No Sew Ruffled Electrical Cord Cover – Hide Those Cords in Less than 5 Minutes

No Sew Ruffled Electrical Cord Cover – Hide Those Cords in Less than 5 Minutes

Like many, I am not a big fan of electrical cords. I have been know to tape, tie, fold, and do some things that would probably make electricians cringe, to conceal the darn things. I have a lamp I like to keep on my kitchen counter and I have tried to randomly place things around it just to hide the cord – but without obviously looking like I am trying to hide something – there is really no way around it.

So in less than five minutes I made a simple fabric cord cover to pretty it up a bit
{and pack away the tchotchkes.}

Materials Needed
No Sew Fusible Hemming Tape
Straight Pin {optional}

Cut a strip of fabric 2 times the length of the cord your are covering and at least four inches wide {or wide enough for the plug to fit once it is hemmed}. I used a piece if scrap material from a dust ruffle and took advantage of the one edge that was already finished. If your fabric has two raw edges, you can simply fold them over as you apply the hemming tape for a more finished look – just be sure to take that into consideration as you calculate the measurement for the width.

Unroll the no-sew hemming tape and begin to hem the two edges together – pressing with an heated iron. Since there are many different brands of the no sew tape – follow the iron temperature and pressing time provided by the manufacture – many only take a few seconds to bond. No Sew Fusible tape can be found in the sewing {notions} section of your local craft & fabric stores – I used Stitch Witchery.

If the cord on the item you are working with is too long compared to the location you are using it for, simply fold it up and use wire ties to hold it together. {just snip the ends of the wire ties once they are secured} The lamp I was using had the longest cord ever and I was able to reduce it significantly. The cover will hide all the jumbled mess and the wire ties perfectly.

Slide the cover over your cord and it is that easy – It will ruffle automatically.

To secure the edge of the cover around the plug you can simply fold over the fabric and place a few stitches in it or use a straight pin to hold in place {like I did}.

Now I have more space on my counter and a cute fabric ruffle to look at ~ Enjoy!


  1. Much prettier! Great idea!

  2. Great great idea! I’m looking at a cord right this minute that could use a cover! 😉

  3. Great idea!! I have some cords that I am so sick of looking at!

  4. I HATE cords but don’t want to pay big $ for cord snails, etc. This looks way better! It’s one of those awesome “why couldn’t I think of that” ideas. Thanks for sharing! Would have taken me another 10 years to come up with something this smart. 🙂

  5. What a cute idea!

  6. Fabulous idea–I have ugly cords showing themselves right now–I can use this creative thought for my “leggy” tables that show those dangling cords. Great post.

  7. This is such a brilliant idea! Not only does it hide the ugly cord, but it adds something fun to the lamp!

  8. Awesome idea!!! Thank you

  9. Wow! Super easy especially since I don’t sew.
    Off to make some.

  10. Really cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  11. such an awesome idea!
    thanks for sharing this little gem.
    cheryl xox.

  12. Great idea and so simple!

  13. Thanks for the inspiration! Great idea to use the new sew tape!


  14. Great idea for those of us who have pet rabbits and guinea pigs.They love a snack of the plastic covering on cords. Why they never get shocked is beyond me.


  15. very cute! what a nice little covered touch! And I’ll for no sew! keep it simple, right?

  16. I love it! It looks so much nicer than a naked cord…and the fabric is so cute!

  17. Instead of trying to hide those cords, you made them extra cute! I’m going to have to try this for all of hubby’s speaker wires. Thanks for sharing!

    Betsey at

  18. Perfect idea! With this fast and easy way we could do every cord in our house. Or at least the ones that show!!

  19. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing it. I have an ugly cord that hangs down from my wall mounted phone base. I have often wondered what I could do to pretty it up other than paint it. I think I may have to try this. 🙂

  20. Awesome idea! I buy these at hobby lobby when they are half off, they cost 20.00 a piece! But, I do have all of my cords hidden in my house!

  21. Um, hello, I LOVE this, I hadn’t seen this post! I just noticed it your sidebar, I need to do this, in so many different places!

  22. I absolutely have to try this, I have an 18 month old kitty that LOVES to chew on cords. Hopefully this will deter him. Thanks for the tutorial!

  23. I have never in my life been so happy about a DIY article. This is the GREATEST thin EVVVEEERRRR!! I hate cords, and I have scent lamps on my counters and side tables, not to mention lamps.I am also going to use this for my tall lamp that has ugly wires running on my floor. It is just sooo UGLY! lol. You have made my day!

  24. Very dangerous fire hazardous. consult the fite dept.

    • I agree, it is very dangerous to clip cords together as shown and even more dangerous to cover them with fabric. Cords should be left unfurled and uncovered otherwise they can overheat, the fabric can smolder and cause a house fire.

      • My friend has been making these for a few years now. She has made me a few. We have never had a problem with a wire over heating. We have never had a problem with a fire. This is a wonderful idea and just so cute. I love these. Thanks for sharing!

  25. As the owner of a chewing bunny, I love this. I just spent $15 to be a cord cover at the Container Store, and guess what will be going back? I don’t mind sewing, so I will probably pull out the machine. Now I just need to go through my mom’s scraps to find the perfect fabric!

  26. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog. Keep the articles coming. I liked it!

  27. Wonder what one would look like covering all my computer cords? SO LOVE THIS!

  28. Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful! I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post thanks.

  29. Maki’s Little Red [email protected]
    Thanks so much for sharing. I copied the “You are my sunshine” you posted. It has been my gran-daughter’s favorite since she was very young.I will copy it to a piece
    of dropcloth to frame for her new home. The one you did is lovely.

  30. Will covering up the cord in fabric like this protect from cord lead exposure?

  31. Great idea

  32. This is really a wonderful idea, and so much less expensive than covers I have been looking at in stores! Thanks for sharing!

  33. This solution is just what I needed. For a cord on the kitchen counter! Awesome. Thank You!

  34. I have a cover like the one you showed but don’t remember where I bought it from and now I need another one. Do you sell them?

  35. Brilliant! I am always wondering what to do with those pesky cords. Thanks so much for sharing!


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