My Tuesday {Ten} – Building a Succulent Dish Garden

My Tuesday {Ten} – Building a Succulent Dish Garden

It’s Tuesday and time for the Tuesday {Ten}.
The Tuesday {Ten} is all about sharing what’s going on, things you love, recent purchases, cute photos…pretty much all the sweet tidbits that make up daily life that you’d like to share, bundled in to one post. It can be short and sweet or filled with pictures and details…anything goes – just casual and fun!

My Tuesday {Ten}

You have lifted me up with your thoughts and prayers and I can not say thank you enough. I have read over the comments from last week numerous times {and will continue to do so} as they make my heart smile. I am forever grateful for each and every one of you and truly appreciative beyond words.

We had an appointment last week and the results of my little guys last endoscopy were not good. The doctors decided they will definitely be doing the g-tube and taking my little guy off all foods and liquids. We have another appointment tomorrow to get everything scheduled in. I know it will take some getting use to but I am grateful that we live in a day where there is actually something they can do for my little guy, to get him out of his pain and back to feeling better again. We are very lucky and blessed.

Needless to say there wasn’t much going on this week.
Since I am a little fascinated with succulents, I was in bliss when I ran into a full display of them at my local Walmart and you know I couldn’t pass them by without buying one of each.
I thought it would get my little guy outside for a bit – since he loves to ‘garden’
{aka play in the dirt and rocks}

So for this weeks Tuesday {Ten} I’m sharing ten photos and some tips from our
Succulent Garden Dish adventure

These amazing succulents were just $2.50 each
{which for succulents around here is a pretty awesome price}
They had tons – in some pretty fabulous varieties too!

This is Echeveria ‘Lola’

{1} Rainbow Bush
{2} String of Pearls
{3} Unknown…anyone have a clue….

{1} Aloe ‘Minnie Belle’
{2} Echaveria ‘Sleepy’
{3} Crassula Rupestris

This one has the coolest appearance – but the name kinda freaks me out
Baby Toes

Succulents looks fabulous and require minimum care making them the perfect for indoor container gardens. Succulents store water in their juicy leaves giving them the ability to survive extreme dry spells ~ They won’t wilt if you forget to water them ~ though they do need regular watering to look their best.

We used a footed bowl {I found last year at Marshalls} for our container and my little gardener took the pleasure of filling it with soil.

There are many successful soils for succulents – They are not fussy plants – You can make your own using equal parts of potting soil and pumice or perlite – or simply use pre-mixed Cactus soil – like we did.

Nearly all succulents do well in pots, bowls and containers due to their shallow root system.

We placed the plants in the container and filled the recesses with soil, packing firmly.

Once our plants were arranged we filled the top of the bowl with a layer of pebbles for a finished look.

My little guy gardens like I craft….dirt and rocks were everywhere =)

To remove any dirt from the succulents once the arrangement was complete, I used an old small paint brush – it works perfectly to get into all the small crevices.

Succulents like well drained soil and since I used a bowl I will simply let the soil go nearly dry between waterings – just a general rule of thumb for all succulents.

As the plants draw on stored moisture, the leaves will loose their sheen and shrivel – so if you start to see this happening, the garden simply needs more water. Succulents are very tough plants though and even when neglected – most can recover when watered again.

I love our new garden – my little gardener did a fabulous job.
Have you fallen for these tiny incredibly stylish {easy to care for} plants like I have?


I’d love to read through your Tuesday {Ten} – feel free to link up your posts if you like. This is a casual link party – just for fun – only for Tuesday {ten} posts.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I especially love the one of his fingers pressing the dirt down…

    This is a fun project too, you’ve rather got the wheels in my head spinning, my boys would love something like this. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sorry to hear about your little one’s health issues. Pray he is feeling better quickly!
    Love, love, love this container garden! Can’t wait to try it! Do you know how they do in Winter? (I live in the south, so it doesn’t get too awfully cold.)

  3. Sorry to hear about your little man and I am sending my prayers that he’ll be better soon.

    Number 3 looks like Burro’s Tail to me. I have a large one and it drapes over the side of the pot very nicely.

  4. I love succulents! Your little garden is very cute, but not as cute as your little gardener! So sorry to hear about his health issues, but glad they are able to do something to help him. Hopefully it will only be short term.

  5. Your mini garden is beautiful!
    I unfortunately kill every plant I come near 🙁
    I really don’t know what I am doing wrong…really. My 19 yr old…a green thumb!
    She has our garden just beautiful. I go out there and enjoy it, while she does all the work lol.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your little man’s health issues. I hope that he is able to get some relief and begin to feel like his old self.

    I have 3 empty pots sitting in my house that I have been planning to fill with succulents. I think you just gave me the push I needed to go out and buy some! Your little garden turned out so cute! Are you keeping yours outside? The only thing I worry about is if they’ll get enough sun inside (where I plan to put mine). Thoughts?

  7. I am obsessed with succulents. they are great for dry georgia summers too, since they dont need much water. I agree with Suesan…it looks like burro (or donkey’s) tail. I have some too:)

  8. I shared this on my Facebook page (Happy Baby Designs) but for some reason I wasn’t able to tag you in it 🙁

  9. I am OB-SESSED with succulents. I just bought a few more last night and planted them. They are the cutest plants ever and I LOVE your dish! Adorable!

  10. I would love to get some succulents. My mother in law gave me an aloe plant that desperately needs to be transplanted. It had dried out leaves and then some extremely soft/mushy ones when I got it. I got rid of the dead and it seems to be doing ok now.

  11. I would love to get some succulents! I am sure my kiddos would have as much fun as yours did if I allowed them to help.

  12. Oh so pretty! I had succlents a couple of years ago until my cat decided they made a good lunch. I haven’t tried since. Your photos make me want to try again!

  13. Your garden is beautiful! You and your little guy did a wonderful job together creating it!

  14. Succulents are my favorite! They’re fun to grow and an excellent choice to share with friends. It does look like a Donkey Tail that maybe has just had a lot of shade so they’re not as clumpy as normal. That was the one that got me hooked a few years ago.

    Hoping that your little guy is better soon!

  15. I hope the g-tube makes your little guy feel better. I’m praying right now for him and you guys too. Strength, peace and blessings to each of you!

  16. Praying that the Lord richly blesses you this coming week! LOVED the pictures on this post, and all the information on those hardy plants! I’ve never seen baby toes… you are right, the name is a bit creepy, but they are SO CUTE! Just like baby toes, I suppose! xoxo jules

  17. I’m sure everything wii be ok for your little boy. I’ll pray for him.
    Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  18. I just recently found your site and I love it so much. Your little guy is so sweet and precious. I honestly hope and pray for your family, doctors, health, and happiness.

  19. Hi,
    I hope all will be okay with your son, the doctors and technology today are all in his favor. He is just gorgeous.
    The plant you asked about is donkey tail. Yours is very pretty.

    Thanks for the great site I am so glad I stumbled upon you!!
    Denise Toepel

  20. Love all the plants they are so unique my favorite are those string pearl things never saw anything like those before!!

  21. Love this idea! It looks fantastic, I may have to make one with my children 🙂

  22. I am so going to do a garden like yours! Have a couple of concerns – how much light do these guys need? I thought they would need full sun but they died in my yard – I would too if I stayed out there too long – it’s a heat streak in Texas still. But I killed them. Are you putting your plants in the house or outside? Thanks for sharing your beauty! [email protected]

  23. Beautiful! I acquired a succulent similar to #3 which I was told is a donkey’s tail(seriously don’t know if that is true). Mine survives abject neglect on a pretty regular basis. If I knock a piece off of the plant, I simply place it into dirt and “voila” it grows! Perfect for black thumbs everywhere!

  24. Prayers for your son & the family . I’m going to do this today . God Bless

  25. Going to put our place on the market. Instead of a regular ivy or other house plant, this would look great to use on my eating island. Going to do a pretty succulent garden with rocks that go with my granite. Thanks for the demo AND your other great ideas.

  26. Succulents are my newest passion! I was blessed to have my hubby build a custom birdhouse with a succulent garden on the rooftop! I am so silly I guess, I was amazed that one of the plants is blooming! Never thought about blooms! I am so glad you worte and photographed this article..INCLUDING THE NAMES of the plants. YOU ARE MY HERO!

  27. I just stumbled onto you this afternoon. Your little man is so adorable. I pray that he gets the relief from the pain. I thank God very often for the wonderful Drs. we have.
    As soon as I saw # 3 I saw that it is a donkey tail. If the donkey tail is in a hanging planter and in a space that it wont get bumped it will grow long tails. The same with the string of pearls. They look great when they start draping over the sides and growing long.

  28. I know, number 3 is a Sedum burrito. Congratulations for your work. Very good!


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