60 Different Shell Crafts for your Collected Beach Treasures {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

60 Different Shell Crafts for your Collected Beach Treasures {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

If you have been beach bound this summer, especially with little ones, I am sure a load of collected seashells have made the travel back home home with you. For me, these little beachcomber treasures are packed with memories of sandy toes and carefree days – and are just too precious to toss aside.

This week’s Saturday Inspiration & Ideas is dedicated to preserving these collected trinkets. Seashells are such an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your decor and these 60 different concepts will hopefully inspire you to put them to good use.

Crafting with Shells

Source: Handworks Gallery
Colorful Driftwood Shell Wreath

Source: Craft Ideas
Shell Wreath

Source: Coastal Living
Shell Wreath and Starfish Garland

Source: Victor van Dijk via Flickr

Source: Martha Stewart
Clamshell Wreath

Source: Woman’s Day
Seashell Wreath

Source: Handworks Gallery
Colorful Shell Wreath

Source: Martha Stewart
Mussel Shell Wreath

Source: April Hiler Designs
Shell & Starfish Kissing Ball

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Flower Pots

Source: Real Simple
Shell Planters

Source: Martha Stewart
Seashell Planter

Source: Wisteria
Shell Embellished Planters

Source: Coastal Living
Clamshell Centerpiece

Source: Geoff Baldwin via Flickr
Hanging Shell Planters

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Flowers

Source: Mag Artsy Party Crafts
Shell Bouquets

Source: Coastal Living
Shell Path Lanterns

Source: Martha Stewart
Sand and Shell Centerpiece

Source: Martha Stewart
Oversized Shell Tealight Centerpiece

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Candles

Source: Martha Stewart
Metallica Shell Candle Holders

Source: Country Living
Adding Interest to Walls with Shells

Source: Wisteria
Oyster Shell Mirror

Source: Martha Stewart
Seashell Mirror

Source: It’s the Little Things
Shell Shadow Boxes

Source: Country Living
Shell Embellished Frames

Source: Country Living
Shell Filled Lamps

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Nightlight

Source: Craft Ideas
Seashell Nightlights

Source: Martha Stewart
Seashell String Lights

Source: Real Simple
Showcase Shells in Lucite Boxes

Source: Country Living
Simple Shell Vase Display

Source: Craft Ideas
Glass Globe Shell Display

Source: Country Living
Shell Filled Bottles

Source: Coastal Living
Seashell Topiary Trees

Source: RSH Catalog
Mixed Shell Trees

Source: Coastal Living
Beachcomber’s Tree

Source: Country Living
Hanging Shell Wind Chime

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Wind Chimes

Source: Real Simple
Use Shells to Decorate a Journal

Source: Martha Stewart
Seashell Sprayed Stationary

Source: Coastal Living
Shell Embellished Packages

Source: Martha Stewart
Seashell Soap Dish

Source: Martha Stewart
Oyster Shell Dish

Source: Coastal Living
Shell Ornaments

Source: Disney Family Fun
Seashell Sail Boats

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell House

Source: Country Living
Decorate Pastry & Pie Crusts by Pressing with Shells

Source: Real Simple
Shell Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Skewers

Source: Country Living
Shell Place Settings

Source: Cherished Gifts & Favors
Seashell Place Cards

Source: Country Living
Shell Tablecloth Weights

Source: Country Living
Shell Embellished Tote Bag

Source: Shell Scapes
Shell Bobby Pins

Source: Diva Hair
Seashell Hair Clip

Source: SMC801 Etsy
Shell Embellished Flip Flops

Source: Martha Stewart
Printed Seashell Pillows

Source: Martha Stewart
Shell Stamped Sheets

and Martha Stewart shares an easy way to clean all your shells and prepare them for crafting, simply using the dishwasher!

The Sunday Showcase Party will begin tonight! I am looking forward to seeing what you have been working on! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!


  1. Wow, fantastic post – just beachy! I liked some of the ideas but others (like that bathroom) well, not so much.

  2. Wow is right. I’ve never seen so many shell ideas. They are all gorgeous and so creative. HUgs, Marty

  3. Love all of the pictures. Living so close to the beach I have tons of shells around my house..picked up some good ideas from this, thanks!

  4. Love the ideas, epecially the sea shell pie crust. I can’t wait to try it this summer. Thanks! Sally

  5. I love each single idea!!

  6. I’m in inspiration overload. Great post!

  7. Some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL photos and projects I have ever seen in my life. Thank you so much for gathering all those inspiration photos in one place.

  8. What fabulous ideas for using sea shells! I see a few projects I will be doing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So much seashell goodness! I have tons of seashells, I see a seashell wreath & bouquet in my future! Thanks for gathering and sharing the goodness!

  10. Stephanie – this post is just shell-icious! Thanks so much for organizing this fab collection of seashell creations for us to admire and be inspired by!

  11. So many ideas! I am inspired!

  12. Wow! So many creative ideas…it’s making my head spin. I love shells and some of these ideas are going on my “to-do” list. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  13. Great post and great timing! I am sharing this on my Facebook page! Great ideas!

  14. What an awesome post!! Thank you SO much for collecting these ideas in one place. I want to “pin” them all. :)I’m a HUGE fan of the beach. We’ve lived in FL for the last few years, and now we are doing a beach office redo. I’m excited to incorporate some of these ideas!

  15. I love all these ways to use shells. Being a Florida resident, I do have my fair share of shells, but these are all new and fresh to me for the most part. I had a large collection of shell dolls when I was a young girl but the shells eventually disintegrated, so I know they don’t last forever. While they do, though, they are a delightful addition to our “shells”. I’m going to go pick out a nice one for my pastry, too; I love that idea!

  16. I’m always looking for new ways to integrate our extensive seashell collection into the overall vibe of our home without making it look like a kitchy vacation rental. These are all awesome! thanks, Diane

  17. Wow – what great ideas. Guess I better get to the beach and start collecting. Love the dishwasher idea too…no more bleaching!

  18. what a great idea of using shells rather then collecting it and put come where i like the master bed one thanks for sharing it.

  19. just found your wonderful blog. Such great idea for sea shells…. I love it many thanks

  20. WOW! So many fabulous ideas!
    I can’t wait to try some of them!

  21. heres another idea, i had inspiration from my honey moon in santa cruz- supplies: corkboard(i used a dark, chunkier board), a dollar store picture frame, display pins(not sure what theyre really called, theyre the ones used to hold bugs?) seashells of all different sizes, and a knife or scissors to cut the cork.. cut the cork to fit inside the frame, and glue it in(make sure you remove the glass, do with the glass what you want it has no place in this project =} )then fold over the clips that hold the original inserts onto your cork for extra support, start with the bigger shells work your way smaller(i also used a starfish =]) and position them on your cork how you want them to be, for the bigger heavier ones, use your pins, push through the back of your cork and then bend the tip to securely hold your shell, put a thin bead of craft glue onto your shell where it will touch the cork, and put it on your hook and push onto your cork, continue to do this with all of your shells, the smaller ones will stay with just glue=] once dry, spray with a clear coat paint and let that dry as well. ta-da! 3d wall art! hang it on your wall and enjoy! =]

  22. Thanks for posting all of these wonderful photos (and the links) to these great shell projects. They are all so pretty and inspiring.

  23. I am inland but work with shells also. One idea-fill a scallop shell with potpourri, glue on netting to hold it in place, add lace around edges if desired to hide glued edges. It isn’t necessary if you glue to the underside of the shell, and clip closely. Add a teeny silk rose on a matching bow and hanging loop of 1/8 inch silk ribbon. I do them in sets of colors, and add potpourri oil to scent.

    Use the “snail shell” type shells, (there are several), put a line of the teeny cream pearls around the opening. Add a silk rose on a bow with a hanging loop of 1/8 inch satin. Option: instead of pearls, paint a wide band (1/8 in.) of gold, silver, brass, or copper, then add a cream bow and loop, or a jute one.

    Add some teeny shells and a bit of dowel painted like a lighthouse, with checks or spiraled stripes, inside a scallop shell. Letter over the top edge the name of a popular beach, then add a bow and hanging loop of satin or jute. Stick a short piece of grass stem with seeds in the shells and glue in place, Add a teeny piece of coral or beach glass if you wish.

    Glue a cream ball type bead on top of a scallop shell, with a gold thin cord for a hanging loop, with the top facing you. Add a gold cord bow to hide the join, and glue 1/4 in. eyelet lace around all edges, including head. Paint on features if desired. This makes a beach baby.

    Glue a wooden ball type bead with a gold thin cord threaded through it onto a scallop shell, with the top facing you. Take a short strip of gold braiding or ricrac, and wrap it around the neck, and down the front, crisscrossing it at one inch below top of shell. Add fabric, lace, ribbon, or little brass “wings” to make a beach angel. Glue on a teeny bit of spanish moss for hair, add eyes and mouth “dots” if you wish.

    Cut a short length of 1/8 or 1/4 in. ribbon. Turn a scallop shell with the open side up. Glue the “hanging cord on either end of the shell, like a cradle. Cut short lengths of 1/8 in. ribbon, make bows, with long tails, and glue at either end. Add a rose if you wish, or a tiny shell. Fill the “cradle” with tiny shells, or a teeny bird on a Sp. moss nest, or 3 navy beans in a “nest”, bird seed and peanut butter, or aany similar grouping. The nest ideas are perfect for topping pinecones also. They can be adapted for Victorian, woodsy, or shabby chic looks by changing the trims slighly.

    I also glue on red, white (silver) and blue small plastic stars on the inside of a scallop shell, then with a black sharpie marker, write “Proud to be Cherokee” (Melungeon, Irish, etc.) These get red or blue or white hanging loops and bows, with a star on the bow.

    Place a pretty scallop shell with the back facing you. Glue on 5 pearls, evenly spaced, along its lower edge ( or rhinestones). Add a pale pink or mauve or cream hanging loop and bow, with a pearl or rhinestone glued to it.

    Add a bit of fabric (teeny design or solid pastel color), and a dab of cotton to an upended scallop shell. Hot glue edges down inside edges, or go over sides, and glue on underside. Add teeny lace trim if you wish to hide raw edges. Stuff full. Add a matching hanging loop and bow of satin. Glue a button onto the center of the bow for trim. Glue on 2-3 teeny buttons, and stick in a couple of stickpins to make a pincushion. You can add a teeny pr. of manicure size scissors on a ribbon hanging off the shell.

  24. Spent quite a while scrolling down this absoultely gorgeous list of ideas for using shells! Thanks for putting it all together. I’ve only recently (like just over a month ago) taken an interest in beach crafts, sea glass, shells, pebbles etc and am just itching to try some of these wonderful shell craft ideas. Found your site via Pinterest, and will be pinning two or three images from this page to my boards – not just great ideas these, but also great photos, good for sharing.

  25. Just love all the shell craft ideas! Now I can use all the sea shells I’ve collected from my trips to Myrtle Beach Sc, Cape Cod, Ma and Florida-my husband always complains that I bring all these shells home in the car…(in the trunk in baggies)… He says, I never will use them all, Ha, now, I will show him! Then I will need to take another trip….To Get MORE shells! God bless and thank you!

  26. Thanks for all the ideas! I’ve been to Thailand the past two years and have SO many shells. I told myself I wasn’t going to get any this trip. I’m a collector and can’t help picking them up. I liked the shadow box idea. I had the same idea, maybe if there wasn’t a lot of shells, I’d add a picture of the beach I got them from to the background. I’d add the name/place of the beach where I got them from. I’m thinking of a shadow box for each place I/we went. Some shells have more meaning than others and I like the idea of having them each in their own shadow box. 🙂

  27. Love the Shell House and the Seashell Sail Boats – Amazing ideas, thank u so much!! This will be on my To-Do List for the weekend! 😉

  28. My daughter gave me the path to your page about shell craft. It is spectacular. Thanks for assembling all these great ideas…

  29. I couldn’t find the seahorse tile “Adding Interest to Walls with Shells” with link provided to Better Homes and Garden. Can you please post the direct link? Thanks so much!!

  30. What awesome ideas. I thank you so much for the trouble you went to in order to create such an interesting post. I’ve been looking for ideas and now it’s time to go to work on some!

  31. I am passionate about the sea and everything around it. I love your shell craft and the possibility to share this with everyone.
    I bookmarked your page for further visits. I also make shell art but a bit different than you do. I make 3 dimensional wall creations with shells, crushed shells, driftwood and sea sand. I display my creations in shadow boxes which I make myself.

    Regards, Ilona Mulder

  32. Thankyou so much stephanie for sharing all your
    crafty ideas with sea shells,i live on the mid
    north coast of n.s.w Australia…& all our beaches
    here are absolutely stunning my daughter & i
    often go to the beach to collect shells as we are only 5 minutes away..but found all your craft stuff so inspiring thankyou so much for sharing
    your page is briilant “congratulations”..

  33. Julie @ julsofparadise :

    So many fabulous ideas!!!
    I’m heading to Sanibel Island tomorrow to scope the beaches for shells, then off to create!

  34. Carol Jameson :

    Absolutely beautiful, loved them all. I live by the coast and am looking for some inspiration with what to create with shells and ive certainly found that on your website, thank you for sharing them.

  35. Lovely pictures!

  36. I love mermaids and this is just lovely. I am excited as to what I could do with my bathrooms. I do have some ocean themed home decor at my site but there is so much you can make here on your own.

  37. I know live near the ocean and I have been inspired to start crafting again with these great ideas!


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