfect as we travel around with my little guy and iPad in tow.

The cover also doubles as stand which is perfect for watching movies and videos hands free. Another feature that is a huge benefit to us is the silicone grip pads that help secure the iPad in place on tabletops when my little guy is working.

This case definitely offers the ultimate in protection as every single inch of the device is covered – multiple times. Ours has been through the true tests of time and does not show any signs of wear – not even a scratch on the screen – and it has even taken a few tumbles too! The case does add a little weight to the iPad {which is well worth it considering the multiple layers of protection it provides} and it is actually easier for my little guy to handle as the silicone provides a better grip for his little hands.

Even if this tech toy was all mine {and not mainly for my four year old} I would still spring for the Defender Series case hands down. It not only is the ultimate protection against drops, bumps, and scratches but provides piece of mind for taking your iPad everywhere you go and every day use. This case encompasses everything I was wanted it to be and more and takes protection to another level.

For more information on the complete line of OtterBox cases, skins, holsters and accessories – they can be found online {here} I’m a proud owner of a case for my phone and can’t speak highly enough about the protection and quality of OtterBox products – not to mention their extraordinary service as well. You can also keep up to date with OtterBox on Facebook {here} and Twitter {here}.

And if you own an iPad, my friends at
have graciously offered to give
one lucky reader an
OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case
Compatible with the Apple iPad ~ White Plastic / Black Silicone Color
$89.95 Retail Value
{this particular case is not compatible with the iPad2

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  1. I would LOVE this otterbox! I’m a speech pathologist and use my iPad with my special needs kiddos all the time (LOTS of preschoolers…grimy, snotty, chubby but adorable fingers!)

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  10. i love this product! i didn’t know they had this for ipad!

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  12. I had no idea!! This is awesome!!!

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  15. I LOVE THIS!!! What a great idea. Thanks Otter box. We’ve been fans since you made your first case.

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  19. I just got an IPad to use in music therapy sessions. An Otterbox would be incredibly helpful since I don’t have four hands to hold onto the iPad and the real instruments!

  20. Wow! That is so cool and super protective.

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  22. oh i need this for my new iPad 2!!! yes please!

  23. I’d love an otterbox! I have never seen them before. I love that the cover is detachable and works as a stand, too. so clever :]

  24. I would love this! Thanks for doing all the research for us.

  25. My kiddos also have an iPad. Best thing we ever got them, hands down. Worth it’s weight in gold while traveling. They don’t have this case though and should. Pick me! thegemini2 at yahoo dot com

  26. I have an Otterbox for my iPhone and love it. Would love to win one for the iPad.

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  29. I have two ipads that would look great in this. I wonder if they will be making an android cover soon?

  30. That looks like the perfect case for our busy family – we use the iPad constantly and I would feel much better with this to protect it! I have an Otterbox for my phone and I love it!

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  32. What a fabulous Father’s Day present for the hubs. Thanks for the offer.

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  40. This would be awesome! Make it alot easier to let the kiddos play a little more unsupervised!

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  45. I just got an ipad for my 67th birthday and I would love this pad.

  46. Thanks for the information on Ottterbox! I’d love to win one. I just got an iPad2 for Mother’s day and I’ve already dropped it a couple of times!!

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  51. What a great cover; I’ve been using my ipad in the kitchen for recipes and it would be great to have it stand upright on it’s own with the cover rather than the prop-job I MacGyver now with my can opener and cookbook.

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  54. I so need this!! With 4 kids wanting to use my stuff. My iPad2 needs utmost protection. I’ve never heard of OtterBox and I will sure look for it, but I’M GOING TO WIN, RIGHT?

  55. This is exactly what I have been looking for to protect my husband’s iPad from little hands! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

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  58. very informative info…love the picture on the otter box package. thanks for sharing.

  59. My beloved Kindle could use the protection, for sure!

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  65. I want one of these so bad! My four year old is constantly begging to use the Ipad, I always let her, but feel like I have to watch her like a hawk to keep it from getting damaged.

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  72. Lady Bookworm :

    I just got an iPad last week, so this would be perfect for me!!

  73. Great giveaway! I use otterbox on my iPod touch. Would be great for my iPad.



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  76. Shelley Williams :

    My husband has an Otter Box for his iphone. I just never thought he could get one for the ipad. Who knew? Hope he gets this one. Thanks


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