10 Inexpensive Vase Fillers for Fall & Halloween – My Tuesday {ten} No. 16

10 Inexpensive Vase Fillers for Fall & Halloween – My Tuesday {ten} No. 16

It’s Tuesday and time for the Tuesday {Ten}.

I have a fond love for huge glass hurricanes and like to incorporate them into my decor each season. Over the years I have put just about everything imaginable into them to act as fillers surrounding the candles. Since these are ever changing with each new holiday, inexpensive options always make me happy.
For my Tuesday {ten} this week I am sharing 10 of my favorite go-to fillers for fall. These can be used in vases, candle holders, even apothecary jars and make great displays – with or without candles!

{one} Beans are one of my favorite filler options. I can pick them up right at the grocers and they typically costs less than $1 a bag. They last a long time as well – so when I am done using them for a display I tuck them away in a sealed plastic bag for future use. The cheery color of these Yellow Split Peas is perfect for welcoming fall.

{two} I also like the muted tones of Lentils. They remind me of the changing leaf colors on the trees.

{three} Lentils also come in array of colors too. I like to mix them to create custom color palettes, like the Green Lentil combination above, used for my spring tablescape.

{four} Blackeye Peas is one of my favorites for Halloween.

{five} as well as Black Beans….they scream spooky decor to me.

{six} White Beans are always a neutral go-to since they would work with any color pallet or theme. I used the ones above in my Spring Tablescape last year – they not only add a little something to the plain glass votives, but work perfectly for catching the wax so you are not left with a messy cleanup .

{seven} Sphagnum Moss is another filler I use quite frequently. It is also a little creepy looking making it prefect for Halloween displays.

You can find it in the floral department of crafts stores and the dollar store even carries it as well.

{eight} I just picked this Angel Wood Hair up this year at the dollar store. I have not seen it before but thought it would make a great filler for the Paperwhite Bulb Gift Kit I put together last week. I’m also using it in a couple Halloween displays as I find the time to decorate in the next couple of weeks. It has a real earthy, organic texture.

{nine} Grapevine Garland – I just love this stuff. It can be found by the wreath form section in crafts stores like Joannes and Michaels.

It is great to use as a bottom filler for larger vessels but I also really like using it in garlands too!

{ten} When I originally put this post together, the last idea was Dyed Rice – which not only makes great filler but was also one of my little guys favorite sensory activities until we found out he had an allergy to rice. However….

as I was going through the links from last weeks Sunday Showcase Party I saw this super cute idea from Missy at Lookie What I Did! She used Custom Dyed White Navy Beans to make her filler – which she made as an alternative to having candy sitting around in her gorgeous Apothecary jars.

I am also lovin’ how she added a tint of turquoise to her pinto beans too!
You can find out just how Missy dyed her beans {here}.
{Thanks Missy for sharing and letting me share as well!}

~Now onto your Tuesday {ten}’s~
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I’d love to read through your Tuesday {Ten}!

I’ll be back later tonight with part four of the Cake Decorating Series with The Sugar Turntable – Enjoy.

P.S. if you have a moment please check out this post from Mique in efforts to help a special lady, who is fighting for her life, and her family. Barn Owl Primitives is joining in to help raise funds for Sharlie’s Medical Bills by giving away a ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ sign – You can check out all the details {here}



  1. The black eyed peas are my favorite. I will be picking some of these up. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for hosting !

  3. These are awesome ideas!! I especially love the sphagnum moss and dyed rice.
    I really love what Missy did!!
    While at the park with my little boy this week, we filled a bag of acorns that were covering the entire ground of the park. I brought them home to use as fall decor fillers!

  4. My mind is brewing with ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have used most of these items for years…and taight that in my table design classes. However, you have left out one of my absolute favorite fillers….coffee beans. We grind our beans every day…and there are always a few left at the bottom of the bag…or some that we’ve had too long. They make a wonderful filler…and they smell really good!!!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. These are really lovely. The black beans look especially effective.

  7. I’m loving the black beans. We eat them at least one a week at my house. I always have bags of them. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Such a great, inexpensive idea with the beans.
    I’m all linked up. I’d love it if you linked up to my party at http://www.projectqueen.org
    Thank you for hosting.

  9. I hadn’t thought of all of these beans! You are too good. Hope all is well!

  10. These ideas are cute, easy and organic. I am inspired to try some, and it’s a lot cheaper than Pottery Barn fillers, though they are quite beautiful. Just not in my budget!


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