Using Printable Tattoo Paper to Create Fun Dinnerware {How to Print & Cut Using the Silhouette Machine}

Using Printable Tattoo Paper to Create Fun Dinnerware {How to Print & Cut Using the Silhouette Machine}

My good friends over at Silhouette are at it again with another
great promotion for the month of June {details below}
The special bundle product this month is tattoo paper
Just another cool specialty thing this little machine can do
Since I have to be pretty cautious about putting anything on my little guys skin, I had to pass on the basic tattoo concept and get a little creative to come up with an alternative use for the paper {and still make something fun for my little guy to enjoy}

I took the printable paper, made some pre-historic tattoos and easily transformed a some clear Chinet plates and few plain paper cups into some fun snack-ware for our own little Dinosaur snack & play.

I used the print & cut option on my Silhouette and {after a few trial and error runs} thought I would share the tutorial to refer back to. The print and cut option works with paper as well as the tattoo paper.

Begin by selecting the shapes you would like to use and creating a new project in the Silhouette Studio. {I used four different dinosaur shapes from the Silhouette online store}

Click on the given shape to select it and open the fill color window shown above. Fill in the shape with the colors of your choice. {I simply used solid black as I only wanted the silhouette of the dinosaurs} The colors that are selected are the colors that the shapes will print from your computer.

Click on the shape you are working with to select and open the line color window shown above. Change the color of the shape outline. {I changed mine from red to black to blend in with the silhouette} Remember, which ever color you choose is what color the shape will be printed.

The next step is to create the offset which is the given area around the shape you are cutting – almost like a border around the outline of your shape.

Click on the image to select and open the offset window. Click on offset and use the slider bar to adjust the offset distance. The shape will look a bit like a blob, as show above, at this point – but don’t worry – that is adjusted in the next step.

{I only used the offset on the triceratops shape to show both cutting options – you can see the difference below in the final photos the way the tattoos actually cut by using offset option. The rest of the dinos were cut without the offset}

Next is to make the offset fill blank so your image looks normal again.

Open the fill color window and select the empty fill button, as shown above.

Change the offset outline color to red by opening the line color window and selecting red.

Now the cut style needs to be defined so the Silhouette Machine will only cut around the outside of the shape.

Select the entire shape you are working with by clicking and dragging a box around the shape you want cut. {you will have to this step to each individual shape you want to cut}

Open the cut style window and select the cut edge option.

All that is left is to add the registration marks to your page.

Open the registration marks setting window and check the show reg marks box. At this point you want to make sure your design is within guidelines.

When the send to silhouette button is clicked the program will walk you through the print process. You will be using your regular home printer for this step. Since the silhouette is already connected to your computer – it will automatically send it to your printer with just a click of a button.

Once printed, the silhouette machine will need to detect the printed registration marks so it can align to cut correctly {shown above}. For this step just load the printed page into the silhouette machine and select the option to detect registration marks ~ then you are ready to cut.

{To print and cut the tattoo paper is super easy and the package contains everything you need; a print page to run through your printer – as well as the tattoo adhesive overlay that is place over the printed page before loading into the Silhouette. Instructions are on the back of the tattoo packaging}

The plates are clear Chinet and the tattoo paper was applied to the back of the plate so the ink would not come in contact with the food.

The cups were just as easy ~ position the tattoo, cover with a damp paper towel, slide away the backing and pat dry.

The above photos show the difference between offsetting an image or leaving it as is. {see the little border outline around the triceratops}

Just a little special fun to add to an otherwise already awesome play day.

This month’s Silhouette bundle package is just $199
using the promo code ‘dream’ during checkout
You can also receive 25% off of all other Silhouette products in the online shop for a limited time
To check out all the neat things this little machine can do,
check out some of my past Silhouette Craft Projects {here}

Have fun shopping {and creating} ~ Enjoy!


  1. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to put together this tutorial! You answered several questions that I had about the print and cut feature.

    Your dinosaur plate and cup are so fun for a picnic. Your son is lucky to have you for his mom. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Excellent tutorial! I’ll be referring here whenever my own paper finally arrives. 🙂


  3. Those look really great! I love that you really thought outside the box on that.

  4. such a cute alternative to the tattoo idea. love how it came out.

  5. So what’s your opinion on using tattoo paper vs vinyl on the items such as the plates?

  6. What anawesome idea! Perfect 4 saving $ but not time.


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