Utilizing Unused Living Room Space to Create a Child Friendly Area

Utilizing Unused Living Room Space to Create a Child Friendly Area

I know it has been awhile since I last mentioned the living room, but the re-design is pretty much complete aside from an accessory or two. One of the main to-dos on the list was utilizing the awkward corner space and creating some additional storage in the room for everyday toys that my little guy is into at the moment.

This space was primarily used for the Christmas Tree during the holidays and that was pretty much it. The door you see to the left will eventually be replaced with glass french doors and open to a bonus ‘man’ room – but that is on the long term to-do – so I decided to take full advantage of the space for now without doing anything too customized or permanent.

Even though my little guys playroom is on the same main level as the living room, many days the toys of moment usually end up making their way into this space. So I really wanted to add some additional storage for quick clean up and to conceal the goods.

The Ikea Expedit came to the rescue – I just love these simple storage units. We have one in the actual playroom and it is the epitome of the word storage. It hides so. much. stuff. {and the price tag is not bad either for a finished piece}

I originally had my restoration hardware inspired bins in the unit but they just were not really cutting it size wise – compare to the baskets shown above {BRANĂ„S – also from Ikea}. They do get a little pricy when you have to buy eight of them but they fit the unit perfectly and are pretty sturdy to hold all the Lightning McQueens, Buzz Lightyears and dinosaurs laying around. I also like the handles which makes them easy for my little guy to pull out and carry around.

The child-size table makes the perfect snack/play/work area too giving my little guy a dedicated space in the the room we typically spend a lot of time in as a family. The table was a gift a couple of years ago and I am thrilled I finally have a place to put it so it actually gets used.

I am so happy to finally use every nook in this room {my little guy is pretty excited too}. I’ll be showing the full room with lots of pics shortly.

Today I am over at Home Stories A to Z sharing some practical decorating tips on how to decorate for the DIY’er -hope you stop by and say hi! ~ Enjoy!


  1. Great use of the corner, it looks beautiful! I want to do something similar in my living room, I don’t have a playroom so the toys are taking over in my living room right now!

  2. LOVE the corner now! It looks fantastic and is totally practical! (I too am in love with Expedit bookshelves! I have one in my office and it is a godsend.)

  3. I think that looks great!!

  4. I love how you used this corner! It’s perfect for the everyday toys, and blends beautifully with the rest of the room.

  5. It looks great..I love the cabinet and wicker baskets from IKEA..

  6. The space looks so great Stephanie Lynn. I just love your style – I’m sure I could wander around your home fro hours looking at all of your projects. I love the display above the storage shelf!!

  7. It looks fantastic and what an awesome use of space! Thanks again for posting over at my place today! You rock girl :).

  8. So cute! I find even with a playroom, they need to be where mom is 🙂 so this is great! He is so flipping cute, too

  9. It looks great and you can’t beat all the storage cubes. I’ve always had a problem incorporating the kids toys into my decorating. For years I just gave up and let the toys and equipment take over and I am just now starting to get them more organized.

  10. I bought one of the Expedit shelves after seeing how you used it in your playroom last year:-) The Itso Bins from Target fit the cubbies exactly and they are not as pricy as Ikea (approx. $10) I bought four baskets from Ikea and 4canvas bins from Target and staggered them. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! Stephanie B

  11. I’ve been wanting an Expedit for a long time now, and I think those baskets make it look the prettiest I’ve seen. I also love utilizing unused space! We have a tiny house, so it drives me crazy to have wasted space. Nice job!


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