The Sunday Showcase Party with Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop Giveaway {No. 63}

Welcome to The Sunday Showcase Party
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I am super excited to introduce you to this week’s sponsor
Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop
{I’m a little addicted to all these fabulous products right now!}

Rachael has been perfecting her traditional cold pressed soap making for the last 8 years and recently opened an Etsy shop after receiving an overwhelming response selling at her local craft fairs.

Rachael’s soaps contain no dyes or perfumes – just all natural essential oils.
They are vegan friendly too!

They truly smell incredible {I have to admit I almost refuse anyone to use the ones I have in my front powder room …as they make the whole foyer area smell so amazing!}

Many of the soaps have additional natural additives – almost every soap contains something different. Some of the natural additives include:

Lavender Rosemary Soap with Dried Lavender
Cranberry Orange Soap with Dried Cranberries and Annatto
Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap with Poppyseeds
Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap with Dried Mint Leaves & Green Sea Clay
Lemon Squeeze Soap with Dried Lemon Peels
Citrus and Sage Soap with Dried Basil
Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap with Oatmeal
Coconut Lemongrass Soap with Dried Lemongrass
Mango Tangerine Soap with Dried Grape
…and many more!

Plus all of Rachael’s 3.5-4oz bars are just $3.00 each!
{whole batches of 16 bars are available as well}

Another thing I am in love with are the bath scrubbies – super cute and perfectly sized to fit right in your hand – no wadding or rolling. They are 100% cotton, machine washable, and the durable crochet will last for hundreds of uses.

If you looking for something a little bigger, Rachael also carries these adorable crocheted dishcloths – each end has the cutest ruffle. They are crocheted with durable 100% USA grown cotton and are machine washable. The 8.5″ squares are perfect for the kitchen or the bath.

and then there are these precious Plain Jane Oilcloth Gloves. The minute I found these in Rachael’s shop I knew I needed a pair. The gloves have a smooth, comfortable lining that won’t irritate your hands plus they are Latex Free! They are adorned with the prettiest ruffled cuff made with genuine oilcloth.
I ♥ these gloves!

♦ To view the entire collection of handmade soaps & accessories ♦
Visit Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop
♦ You can also connect with Rachael on Facebook

And as a special treat Rachael is offering all readers an extra sweet deal for the next week
Each order placed will receive two free bath scrubbies!
{Just add Under the Table and Dreamingin the comments section of your order}

For this weeks Sunday Showcase Giveaway
is offering One Lucky Reader
a $15 Gift Certificate to use at
Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop!

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy.



  1. I would absolutely love the Lavender Rosemary Soap and the bath scrubbies!

    The Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap sounds wonderful too!

    These would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas – gotta start thinking ahead. It’ll be here before we know it!

  2. I just liked UTT&D on Facebook.

    I just discovered your blog today – and am enjoying it!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  3. Connected with Rachael on Facebook!

  4. Added Rachael’s Etsy shop to my favorites.


  5. I am loving lemongrass these days so the coconut lemongrass soap sounds like one to try.

    Thank you for you fun party!

  6. I love Rachael’s soap!!! I’ve tried a few, but my favorite continues to be the peppermint wake up bar.

  7. I like her on Facebook.

  8. The Black Raspberry Vanilla soap sound great to me! 🙂

  9. I am a new follower…how luxurious to have hand crafted soaps and scrubbers. I love a nice bath!

  10. I like the Peppermint wake up bar!

  11. I Heart her on Etsy

  12. i think i go for the peppermint wake up soap bar !

  13. I just left Rachaels etsy shop and purchased a Citrus Kitchen Bar. I hope that qualifies me for the giveaway? Thanks for the opportunity to win her incredible soaps. 8^)

  14. I just made Rachaels shop one of my favs. 8^)

  15. I just liked Rachael on FB. 8^)

  16. Black Raspberry Vanilla sounds delicious!

  17. I would love the grapefruit ginger soap!

  18. I added Rachel’s shop to my favorites on ETSY.

  19. I am a fan of Rachel on FB

  20. I am a fan of UTT&D on FB

  21. I think the peppermint wake-up bar and mango tangerine would be great! Thank you!
    [email protected]

  22. She has an awesome shop-the ginger and the raspberry bars sound yummy. Thanks for the chance.

  23. I liked her on FB. cheers

  24. Hey Stephanie Lynn, it sure has been a while, but I’ve returned to join the party!

    The soaps look amazing, you can almost imaging the wonderful smell from each of them. I can’t imagine not wanting each and every one of them but if I had to pick a fav to try it would be…Mango Tangerine with Dried Grape!

  25. I also follow you on FB!

  26. I love the yellow polka dot oilcloth gloves!

  27. Mmmmm all those soaps to choose from, I think the mango tangerine would be lovely!

  28. I would love to try the oatmeal milk and honey soap!

  29. I added Rachel’s shop as a favorite of mine on Etsy!

  30. I like Rachel on Facebook!

  31. I follow You on facebook too!

  32. thanks for hosting ! love the oatmeal and honey soap!

  33. I love the ruffled gloves and all the soaps made with vanilla, my favorite scent.

  34. I added her shop to my favorite list. I will have to buy some of her yummy soaps for sure.

  35. I follow you on facebook.

  36. Thank you for hosting!!

  37. Thank you for hosting, Stephanie Lynn. I would love the grapefruit ginger soap!

  38. I think I would love the peppermint wakeup bar.

  39. These soaps look wonderful! I especially like the Peppermint Wake Up Bar. Thanks so much for hosting!

  40. thank you for being such a gracious linky party hostess ~ hope you’ve had a lovely weekend so far 🙂

  41. The vanilla orange soap sounds divine!

  42. I follow UTT&D on facebook!

  43. Wow all those soaps sound so…. yummy.? I think I would need to try some Cranberry Orange soap.

  44. Those soaps look good enough to eat LOL

    love the oilcloth gloves


    i don’t think I have a favorite like them all

  45. mmmm….oatmeal and honey soap!

  46. I am now following your super site. I’d like any of the soaps, citrus, cranberry orange, peppermint, they all appear nice.

  47. I ‘m following Under the Table and Dreaming on facebook !

  48. Rachael’s soaps are my new favorite on Etsy~ thanks for the giveaway.

  49. I connected with Racael on Facebook.. nice soaps.

  50. excited about the Mango Tangerine Soap with Dried Grape. thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. I “like” UTT&D on Facebook

  52. Mango tangerine with dried grape- oh I bet it smells amazing!

  53. I liked UUTD on Facebook!

  54. I liked Rachel’s Soaps on FB!

  55. Lemon soaps are my FAV for the kitchen. I would love to try Rachel’s Lemon Squeeze Soap!

  56. I want to try them all! I’ve been looking natural soaps. The scrubbies look great, too.

  57. I think the black rasberry vanilla soap with poppyseeds sounds amazing and the plain jane yellow polka dot gloves are absolutely adorable.

  58. My first pick would be the peppermint wake up bar.

  59. Lori McCool :

    I would love anything with vanilla but that peppermint morning wake up sounds fantastic

  60. YUM!! I love the sound of Coconut Lemongrass!!!

  61. Genevieve V. :

    Lavender and Rosemary are just two wonderful scents to fuse together. I would love to sample these natural soaps. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    [email protected]

  62. I would love to have all the different kinds/ scent of the soap.. I could imagine our house smelling sooo good..

  63. I liked UTT and D in Facebook..

  64. I liked Rachel’s gloves on facebook, and also made her shop one of my favs on Etsy. I’d love to have a pair of her gloves. Almost makes me want to clean!

  65. The mango tangerine sounds divine!


    [email protected]

  66. I like UTT&D on FB!

    [email protected]

  67. I like Rachael’s Homemade Natural Soap on FB!

    [email protected]

  68. I have to try the Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap. I so want a pair of the gloves….adorable & useful.

  69. Ohhh! I love artisan soaps! I would love the all natural face bar, the oatmeal bar and the peppermint wake up bar!
    [email protected]

  70. I added Rachael’s homemade soap shop to my favorites on Etsy.

    [email protected]

  71. I love soaps, the peppermint wake up bar sounds wonderful!

  72. Anything with raspberry. I will be ordering today!

  73. Oh wow, the vanilla orange sounds amazing!!

  74. I think my favorite would be the face bar and also the round bath cloths.

  75. Connected with Rachael’s page on facebook!

  76. Added Rachael’s Etsy shop to my favorites!

  77. I am already a follower of UTT&D on facebook! I hope I did all that correctly.

  78. Mmmm coconut lemongrass soap!!! Oh my, I love these natural soaps 🙂 Another fave would definitely be the black rasberry vanilla… and those scrubbies are adorable!

  79. I absolutely love those scrubbies, and the oatmeal milk & honey sounds wonderful!

    Liked on FB, and Favorite on Etsy!!


  80. I would love the peppermint wake up bar! The glass soap dispensers are very cute also!

  81. I am a follower of UTT&D.

  82. I LOVE the soap dispenser!!

  83. I have added to my favorites on Etsy!!

  84. I love the rustic soap dispenser and would love to smell and use the honey almond soap!!

  85. I just like UTT&D on Facebook.

  86. I think I would like the lemon peel soap…

  87. Whoa – I’m so late to the linky party. But I linked up anyway! Thanks for hosting!

  88. I would love the sky blue polka dot gloves!

  89. I added the shop to my favorites on Etsy!

  90. Hi!
    I love the Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap with Poppyseeds soap and Mango Tangerine Soap with Dried Grape soap and the Bath Scrubies!

  91. I would love ANY one of those soap bars. I think I would actually love EVERY one of them. 🙂

  92. Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap with Dried Mint Leaves & Green Sea Clay sounds awesome!

  93. I would love the coconut lemongrass and peppermint wake up soaps …and those scrubbies look interesting.
    [email protected]

  94. I’d love the oatmeal milk and honey soap 🙂

  95. I’ve *liked* Rachael on fb.

  96. I’ve *liked* UTT&D on fb.

  97. I would probably go with the Pick 16 Bars of Soap — how fun to try a bunch of different scents! Thanks!

  98. The soaps are way to pretty to use! (Another thing my husband doesn’t understand!heehee)

  99. I LOVE the ruffle dishcloths. My husband’s grandmother has made many of these for us and they are my absolute favorites. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to make them anymore and that has made me very sad. Love to know I can get some like them here!

  100. Connected with Rachael on facebook

  101. Added Rachael’s shop to my Etsy favorites!!!

  102. Thought I was already following UTT&D on facebook…apparently not…but now I AM!!

  103. I am a new follower and absolutely love ur scent combo’s. I would love to try orange cranberry, and citrus..


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