Tuesday {Ten} – Uses for Dryer Sheets {other than laundry} No. 8

Tuesday {Ten} – Uses for Dryer Sheets {other than laundry} No. 8

It’s Tuesday and time for the Tuesday {Ten}.
The Tuesday {Ten} is all about sharing what’s going on, things you love, recent purchases, cute photos…pretty much all the sweet tidbits that make up daily life that you’d like to share, bundled in to one post. It can be short and sweet or filled with pictures and details…anything goes – just casual and fun!

My Tuesday {Ten}

A couple of week’s ago I shared a link on my facebook page from Re-nest about cleaning baked on gunk from pans using dryer sheets {article found here} Though I have never tried it, there were a few who had and said it worked. I thought it would be fun this week to check out ten other ways to put your dryer sheets to work {many re-using the old sheets once they are done in the dryer}.

Keep in mind there are many eco-friendly and non-toxic brands of dryer sheets available too,
like Method or Mrs. Meyers.

{1} Roll up a new dryer sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roll – each time it spins it will freshen the room.

{2} Use a used dryer sheet as a tack cloth for sawdust from drilling or sanding.

{3} Clean your iron by ironing over a new dryer sheet with the iron set on low.

{4} Use a used dryer sheet to polish glass on mirrors and windows after cleaning – it will leave them gleaming.

{5} Place a new dryer sheet inside your shoes overnight to deodorize.

{6} Used dryer sheets can be used as interfacing for appliques.

{7} Keep your camping gear and sleeping bags fresh by storing a new dryer sheet in side each before you roll up and pack them away.

{8} Remove soap scum from the shower by rubbing a damp used dryer sheets on the doors and walls.

{9} Cut your new dryer sheets in half – they work just as well and last twice as long.

{10} Make your own fabric freshener spray by placing 3-4 new dryer sheets in a spray bottle, add one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, and fill the bottle with warm water.

and did you know you can actually make a re-useable dryer sheets for your laundry yourself… Simply fill a spray bottle with liquid fabric softener – the same you use for regular laundry. ‘Designated’ a new washcloth or cut piece of flannel for your dryer sheet. Spray the cloth several times – you don’t want the cloth to be dripping wet but damp – then simply toss it in the dryer with your laundry. It can be re-used for each load and when you are done, toss it into the laundry and hang to dry – ready for the next use.

Do you use dryer sheets? Love to hear your tips…


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  1. Get tips!! I can’t wait to try them out!

  2. they also work for removing gum from the dryer drum! my son loves gum but a couple times we missed removing the package from a pocket! you just warm up the empty drum and then use a dampened dryer sheet to scrub off the gum!

  3. Oddly they also keep ants away. We had ants coming in our back door and it stopped almost immediately after I shoved dryer sheets under the door frame 🙂

  4. Take used dryer sheets and run through a die cutting machine , spray with mists, or reinkers and make your own homemade flowers for scrapbooking! 🙂

  5. They should keep ants away, as Kansas State University did a study on Bounce and they are a bug repellent. I guess they contain linolool which is found in certain plants and toxic to bugs. Before we head to the garden or bon fire,we put a couple in our pockets, or shoes–my husband hangs it from the back of his ball cap!

  6. I am addicted to old books for decorating. Sometimes they smell musty, so I take three USED dryer sheets, place randomly inside the book pages. Place book in a plastic bag. Seal and wait two weeks. Open the bag, take out the sheets and the book should smell fresh. If not repeat the process and it will work.

  7. I love all tips you posted AND on the comments. I wonder if they repel mosquitoes? If so, I’m making a shirt out them! Mosquitoes are a big problem in South Florida in the summer.

  8. We use them to keep the mosquitoes away. My husband is allergic to them, so the dryer sheets keep him smelling sweet and he doesn’t end up with enormous whelps all over:o)

  9. Bounce sheets keep mice away. Not sure if it’s all brands or just Bounce. I have tried it in our garage and it works wonders. I just tuck them in the corners and beside the door jams. We live among corn fields so mice wandering into the garage or shed is a way of life. So far none have made it into the house (now I’ve jinxed myself)!

  10. I have also read elsewhere that dryer sheets are a mosquito repellent. One idea is to accordian fold one into a flower & pin that on your shirt or hat while you’re gardening. Cute and anti-mosquito at the same time. 😉 I’ve also heard that some dogs who are afraid during thunderstorms respond well to having a dryer sheet rubbed back & forth on their head for a little while. Didn’t work with my dog, although she does calm down somewhat with me stroking her head. She just didn’t like the dryer sheet.

  11. These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing them.

  12. We use new dryer sheets as insect repellent. When we go outdoors and we’re likely to be bitten, we rub dryer sheets all over any exposed skin and place it in a pocket or under a hat. And, it really works.

  13. When we get pallets of grain seed we stick dryer sheets randomly between the grain sacks to keep the mice from chewing through the sacks. We also stick them in the combine, swather, and other machinery cabs when they are not in use to keep the mice away. I HATE MICE so anything to keep them away is always a plus!!!!

  14. I loved this post. Do you mind if I use the information on my blog?

    [email protected]


    I love to read your blog and learn so much. Your hints have heped me refinish furniture and many other things.


  15. Believe it or not, I am allergic to dryer sheets, I get a rash if I touch them and they make me itch like crazy. Too bad, there’s some great ideas there!

  16. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips! I can’t wait to try the last two!

  17. Who comes up with this stuff? Can’t wait to try a few of these ideas.

  18. Wow….I will be trying these tips!! TFS.

  19. Did you see the show (I think it is called ‘Strange Addictions’) where a woman was addicted to EATING dryer sheets? I believe she ate up to 8 dryer sheets a day….Yucko. 🙁


  20. Great tips! Some are new to me! I also use them in crafting when I use glitter or the micro beads. I thoroughly wipe out the over spill tray with the dryer sheet and it makes it so much easier to dump the extra back into original container because of the anti static quality. Almost ALL of it pours out without sticking.

  21. I love using the dryer sheet as interfacing! I will have to try that next time I sew. Thanks!
    Blessings, Joanne

  22. motherathome3 :

    Carry a spare dryer sheet in a plastic ziplock bag in your purse. When static cling attacks in the winter and your skirt is sticking between your legs just rub them down with your dryer sheet. Get the unscented if you don’t want that as a perfume!

  23. Such great ideas here! Used dryer sheets are also good for removing deodorant marks from your clothing. Just rub the dryer sheet back and forth over the deodorant spot and it comes right out, without leaving any fuzz behind, like a washcloth or towel would. Thank you for sharing these!

    Betsey at b.bar

  24. I have enjoyed yours and your commentors uses for dryer sheets. I think the best use is this one:
    To remove baked on food from anything ! Fill a pot or pan with water. Drop in a dryer sheet and let it sit. Ten minutes is almost too much…that’s right too much.
    I use the sheet as a scrubber. The dryer sheet (what it contains) breaks down the “tension” between the pan and the food. Try it ! I guarantee you will love and use this tip daily. KSB Atlanta Ga

  25. I loved both spray bottle ideas and shared this link with my Aunt back in NY. She’s always looking for ways to re-use stuff. I’m going to try the shower door idea this week when I clean the bathroom.

    Dawn @ WhileSheWasSleeping.com

  26. Goodness: this may be the single most useful post I have ever read. I’m going to try every single one. Thanks to OP and commenters for the fabulous tips!

  27. When I change the hvac filter in my house I always put a one on it. I also put them beneath my floor registers. Such a good air freshener! I also have some tucked under my car seats to make the car smell fresh.

  28. Great ideas! Including this in my Saturday Shoutouts!

  29. Thos is South Florida should never depend on dryer sheets to repel mosquitos – the danger of malaria is far too great. You need DEET – Deep Woods Off.

    I use dryer sheets as stabilizer when I sew buttonholes. A couple of layers will do nicely.

  30. I linked to this on my blog, hope you don’t mind! just-me-and-t.blogspot.com I totally love your blog and read it all the time. Thanks for writing!

  31. Sounds crazy, but if you have a lot of bugs stuck to the front bumper of your car ( or windshield for that matter), wet a new dryer sheet and use it to scrub. Those nasty bugs come off pretty easily and the ones that don’t come off right away will come off when you wash it with soap and a rag or brush.

  32. Virginia Mitchell :

    I use dryer sheets to clean casserole dishes that have stuck or burnt on food. Fill dish with hot water and a bounce dryer sheet. let set overnight, next morning the stuff just peels right off

  33. I stuff a fresh one right in the vacuum cleaner bag everytime I change the bag. Maybe Im crazy but I think it helps to keep the dusts from just being airborne. Besides it smells good.

  34. Put a Bounce sheet under your car seat to prevent getting static shocks when you touch anything metal.

  35. Great for dusting base boards too.

  36. Great for dusting base boards too.

  37. Not sure if anyone said this yet, but put a dryer sheet in a hard to clean or stubborn pot/ pan with water, and then viola, the crud is gone!

  38. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but dryer sheets are perfect for removing the guck and fuzz out of the dryer net. It works like magic! 🙂

  39. This is one of the most useful blogs I’ve ever read! I used to give away my dryer sheets to my neighbor because I always forget to put them in the dryer… Not any more. I can’t wait to try them out in all the ways you suggested!! Genius!

  40. Marilynn Conforzi :

    I use the used sheets to remove nail polish with “the Stripper”, nail varnish remover by Deborah Lipmann from Sephora. Very quick.

  41. These are all great tips. I like to clean my microwave and stove top with a used dryer sheet. I dampen it real quick under water.
    When I use in on my shower, I stick it against a hand held scrubber and wipe/scrub while I’m waiting to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. The steam seems to be extra helpful to make the clean up quicker. I also Actually keep a cup plastic cup on my top shower shelf and keep used dryer sheets and scrubber in it. I don’t clean every time so it’s nice to have on hand when it’s needed.


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